FINA President: McLaren Commission ‘Exceeded Its Powers’

In the wake of swimming’s international governing body, FINA, announcing that seven Russian swimmers are not eligible to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, that same organization has reportedly spoken out regarding part of the criteria for 3 of those swimmers’ roster removal.

As reported yesterday, of the 7 Russian swimmers who will no longer be competing in Rio, 4 were withdrawn by the Russian Olympic Committee, and 3 more had been named in the WADA-sanctioned McLaren report, released last week.

As a refresher:

Athletes withdrawn by the ROC:

–    Mikhail Dovgalyuk
–    Yulia Efimova
–    Natalia Lovtcova
–    Anastasia Krapivina (Marathon Swimming)

Athletes appearing in the WADA IP Report:

–    Nikita Lobintsev
–    Vladimir Morozov
–    Daria Ustinova

However, FINA President Julio Maglione reportedly told Sputnik, an international news source, that the Richard McLaren-led WADA independent commission ‘exceeded its power’ in its investigation into widespread doping. The McLaren report confirmed systematic doping within the nation of Russia, spanning multiple sports.

But of the commission who produced the McLaren report, Maglione reportedly stated to Sputnik today, “Its [commission] members exceeded their powers. For me WADA, and sooner or later this needs to be clarified, is an organization with a function to control the doping abuse, approve the relevant rules and not to talk about the situation in a particular country, it must be done by the head of the Olympic Games, that is by the International Olympic Committee,”

Maglione did add that he considers the recent IOC decision as ‘fair.’ That decision entailed the IOC banning all Russian athletes with a record of doping violations from participating in 2016 Rio Olympic Games, while leaving it up to the respective international federations to decide whether individual Russian athletes should be allowed to compete at the Games.

One of the 7 eliminated swimmers, reigning World Champion Yulia Efimova, has already communicated she will be appealing her ineligibility to the Court Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

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7 years ago

How can vladimir be banned.
Either you have a positive or negative result with the test.
You can not destroy someone’s dreams if there is no proof.

7 years ago

Let Dr. Julio Maglione know your concerns: [email protected]

7 years ago

Higher up there are UN reports that have been reassessed & luckily eg the Syria Gouta chemical attack sometimes dismissed . There is no time of course till Rio but no reason to think this report is alone without challenge.. I don’t know who it could go to for a higher judgement because the CAS is too inter involved with Wada IOC .

If you think I’m pulli g for Russia – I think it would have been clearer if they had rescinded Russia’s invitation & dealt with the consequences .They will come anyhow .

7 years ago

Julio is just worried that another commission is going to start looking at corruption within NGB’s and is trying to lay the groundwork for excuse making when he and Cornel are knee deep in it. Start with why FINA changed the age limitations rule so 80 year old Julio could stay in power.

Reply to  Swimmom
7 years ago

There might be EU human rights issuesabout age discrimination .Alsl the US has no legs on this issue as it has no age limits on any one iin Congress or Supreme Court Judges .which make decisions far more important..

Queen Elizabeth is 90 so age would not supported by any of the Commonwealth nations of Fina .(about 50)plus 27 EU plus Asia generally respects age .

Swim mom you’d be better off conspiring with the poster above to assassinate or something.

7 years ago

I’m totally ignorant about the smaller details of the structure of governance of FINA, but what, if anything, would it take for there to be an internal “coup” to overhaul FINA? I also wonder if investigations similar to the ones the US Dept of Justice and the Swiss authorities performed on FIFA would yield any indictable charges? So far I’ve only heard about ethical breaches rather than legal ones, but sometimes where there is smoke, there’s fire.

7 years ago

They don’t “exceed their powers” more than NBC and their parade time change request.

7 years ago

I thought Julio and Cornel both should have been handed gold watches and thank-you-very-much speeches and shown the door without a look back after the god-awful nonsense surrounding the bodysuit fiasco. Yet how many ridiculous incidents have happened since?

People who are familiar with FINA politics/bylaws tell me that even should the largest country members attempt to get rid of them the votes of smaller members to save them would prevail. Apparently nothing short of their deaths are going to change things, but if anyone can lay out a credible way sooner to hand the reins over to a new generation of leaders who are not of the same mindset I’m sure many of us here and on other… Read more »

7 years ago

Yo lets assasinate these dudes. Putin and Maglione both. Get em out of here! #CLEANWORLD

Reply to  Murica
7 years ago

Too far, Murica. My comment below is at least referring to death by natural causes.

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