How Does Social Media Affect College Recruiting?

It’s a good idea to talk about social media with your kids earlier rather than later


SwimSwam Pulse: 51% Pick Grothe’s 500 Free Over 1650

In a very tight poll result, 51.7% of voters said Zane Grothe’s 4:07 500 free was more impressive than his 14:18 mile.


Swim Teens Launch Kickstarter for First Parka Made for Girls

“We set out to create our brand Wotter to empower girls like us (and you!) to stay in swimming and to raise awareness that more female swim coaches are needed to create strong role models for young girls.


Shouts From The Stands: Swimming Without A Team

I’m not on a swim team. I’m not a lifeguard, referee, coach or a swim parent. I’m a 20-something millennial trying to figure out adult life. But when I’m getting to know someone new I tell them, ‘I am a swimmer.’


9 Recruiting Tips From SwimSwam Readers

I was talking with a mom on our club team whose swimmer is beginning to look at colleges.


Retta Claus Is Back With Ideas For Swimmers On The ‘Nice’ List

Retta Claus has kept her eye out on gifts for that special swimmer in your life. Check them out while you still have shopping time!

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The Final Year Of Swimming

It is 6:30 a.m. I am standing at the edge of the pool, looking down at my toes as they are lapped by the clear, cool water. Thirty minutes ago, I rolled out of bed to the sound of my alarm clock shrilling above my head.


Leadership Lessons From A Swim Referee

This past weekend I had the privilege of being  “on deck” as a Referee as I spent a day at the Olympic Pool in London, an architectural marvel and a centerpiece of London 2012.

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Michael Chadwick on Partnership with Enviro-Sports Services (Video)

“Enviro-Master is built on many strong principles and values that line up well with my own and together, I hope we can continue to foster growth and character in our communities”

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Shouts From The Stands: Fire In Water

Doing anything where your lungs can taste the freshness of air is effortless. Try doing what I do, but this time don’t breathe. I was 12-years-old when I joined the competitive swim club, Chattahoochee Gold.


Mental Health for Athletes: A Meditation for Self-Compassion

Athletes know how to be hard on themselves, but often don’t consider how self-compassion factors into their mental health…meditation helps athletes ease into the idea of self-compassion…

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The Swim Parents We Don’t Want To Be

Most swim parents are amazing. They’re encouraging, helpful, and ready to volunteer wherever they’re needed. They are fun to be around and we all like having them in our circle of friends.


Practice + Pancakes: Longhorn Aquatics Masters with Coach Whitney Hedgepeth (Video)

Before I visited Coach Whitney Hedgepeth, all around Austin pool decks I would hear rumblings that Whitney ran the toughest practice in town if you’re a masters swimmer


Shouts From The Stands: I Don’t Care What Time You Go

One of the things I like to remind parents of age groupers is that swimming is a really tough sport. Pretend that you have to don a speedo, stand up on a platform in front of hundreds and hundreds of people you don’t know, dive into a cold pool and willfully hurt yourself.


Enter To Win Winter Training Package

Three (3) lucky winners will receive…

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