Leah Hayes Only New Name to Join Worlds Team on Final Day of Trials


The final 2022 World Championships roster for Team USA doesn’t look too different after Day 5 than it did after Day 4, with only one new name added to the roster.

That name is 16 year-old Leah Hayes, who finished 2nd in the 200 IM with a National Age Group record time to lock up her spot on the World Championships team.

The other five swimmers who placed in the top two of tonight’s events were already on the roster one way or the other. Katie Ledecky unsurprisingly won the 1500, sweeping the 200-1500 free distances. Teenager Katie Grimes took 2nd behind Ledecky, and she’ll swim that event along with the 400 IM in Budapest.

Next, Alex Walsh won the 200 with a U.S. Open record time. Walsh was already on the team in the 800 free relay, but she’ll now swim an individual event in Budapest.

Finally, Torri Huske won yet another event by taking the 50 free. Erika Brown took 2nd, and she’ll swim the 50 free at Worlds along with the 400 free relay.

On the men’s side, all six spots went to swimmers who were already on the team. Bobby Finke and Charlie Clark finished 1-2 in the 800 free after doing the same in the 1500 free earlier in the week. Chase Kalisz won the 200 IM after taking 2nd in the 400 IM , while 400 IM champion Carson Foster took 2nd behind Kalisz tonight. Finally, Caeleb Dressel and Michael Andrew repeated their 1-2 finish from Olympic Trials in the 50 free, and both already have a small multitude of events they’ve qualified for.





Priority # 1 – All Guaranteed (13)

Priority # 2 – All Guaranteed (5)

Priority # 3 – Guaranteed (1)

Priority # 4 – Guaranteed (1)

Priority # 5 – Guaranteed (2)


Priority #1 – All Guaranteed (13)

Fink and Swanson tied for first in the 200 breast. Per the selection guidelines, since they were both under the FINA ‘A’ cut, they will both be included in Priority #1 and be added to the team.

Priority # 2 – All Guaranteed (5)

Priority # – All 50 stroke winners qualified under Priority #1 or #2

Priority #4 – Guaranteed (1)

Priority #5 – Guaranteed (1)


Here’s an overly-simplified version of the U.S. World Championship selection process: the team can have a maximum of 26 men and 26 women. Swimmers are added to the roster in these priorities until the roster cap is hit:

  1. Top 4 in 100/200 frees, Winner of all other Olympic events
  2. 2nd-place finisher in all Olympic events (besides 100/200 free)
  3. Winner of non-Olympic events (50 back, 50 breast, 50 fly)
  4. 5th-place finisher in 100/200 free
  5. 6th-place finisher in 100/200 free

For a full breakdown of selection procedures, follow this link.

We track ‘doubles’ as a way of knowing when the next priority of swimmers can be officially added to the team. A ‘double’ is effectively a swimmer qualifying in more than one event. One swimmer qualifying in three events counts as two ‘doubles’ for our purposes.

The Magic Numbers:

  • 6 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all Priority 2 athletes (2nd-place finishers) can be added for that gender
  • 9 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all Prority 3 athletes (stroke 50 winners) can be added for that gender.
  • 11 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all Priority 4 athletes (5th-place in 100/200 free) can be added for that gender
  • 13 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all priority 5 athletes (6th-place in 100/200 free) can be added for that gender

Doubles After Day 4

Women – 13

Men – 13


The Junior Pan Pac team will consist of 20 men and 20 women. The selection criteria is similar to that of the World Championship, with the caveat that swimmers must be under 19 years of age as of December 31, 2022, and swimmers who make the senior Worlds team are ineligible. In short, first priority goes to the top finisher in each event, as well as the second-place finisher in the 100 and 200 free. The second priority will then move to the second-fastest swimmer in each Olympic event until the 20 athletes have been selected on both sides.

Theoretically the team could take up to the 6th-highest eligible finisher. Realistically the selection won’t go that deep, unless a lot of swimmers decline their spot, and for now, we will just show you the swimmers that are guaranteed to make the team. We’ll work on an update tonight to show which Priority #2 swimmers are slated to make the team



  • Charlotte Hook – 200 fly
  • Anna Moesch – 100 free
  • Kayla Wilson – 100 free
  • Jillian Cox– 800 free
  • Erin Gemmell – 200 free
  • Cavan Gormsen – 400 free 
  • Lydia Jacoby – 200 breast & 100 breast
  • Julia Podkoscielny – 400 IM 
  • Kennedy Noble – 200 back
  • Alex Shackell – 100 fly
  • Berit Berglund – 100 back
  • Michael Mattes – 1500 freee
  • Teagen O’Dell – 200 IM
  • Lily Christianson – 50 free

* We’ve removed three swimmers who are currently slated to swim on the World team.


  • Aaron Shackell – 200 fly
  • Kaii Winkler – 100 free
  • Hudson Williams – 100 free
  • Alec Enyeart – 1500 free, 400 free, 800 free
  • Henry McFadden – 200 free
  • Rex Maurer – 200 free
  • Matthew Lucky – 200 breast
  • Keaton Jones – 200 back
  • Maximus Williamson – 400 IM
  • Thomas Heilman – 100 fly
  • Zhier Fan – 100 breast
  • Daniel Diehl – 100 back
  • Spencer Aurnou-Rhees – 200 IM
  • Diggory Dillingham – 50 free 

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9 months ago

No Nick Mahabir for junior pan pac 2 breast?

9 months ago

No 50 fly for Huske? Who’s swimming it then?

Pacific Whirl
9 months ago

I wonder who will possibly deny their spots at Jr Pan Pacs. Jacoby may decide so as no individual Olympic champion ever went to Jr Pan Pacs. She need some rest this summer.

Old Bruin
Reply to  Pacific Whirl
9 months ago

Nice research. I was wondering how National Teamers or Olympians (let alone medalists) would be allowed to go to a junior level meet, but it’s clear now different meets have different rules. Texas enrolls right around the time the meet is scheduled, so is it worth it to miss the beginning of college (especially if you’ve “been there, done that” to the max)? How many other kids on this list will be college freshmen? Only a handful by my glance. If you’re still in high school, it’s a no brainer. But the college transition thing is different…obviously it’s a personal decision and everyone will have a different viewpoint on what’s best for them. It will be interesting to see what… Read more »

Reply to  Old Bruin
9 months ago

Lydia hasn’t “been there, done that to the max.” Wasn’t Olympics her first international meet?

Pacific Whirl
Reply to  Old Bruin
9 months ago

Kibler went to Fiji in 2018, then he enrolled in Texas later. So it is interesting to see how Jacoby decides.

Pacific Whirl
9 months ago

Kayla Wilson will swim 200 free at Jr Pan Pacs individually after Hayes qualifies for Worlds.

9 months ago

I believe the boys names are Rex Maurer and Diggory Dillingham, small misspelling.

9 months ago

So few doubles for the Jr Pan Pac team.
Who made it for the guys 800?
If you are a Junior, you will need an A cut to make the team, there are only 6 open spots for the Girls and 5 for the guys.

9 months ago

So have both teams been officially announced by USA Swimming?

Reply to  Troyy
9 months ago

21 females and 20 males. Average ages 21 for females and 23 for males.
I thought there would be fewer females due to more doubles.

Asking for myself…
9 months ago

Wouldn’t it be Williamson in the #1 spot of the 200 IM for the Jr Pan Pac team with his 2:01.45 from tonight’s final? McDonald would be in the 2nd spot with his time based off the selection criteria if I’m reading it right?

Asking for myself…
Reply to  Robert Gibbs
9 months ago

And I clearly missed that. Thanks

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