Laure Manaudou à l’état sauvage

Découvrez l’aventure de Laure Manaudou et de Mike Horn, sujets de l’émission “À l’état sauvage” sur M6.

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The 6 Struggles of Being a Butterflyer

You didn’t choose the butterfly life. It chose you.

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17 Things Every Swimmer Does (But Would Never Admit)

We’re a funny bunch. We dunk our heads into water for hours at a time and have staring matches with a black tiled line (usually losing). We don’t shave our bodies for months at a time, and spend thousands of hours training in order to drop tenths or hundredths of a second.


Watch The 12 Ways To Get In A Swimming Pool: Which One Are You?

From ‘The Timid Bird’ to ‘The Long Warm-up’, take a look at SkillsNT’s 12 ways to get into a swimming pool.


SwimMom Musings: Defining Success

As I near the end of my age group parenting for a swimmer, I’ve had many conversations about what constitutes success in the sport of swimming. I mean real success. Because at the end of the journey the medals and ribbons will be put away, the special cuts will not matter, and you’ll be left with memories.


7 choses que ton coach veut que tu saches

Voici 7 choses que ton coach aimerait te rappeler.

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John Leonard Open Letter To FINA Coaches Commission: Get Out

ASCA head John Leonard has written another open letter, this time calling for members of FINA’s Coaches Commission to leave their posts.


Not Paying NCAA Athletes Is Immoral – Here’s A Solution

Yet when I watch these world-class athletes, my excitement is intertwined with a sickening emotion—the understanding that these athletes aren’t paid.


What Will Competitive Swimming Look Like in 100 Years?

While there will certainly be unpredictable changes, here are a few thoughts on what swimming will look like in 100 years, as well as the factors that will drive the biggest changes…


FINIS Set Of The Week: The Dreaded But Necessary Test Set

This was the primary test set that we did to evaluate where we were at in our training.


5 Life Lessons You Will Get From Swimming

There is so much more to the sport of swimming than best times and endless morning workouts with your best friends. Here are 5 life lessons you’ll pick up during your swimming career.


Watch GS Aquatics Kids ‘Rock The Blocks’ Down Under

For your dose of #WednesdayWisdom, look no further than to the eyes and smiles of children thoroughly enjoying what our sport is all about.


Transitioning Into The “Swammer” Life

No one really prepares you for the moment when you completely stop all you have ever known for the past 18 years.


5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Compete In High School Swim

I helped out at a high school swim meet last week and it reminded me of how exciting the high school season can be.


Nathalie Emmanuel, star du Trône de fer, rejoint Team Speedo

Si tu n’es pas fan soit de la série télévisée Le Trône de Fer, soit de la série de romans…