Energy Standard Will Field ISL Team, Announces Five Athletes

The Energy Standard Club, owned by International Swimming League owner Konstantin Grigorishin, will be the newest announced addition to the ISL’s stable of teams, with five big names already signed to the roster.

Grigorishin is the leading shareholder of the Energy Standard Group, which sponsors the Energy Standard Club swim team. He’s been the main face (and financial backer) of the International Swimming League, and will now own one of the four European clubs in the league’s inaugural season.

The ISL envisions 4 European clubs and 4 U.S.-based clubs in its first year. So far, we know the four European clubs, but no American teams have yet been announced:



  • No announced teams yet

The Energy Standard ISL team has announced five athletes signed to contracts: Femke Heemskerk, Ilya Shymanovich, Danas Rapsys, Emily Seebohm and Kierra Smith.

Heemskerk is a Dutch sprint freestyler who won relay gold at the 2008 Olympics and relay silver at the 2012 Olympics. Last summer, she was the European Championships runner-up in the 100 and 200 frees. Shymanovich is a Belarusian breaststroker who took dual silvers at Short Course Worlds in 2018 in the 50 and 100 breast. Rapsys represents Lithuania internationally, and won 400 free gold and 200 free silver at those 2018 Short Course Worlds. He was also a Euros silver medalist in the 200 free long course in 2018. Seebohm is Australian, the 2012 Olympic champ in the 100 back and more recently a triple medalist at 2018 Pan Pacs. Smith is a Canadian breaststroker who took two silvers at Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Most of the swimmers are European, which makes sense given Energy Standard’s European base. Seebohm is an intriguing pickup; most of the other top Australians have flocked to the London club, which is run by an Australian Olympic medalist and current sports agent.

Here are the Energy Standard announcements for each of the five athletes:

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bear drinks beer

How many clubs are there in total? The official website of ISL says there are 6 for Europe and 6 for US, but I also saw some other sources including this article claim there are only 4 for each. Hope we can hear more from other clubs soon, especially on the US side.🙂


I thought it was 4 and 4

bear drinks beer

So they originally decided to have 6 clubs for each continent and then cut it to 4? I thought Pellegrini (an ambassador of ISL) would lead the Milan team. ☹

bear drinks beer

I think Energy Standard’s own swimmers (eg. Sjostrom, Le Clos, Proud) will compete for the club too.


I was thinking the same thing and the young Russian male backstroker?


When is this starting? Sjostrom has already declared her participation for the Nordic swim tour and FINA’s new tour. I doubt she will compete much this fall after competing a lot in the spring and summer, considering the upcoming Olympic season.

bear drinks beer

The article on ISL’s official website says the regular season starts in August, but It’s an old post and it seems many things have been changed since it was posted. I think Sjostrom will participate, as she appears to be very enthusiastic about the league on her social media.

Miss M

Seebohm wants to keep as far away from Mitch Larkin as possible.


after what he did to her.. poor thing


Spill the tea, what’d he do?


Seebohm is also good mates with a lot of the Euro swimmers so not a surprise to see her not choosing the London team. Ps Swim Swam she is a three time world champion but Olympic silver medalist in the 100 back.

SUM Ting Wong

She still has her horse. Like like she’s selling her $650,000 property to buy out his share of their house . A girl needs a house & a horse .
Good to see her broadening her horizons & not doing the same lame London thing .

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