2017 April Fools Roundup: Phelps Comeback, Whitley’s Basketball Dreams

April 1st gives folks from all walks of life license to take their best shots at fooling their friends and family. And as with all things, ultra-competitive swimmers always want to prove that they can do it best.

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BREAKING: NCAA Bans Tech Suits From College Dual Meets

It will be back to basics in 2017-2018 season for collegiate teams.


5 façons de se relever après une mauvaise course

Voici 5 façons de rebondir la prochaine fois que les choses tournent mal.

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Conor Dwyer: Why Hard Work Beats Talent That Doesn’t Work Hard

Olympic champion Conor Dwyer gets the Rich Roll bump on the Rich Roll Podcast.


Rough Seas // Tough Sailor – An Open Discussion On Mental Illness

I started Rough Seas // Tough Sailor – a website and community dedicated to the open discussion, support, and advocacy of mental health and mental illness in athletics.


Advice For Your First Year Of College, Swimmers – By College Swimmers

“There’s a good chance you’ll get worse before you get better. Stay patient, be confident in the changes you’re making (in your training/strokes, schedule changes).”

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How to Get SwimSwam’s Tattoo Issue with the Anthony Ervin Cover

SwimSwam Magazines are a big, nearly a pound per issue, designed to sit on your coffee table like a piece of artwork.

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Game of Thrones Star Nathalie Emmanuel Joins Team Speedo

Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel takes to the pool in Speedo’s #Make1KWet challenge with some help from Olympic gold medalist Florent Manaudou.


Video: Penn Freshman Take On Synchronized Swimming

Watch as some of the Penn freshmen take on synchronized swimming at their annual student-athlete talent show.


Longtime Irvine High Swim/Water Polo Coach, Scott Hinman, Passes Away

Southern California, and indeed the aquatics world in more general terms, lost a titan on Wednesday. Scott Hinman, the long-time…


Yoga for Swimmers – Developing Body Awareness (Video)

Yoga is a great way for swimmers to develop body awareness. This short video will help you do just that…

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Why Do We Swim?

Why we choose to jump in the water everyday.

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Shark In The Pool: Your Worst Age Group Nightmare Brought To Life

Remember that worst case scenario you’d play over and over again in your head during age group practice?


The Power Of Nutrient Dense Foods

When it comes to athletes and food, eating for increased energy, power, stamina and optimal recovery time is the goal. Nutrient dense foods, along with nutrient timing are the keys to making that happen.


The Ultimate Swim: The 12,000 IM

The 12,000 IM. 3,000 yards of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Has it ever been done? Frankly, should it ever…