Full Circle Of Life – What Goes Around…

In life, we often hold on to things that could help others more than us. I had no idea what a t-shirt could do, until I re-met Anton. Through Eset, Anton earned his gold medal.


Shouts From the Stands: What’s It Like To Have a State Title Stolen From You?

SwimSwam welcomes reader submissions about all topics aquatic, and if it’s well-written and well-thought, we might just post it under…


Top Original Watermen Outdoor Workout Clothes This Winter

One thing that is proven to keep your core temperature controlled are our Original Watermen Compression shorts. Layering up on cold days is important element to staying warm and improving performance.

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Behind the Scenes Interview with Reece Whitley, by Phillips Academy

Get a behind-the-scenes interview with Reese Whitley during the 2017 Eastern Championships–the recent competition where Whitley set the new National High School Record in the 100 breast at 51.84–brought to you by the Phillips Academy boy’s swimming and diving team.


Australia’s Warringah Aquatic Center At Risk Of Demolition

The Warringah Aquatic Centre in New South Wales, Australia is in the midst of a property battle of sorts, as the site’s demolition is currently being discussed by the local council.


4 Parent Lessons From The Conference Meet

We learned big lessons as a family at our daughter’s conference meet—mostly that things don’t go as planned.


Why Do They Swim? (Part IV)

By Robert Sullivan, fourth in a series They swim because nothing lasts forever. High school kids do seem to realize…

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Shouts From the Stands: The Day Michael Phelps Called Me

One lucky swimmer from Kansas got a call from a very special hero of his last year.


Working The Stroke Recovery – Work When No One Is Working

Everyone works the bottom of their stroke, we reach, then push and propel ourselves forward. But we are dealing with two different elements while swimming, water and air.


Toronto Blue Jays Catcher Credits Huot, Swimming W/ Athletic Progress

NFL quarterback Russell Wilson isn’t the only ‘Russell’ crediting swimming with helping his primary career in the off-season, as Canadian Paralympian and ‘new coach’ Benoit Huot can attest.

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Who’s Next? The Modern Elite Swimmer With A Business Mind

So my next question is, who is the next elite swimmer ready to take the lead?


#ItTakesTwo: How Gabrielle Detti and Stefania Pirozzi Found Love

This 9-minute mini-documentary shows how Italian Olympic swimmers Gabriele Dettie and Stefania Pirozzi were brought together through swimming and have remained together as they pursue their goals in the pool.

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A Lesson In Inflammation 101

You’ve probably heard me mention the word inflammation before or heard it from some other source since it’s a buzz word in the health and wellness industry lately. Let’s take a look at inflammation again from the ground up.


10 Things I’ve Learned From College Swimming (So Far)

Believe in yourself, believe in your team, believe in your coaches. If you don’t believe in yourself and the people around you then you will never be able to accomplish anything, individually or as a team.

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15 Things Only Your Teammates Understand

Swimming might look like an individual sport, but the bond that is created between teammates is powerful and unforgettable. Here are 15 things only your teammates understand.