Getting to Know the Bolles School Dream Team

by Jenny Wilson 87

November 13th, 2012 Club, High School, News

This article was written by Lauren Neidigh, a Bolles alum who currently swims for the University of Florida. 

Take a closer look at the Bolles School dream team. Josh Booth, Santo Condorelli, Emiro Goossen, Ryan Murphy and Joseph Schooling broke 5 National High School Records Saturday at Florida’s 1A High School State Championship in three relays and two individual events. Here’s a guide to the leaders of this star-studded lineup and why they’re worth watching, not only as a group but individually.

In his final swim of the evening Saturday, future Cal Bear Ryan Murphy recorded a blazing 42.95 on the leadoff leg of their record-setting 400 free relay. This swim is made even more impressive by the fact that it followed a National Record in the 100 back prelims and 3 fast swims in finals. His 19.5 leadoff in the 200 free relay was similarly strong, almost matching Vladimir Morozov’s national record in the 50. But Murphy’s still digesting his recent success. “I was really surprised after the 100 back,” he said of his 45.3 in the morning swim that event. “I’m still kind of shocked at the meet I had.” He attributed his and the team’s success to hard training in the leadup to Olympic Trials earlier this year.

While Murphy was at a full taper for this meet, I still think he has a little more in him for December’s short course nationals. We haven’t seen him swim the 200 free, 200 IM, or 200 back yet this season, so I’d look for him to possibly break some NAG records there. That being said, I’m sure Murphy’s main focus will be on the world championships in Turkey. After watching him swim a 45.3 in the 100 back, I think he may be able to make his way up to the medals.

Joseph Schooling took down the 100 fly national record in 46.50, while Olympic gold medalist Anthony Nesty was in attendance to see Schooling break his 24 year old state record. According to Schooling, the team had their sights set high going into the meet. “We went to the meet wanting to set records that no one will break for a very long time,” he said. Schooling has experience on the international stage as well, having competed for Singapore in the 2012 Olympics under Bolles coach Sergio Lopez. Now that he’s made a statement on the local level, he turns his focus to Short Course World Championships and Junior National Championships–his flight arrangements with the Singapore National Team allow him to compete in both events. The 100 and 200 butterflier has potential to drop an amazing 200 fly at the junior meet.

Senior Emiro Goossen, who was a member of the record-breaking 200 free relay Saturday, will also be a swimmer to watch at juniors. The Trinidad National Team member boasts bests of 20.9 and 46.1 in the sprint freestyles, but also has potential in the 100 fly. Goossen will attend the University of Florida next year, and is certainly a team player. “It is honestly a privilege to be on a record breaking relay with 3 of the best high school swimmers ever,” he said of his performance on the 200 free relay at the state meet. “It makes me want to try even harder to be faster.”

Lopez loses Condorelli, Murphy, and Goossen to college next year, but juniors Schooling, Caeleb Dressel and Josh Booth will still be around. Dressel competed for Clay high school in the 3A state meet on Friday. He just missed just missing the state record of 44.04 with a 44.10 in the 100 free, still a very impressive time for a high schooler. His best in the 50 is 20.2.  Booth is from Wales and this was his first year at Bolles. He swam the 200 free and 100 fly individually, but he can also swim a fast 50 and 100 freestyle (as demonstrated by his 44.6 split on the 400 free relay.) Both of these two have put themselves on the map and have the potential to be among the top of their recruiting class next year.

Lopez is the behind-the-scenes force in this talented lineup, and it’s clear the swimmers don’t take him for granted. “Sergio is an amazing coach, and I completely trust everything he tells me,” said Murphy. “He has played a huge role in my swimming success.” Goossen described him as many swimmers would their coaches, saying, “Coach Sergio is the only man I know that I can dislike and love at the same time.” One thing’s for sure, though: Lopez gets not only respect, but also results. All of these up and comers have the potential to show us even more than they already have.

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8 years ago

I think Schooling is a Junior this year, actually. It’s Condorelli whom they are loosing. What’s his story? There’s only a mention of his name above.

bobo gigi
8 years ago

Thank you for the article. And I agree with you. If Ryan Murphy is at the same level he will play the medals at the next short course world championships on backstroke. Just a question. How tall is Ryan Murphy? On the pictures of the videos it seems he has grown a lot in the last months.

Reply to  bobo gigi
8 years ago

Collectors?  Seriously?  I guess that in that context Eddie Reese, Gregg Troy, Dave Durden, Teri McKeever, and all other college coaches are just collectors.  I mean, the majority of their swimmers are already great on their way into college, how hard is it to keep them great through college?  Guess we’re giving those coaches way more credit than they deserve.  Sorry guys, take a back seat, because that work of art you are tinkering with every day doesn’t really need your help.  It will be just as perfect if you sit back and stare.

Sorry Bill, but that’s absolutely ridiculous.  Of those five boys Lauren wrote about only one is “new” to Bolles, Booth.  Murphy has been there for five… Read more »

Reply to  Manofthefred
8 years ago

I’ll admit the term “collector” is inflammatory. Let’s replace “collect” with “recruit”.

So, name one swimmer who set a national high school record representing Bolles – ever – who started with the program as an 8 & under. If you can do that, I’d be really impressed. Then, maybe I’ll share some of my stories.

Reply to  Bill Volckening
8 years ago

It’s possible that neither of your terms fit the dynamic of how elite athletes “choose” their educational/athletic experience. Your comments suggest that these swimmers all fit in some type of “box”. Let’s take the meaning of the word “recruit”….seeking to enlist. I would imagine that being a spectator alone could make anyone “seek to enlist” in this team. The collective effort should be applauded…the energy from the coaches, parents, swimmers and the emphasis on “team”…kids sacrificing to swim for the needs of a team vs their individual choices. Watching the team gather and cheer and exhibit such cohesiveness and bonding is enough to make you want to “seek” Bolles as a place to train and a team on which to… Read more »

Reply to  Joni
8 years ago

Great Team! Great article. Congrats to Ryan Murphy and the rest of the team!

Reply to  Bill Volckening
8 years ago

Timmy Romano and Tommy Gutman were members of Bolles well before becoming national record holders in the 200 medley relay in 2009 as seniors. Timmy was on Bolles from 8 and under on (maybe even before that) and Tommy was on Bolles from age 10 on. This national record not only crushed the original record by 1 and a half seconds, but was set the year AFTER the suits were banned. Tommy played a major role in this relay record with his 19.7 free split. Both swimmers were clearly developed by Bolles at a young age.

Reply to  Schefty
8 years ago

Well done! Exceptions to the rule, I’d say, considering the long line of swimmers like Nesty, Borges, Sirisanont, Lim, and so forth, who were really only there in high school, and some for fewer than four years. Swimmers like Borges were only there for one year, and yes they were game changers. Or you could just call ’em ringers.

Neither ignorance or jealousy led me to comment on what goes on with independent school super teams. It’s more like exasperation, from someone who’s been there and done that. I was part of what was then the most rampant display of recruiting in high school swimming history – the 1995 Peddie team.

Anyone who was around at the time would… Read more »

Reply to  Bill Volckening
8 years ago

It’s unfortunate that your best days are behind you but please back off and appreciate the work these guys have done. Go find something better to do with your time

Reply to  ZYNG43
8 years ago

Careful. Before you say things like that, maybe you should get to know me a little…ok a LOT…better.

Reply to  ZYNG43
8 years ago

You don’t really sound like someone I’d want to get to know. Then again I’m just making assumptions, kind of like you are about the Bolles program

Reply to  ZYNG43
8 years ago

You might be surprised, although I’m sure we wouldn’t run into each other at a swimming pool. There aren’t many people in the world who have seen more of the top-level, inner-circle as I have. Because of my editorial position, I was privy to information that most people will never know. So, if my perspective seems a little different with regard to swimming, that’s because it is.

Anywho, sorry to be a raindrop on the parade. Enjoy the success. It’s really quite a spectacle.

8 years ago

When we talk about the powerhouse independent school programs, with the exception of Coach Shoulberg at Germantown Academy, the coaches are really more like collectors.

Reply to  Bill Volckening
8 years ago

wow bill…for those that either went to bolles or know what has gone on there since the 80’s, you sound real bitter and out of touch. I suppose next your going to tell me obama wasn’t born isn’t a u.s. citizen and that man really didn’t walk on the moon