5 Amazing Things Michael Phelps Said About His Mom

I was fortunate to hear Michael Phelps speak last week, sitting with my fellow swim moms and Masters swimmers.

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The Time You Missed Your Child’s Race

It was during a Long Course meet. While enjoying a delightful conversation with a Swim Dad (chatting about everything, BUT…


Championship Season Swimming – Get Ready

Championship season beckons. Over the next 3 weeks, the best of the best will converge for the biggest tournaments of the year.

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To the Class of 2017

A letter to the class of 2017.

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To All Incoming Freshmen

You are signed to swim at a collegiate level! Congratulations! Swimming at a collegiate level is something to be extremely…


10 Things Every Female Relates to When Putting on a Tech Suit

What every female swimmer can relate to when putting on a tech suit,


The Feeling Every Swimmer Gets When Off-Season Hits

With seasons coming to a close, off-season begins!


Slow Motion Anthony Ervin Ink Swimming (Video)

Photographer Mike Lewis captured the cover above, and he went behind the scenes, capturing slo mo footage of the oldest man to win Olympic swimming gold at the Olympic Training Center in SoCal.

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11 Reasons to Love SwimSwam’s Tattoo Issue with the Tony Ervin Cover

Here are 11 reasons to love SwimSwam’s Tattoo Issue with the massive swimsuit feature.

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Swim Coach Shane Tusup Featured on Cover of Hungarian Forbes Magazine

Shane Tusup, Iron Lady Katinka Hosszu’s husband and coach, finds himself on newsstands throughout Hungary as he is for once featured on the cover of a magazine. Forbes Magazine, to be exact. The other half of Iron Aquatics, Tusup is interviewed about the business side of the power couple’s brand and shows off his tattoos.


HYPE VIDEOS: MAC Elite Prepares For Wisconsin State Meet

The Madison Aquatic Club launches into the Wisconsin State Swim Meet this week, and the hype is for real.

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Milorad Cavic Questions Michael Phelps’ Commitment To Anti-Doping

This week, Michael Phelps appeared before a Congressional subcommittee to testify about the issue of doping, but a rival from Phelps’ past came forward this week with questions about why Phelps is tackling the issue post-retirement.


Party in the MIAA: Kalamazoo’s Conference Themes & Why They Matter

There’s at least one on every team: the oddball swimmer (or diver) who dresses up in funny outfits at major meets and cheers on the rest of the team with emphatic zeal, livening the mood and siphoning some of the stress out of the air. In the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association, or MIAA, team costumes and MIAA “themes” are the norm for Kalamazoo College.


How to Get SwimSwam’s Tattoo Issue with the Anthony Ervin Cover

We dive deep on Anthony Ervin, the oldest man to win an individual Olympic gold, and we profile the biggest stars in sport, revealing the stories behind their tattoos in this massive 172 page issue.

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How Much Pee Is In This Pool? Chemistry Has Answers, If You Dare

Do you want to know how much pee you’re swimming in? A scientist at the University of Alberta has some answers for you. (Those who wish to remain blissfully ignorant, keep scrolling.)