Yulia Efimova’s Agent Says She’ll Appeal Decision to CAS

The agent of World Champion swimmer Yulia Efimova, who on Monday was withdrawn by the Russian Olympic Committee for nomination to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, says that she will appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Speaking to Russian media, Andrew Mitkov said before FINA’s announcement:

First of all we are waiting for a decision from FINA. The All-Russian Swimming Federation has already sent back for approval a list of athletes who have declared for the Olympic Games. During the day, the International Federation (FINA) has promised to approve the list. If Efimova was on this list, she was going to the Games. If it she is not there, we are finalizing our claim in the Court of Arbitration for Sport. After we will file a lawsuit, CAS has to make a decision within 24 hours.

According to the wording of FINA’s release, they confirmed that the Russian Olympic Committee took the matter out of her hands and withdrew her from nomination for the Olympic Games.

That means that Efimova’s only choice is to appeal to the international CAS, who is the statutory court of appeal in matters related to the World Anti-Doping Code.

Efimova is one of 4 nominated Russian swimmers who were withdrawn by the Russian Olympic Commitee for prior doping sanctions, as directed on Sunday by the IOC decision that didn’t completely ban Russia from the Olympics, but put very high standards on their participation.

She was not sanctioned for a positive test for the newly-banned substance Meldonium earlier this year, but in 2013 was hit with and served a 16 month ban for a different substance.

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If she gets her way I’ll strongly dislike her forever and fina and wada and CAS. And so will all of the other Breastrokers and Medley relay swimmers.


Why WADA? Due to their changing the dates of meldonium positive tests? Otherwise, they’re outwardly expressing Russians should be banned, meaning they’re outwardly saying she should be banned even for her previous tests.

Brad Flood

I see this as being a different matter from the Osaka Rule. As i understand it, the Osaka Rule was a blanket ban of the next Olympics after serving a ban for doping. The IOC decision is stating that any Russian athlete who has been charged with a doping offense is banned for Rio 2016, because their doping was likely part of the State run doping system. This is an over simplified explanation, however, I believe a lawyer could present a case, based on this interpretation, that the CAS could possibly uphold the bans under the IOC decision.


I suspect that it will be difficult in legal proceedings to argue that one group is completely excluded for failing a single drug test because of where they come from whilst others who have failed a single test will compete

They’ve tied themselves in knots here. Russia is out. Kenya is in. Both had institutionalised systems but the manner in which they’ve been dealt with are different by the iaaf.

iOC should have manned up and removed decision from governing bodies.

This isn’t over


That’s a wrap folks. Yulia seems to have run out of friends. The IOC says she’s not welcome to their big party, Zhukov, Russia’s IOC rep said they won’t appeal, Salo won’t let her train at Trojan and FINA scratches her name off the list. Only one left returning her phone calls is this Mitkov guy who happens to be on the payroll.

Attila the Hunt

Yup, even ROC has accepted IOC rule in full, FINA kicked her out.

Just give it up Yulia!
You’re pretty enough (and with a hot body) to do some modelling work!

Todd Kramer

I’m not a fan of Efimova at all, but why the f did you make that last statement? A woman’s worth and ability to earn money after retiring from swimming is tied to MUCH more than her looks. Are you saying that she shouldn’t move on if she were ugly?

Attila the Hunt

Why the f are you upset?
Are you telling me that modelling work is either illegal or socially/morally unacceptable?
Are you telling me that Efimova is not pretty? And are you telling me that Efimova shouldn’t do modelling work?


..maybe because she already does do modeling work in LA Todd
“are you saying that she shouldn’t move on if she were ugly” dumbest most irrational comment I have ever heard, so I will only reply the most idiotic way I can think of with a simple “yes”

Attila the Hunt

Thank you!
That’s what I thought too!

Attila the Hunt

modeling work is just code word for exotic dancer

Attila the Hunt

I certainly did not say that and never intended nor implied that. It didn’t even come across my mind. Honestly!


Well then you have a ways to go to sink to my level….but actually I think it would be interesting to see her on a show like Dancing with the Stars. I wonder how she would be received by the general public.


Yulia just now realising she’s the one whom our elders have selected to toss into the volcano in order to save the village, please the Gods and pacify the peasants (that would be us by the way). Pretty/not pretty is irrelevant.

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