IU Invite Day 3 Finals: Live Recap


  • Thursday-Saturday, November 15-17th
  • Counsilman Billingsley Aquatic Center, Bloomington, IN
  • Short Course Yards
  • Live Results

The final session of the IU Invitational will include the 200 back, 100 free, 200 breast, 200 fly, and 400 free relay. Results from the distance session will also be included.

WOMEN’S 1650

Cassy Jernberg (IU) pulled away a little towards the end of the race, touching first in 16:02.31. Tamila Holub (NC State) finished 2nd (16:06.78), and Sophie Cattermole (Louisville) came in 3rd with a 16:09.49, touching out Emma Nordin (ASU – 16:09.78). Nordin dropped a massive best time, taking off 11 seconds from her previous best of 16:21.16, from last year’s Pac-12 Championship. Jernberg was only a second ahead of Holub at the 1000 mark, but gradually opened up a 4 second lead over the last 650 yards.

MEN’S 1650

Michael Brinegar (IU) dominated here, posting a 14:40.38 to win by 20 seconds. That time marks the fastest 1650 in the NCAA so far this season, and it comes in less than a second off the NCAA A cut of 14:39.58. He held 26 second 50 splits for the vast majority of the race, only floating up to 27s 8 times during the race. Eric Knowles (NC State) held off Mikey Calvillo (IU), finishing in 15:00.07 to Calvillo’s 15:01.15. That marks a personal best for Calvillo, whose previous best came in at 15:05.65.


Emma Muzzy (NC State) ran away with the A final of the women’s 200 back, blasting a new personal best of 1:51.58 to spearhead a 1-2-3-4 finish for the Wolfpack. She out-split the field by over a second on both the first and second 100s (54.70/56.88). Mackenzie Glover (NC State) narrowly held off 2 of her teammates, posting a 1:54.44 to Kate Moore’s 1:54.47 and Elise Haan’s’s 1:54.52. Muzzy’s time comes in at 3rd nationally, behind Asia Seidt and Ali Galyer.


Coleman Stewart scared his personal best of 1:39.54, posting a 1:40.06 for the 3rd fastest time in the nation this season. Zachary Poti was out faster than Stewart, hitting the 100 mark in 48.54 to Stewart’s 49.06. Poti ended up in 2nd, tying his personal best of 1:40.48. Gabriel Fantoni (IU) came in 2nd with a season best of 1:42.32.


Mallory Comerford (Louisville) swam a 47.04, which would be the fastest time in the nation this year, if not for her season best of 46.96. She was in a very tight race with Ky-Lee Perry (NC State), hitting the 50 mark at 22.61 and 22.70 respectively. Comerford then opened up a more comfortable lead on the final 50, going a 24.43. Perry shaved another .04 seconds off her best time, which she swam this morning. Louisville had a total of 9 swimmers go under 50 seconds in the 100 today: Comerford, Arina Openysheva, Annette Schultz, Casey Fanz, Lainey Visscher, Dianna Dunn, Avery Braunecker, Katie Schorr, and Nastja Govejsek.


Zach Apple (IU) was off his #2 in the nation time from this morning, but still managed to get his hand on the wall first, tocuhing in 42.44. Jacob Molacek (NC State) was right behind him, touching in 44.50. Mohamed Samy (IU) came in 3rd, dropping a 42.61. Apple was out very fast, hitting the 50 mark in 20.17, half a second faster than Molacek. Justin Ress (NC State) came in 4th, touching in 42.74, and NC State freshman Nyls Korstanje dipped under 43 for the first time to come in 5th with a 42.95.


Lilly king threw down a 2:03.60 to claim the #1 time in the nation by about 2.5 seconds. She was out in a blazing 59.38, and came home with 50 splits of 32.10 and 32.12. That time is the 6th fastest 200 breast all-time and her King’s 4th fastest. King holds the NCAA and American Records at 2:02.60. IU freshman Noelle Pelowski came in 2nd, touching out teammate Laura Morley, 2:08.19 to 2:08.25. Both those times mark massive improvements, with Peplowski entering the meet with a best of 2:13.35, while Morley had a best of 2:11.16. NC State’s Sophie Hansson came in 4th at 2:09.39, while Bailey Kovac, another IU swimmer, posted a 2:09.50 to claim 5th.


Danny Comforti (ASU) claimed ASU’s first win of the night, posting a 1:55.29 to win by over a second. The time comes in not far off his lifetime best of 1:54.37, which he swam last December. Evgenii Somov (Louisville) came in 2nd with a 1:56.42, a little off his personal best of 1:53.05. IU claimed the next 2 spots, with Gary Kostbade coming in 3rd (1:56.74) and Matthew Jerden in 4th (1:57.00). In Finnerty (IU) and Grant House (ASU) went very fast out of the B final, with Finnerty winning in 1:56.44. House was right behind in 1:56.63. For context, Finnerty, the defending NCAA champ, went about 2 seconds faster than he went in November of last year.


Grace Oglesby (Louisville) blasted a new best time of 1:52.64, winning by over 3 seconds. Oglesby had a previous best of 1:53.16, which she swam at NCAAs last season. That time is currently leading the NCAA nationally, is an NCAA A cut, and the only time so far to be under 1:53. She took the race out pretty aggressively, posting a 53.88 on the first 100, and brought it home fast too. On the last 100, Oglesby was 58,76, the only swimmer in the field to keep all 4 of her 50 splits under 30 seconds. Teammate Alena Kraus came in 2nd with a 1:55.73, marking a signifcant drop from her previous best before this meet, 1:58.41.


Andreas Vazaios (NC State) posted a nation-leading 1:41.83 to claim victory, the only swimmer so far this season to break 1:42. Vini Lanza (IU) staved off NC State’s James Bretscher, Louisville’s Zach Harting, and NC State’s Zach Brown for 2nd, touching the wall in 1:43.55 to 1:43.63 for Bretscher, 1:43.72 for Harting, and 1:43.85 for Brown. IU’s Cory Gambardella posted a personal best of 1:44.22 to come in 6th. IU also came in 7th with Van Matthias (1:44.80), and 8th with Zachary Cook (1:45.97).


Louisville beat out conference rival NC State to claim victory, posting a nation-leading 4:13.72. Lainey Visscher led their relay off in 49..92, followed by Casey Fanz (48.98), Arina Openysheva (48.22), and Mallory Comerford, who threw down a 46.60 anchor split. Avery Braunecker split a 48.68 on the 3rd leg of Louisville’s B relay, which came in 3rd (3:17.17). If Braunecker had been on the A relay, it likely would have been faster. NC State came in 2nd, posting a 3:15.02, thanks in part to a 47.7 split from Ky-Lee Perry. Indiana came in 4th and 5th, with their A going 3:18.21, and B 3:18.25. With their fastest combination of 4 swimmers, IU’s A would have been 3:16.24, which would have been under the relay B cut for NCAAs. Louisville was the first team this season to slip under the 400 free A cut, which sits at 3:14.97.


In a very tight race, Bruno Blaskovic ran down NC State’s Noah Hensley to give Indiana the win in a very tight race. IU finished in 2:49.56 to NC State’s 2:49.79. Zach Apple led off for the Hoosiers in 42.26, while Jacob Molacek led off for the Wolfpack in 42.45. Mohamed Samy then posted a 42.43 split to Justin Ress‘ blistering 41.97 for The Wolfpack. Vini Lanza then split a 42.63 for IU, while Andreas Vazaios went 42.26 for NC State. Bruno Blaskovic then managed to out-split Noah Hensley 42.24 to 43.11, which was enough to give the Hoosiers the edge, and the fastest time in the nation this year. Both teams also achieved NCAA A cuts in the relay.

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4 years ago

Waiting for a time where Apple actually swims faster in finals than prelims in long course ..

4 years ago

Surprised NC States 2:51+ “B” Relay gets no mention. Really really fast for a “B” especially in mid November.

4 years ago

Did Coleman Stewart lead off 42.5 on the Pack’s “B” relay?

Reply to  GrantJ
4 years ago

Yep. Not surprising since he kicks out 15 meters off each wall so his fly, back and free will be similar for 60 meters and only vary for the 40 (last 10 meters of each 25).

4 years ago

Why are people worried about Finnerty when he’s going 2 seconds faster than last year at this time?

Reply to  Swimmer1
4 years ago

Maybe because he won NCAAs last year in a 1:50 and couldn’t break 2:00 in prelims today.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
4 years ago

I mean, do we really think he tried in prelims if he is dropping 5 seconds in finals…?

Reply to  Swimmer1
4 years ago

I never said I was worried. I just responded to your question why some people may be worried.

I had a friend who was a stud who always sucked in prelims, and it wasn’t because he didn’t try. He used to say he just couldn’t get moving. So it’s possible he tried and could only go 2:00 in prelims.

Jay ryan
4 years ago

I never knew Grant House could swim such a fast breaststroke