Dressel Clocks 48.6 100 FR, Lochte Wins 200 IM on Day 3 of Florida OT Qualifier


  • Saturday, February 15 – Monday, February 17
  • Orlando, FL
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The 2020 Florida OT Qualifier concluded on Monday night as Caeleb Dressel picked up a win in the 100 free. Dressel, the American Record holder and 2-time World Champion, swam a 48.63 to dominate the race. That’s his 5th fastest in-season swim ever, and the fastest he’s ever been at this point in a season. Dressel also swam the 200 IM prelims, cruising to a 2:05.63, but scratched out of the final. Fellow Gator postgrad Ryan Lochte went on to win that race. Lochte finished in 2:00.05, about a second off his season best 1:58.89 from the U.S. Open in December.

Sarasota’s 14-year-old Gracie Weyant went another best time to win the women’s 200 IM. Weyant swam a best by over half a second in 2:18.71, but is still a little over a second away from the Trials cut (2:17.39). Older sister Emma Weyant swam in the 200 back final tonight, placing 4th in 2:16.85. That event was won by Canadian Olympic bronze medalist Kylie Masse in 2:09.01.

Sarasota Tsunami’s Arik Katz, who placed 5th in the mile at 2019 World Juniors, won the 1500 free in 15:38.87. That’s his fastest in-season swim by a second. Gator postgrad Mitch D’Arrigo finished 2nd in 15:43.68. Gator Swim Club teammate True Sweetser, the 2019 Pan Ams Champion in this event, was 4th in 15:58.03.

Additional Event Winners

  • Blue Dolphins’ Micayla Cronk won the 100 free in 56.00. Cronk has already been under the Trials cut in the event with her best (55.48) from last summer.
  • 15-year-old Amadeusz Knop took a tenth off his time in the 200 back as he won in 2:05.29.
  • Sarasota’s 15-year-old Michaela Mattes was just 3 tenths shy of a best with her 8:48.43 in the 800 free.

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2:00.0 out of Lochte in January!

Samuel Huntington

We are well into February lol


Oops, I shouldn’t post after 8pm I guess. xD




Yeah its a good time but more importantly how did his abs look?

Justin Thompson

The abs were still hibernating through the winter.

Ol' Longhorn

You seem fixated on his body.

Justin Thompson

Haha, don’t hate on me for pointing out the stall references.

Sun Yangs Hammer

At the TYR photo shoot last week the dad body had gone away a bit. Looking like he’s in good shape. 2:00 in season is encouraging too.


48.6 is really fast for February. He’s going to break 47 again this summer.

124 days to Omaha…


@DuncanScott who went 48.5, 4:20 400IM, a 51. 100 fly split and 1:58 200 Fly and barely got a single comment. The struggle is real!


Wrong nationality.

Ol' Longhorn

Plus he looks like he’s 12. This is an adult’s comment section.


it might be because of the people knowing troys hard training, therefore being able to somewhat judge how good the times of his swimmers really are


Don’t think it was ever really a question of if he’s breaking 47…


he will obviously break 47 at least one time this summer ….


Chalmers went 47.99 last month


Yes, but he is not receiving the same yardage dosis that Troy is giving Dressel. Not to mention 200 swimmers and up tend to swim better in-season than sprinters. Sprinters tend to have a better taper


I don’t understand how you could possibly know that. Chalmers trains for the 200 and having seen the man train before I can tell you that he is an absolute monster who regularly hits 7500m LCM sessions. Not saying Dressel doesn’t do that although you would think with how they swim their races (Dressel with front half speed, Chalmers back half speed) people would be more inclined to say that Chalmers is “fitter” or does longer training, but then again this is a largely American site


And then gets beat by Caeleb…


Yes, but also conveniently ignoring the examples where Chalmers beat Dressel.


This is some total 💩 right here.


agreed Mr Troyy


Thank$$$ are you kidding me?!?! King Chalmers has been posting his workouts eventually and he was dropping a couples of 100×100 a week back in December/January.
I appreciate the American patriotism but let’s be real people, 48.6 is not special in any time of the year, that’s not the 80s anymore.



I mean, but to that end, dropping high 47s isn’t special anytime of the year either…since we’re still a sport of world records and gold medals (hold overs from the 80s and before), literally the only times that matter are the ones that break those records or win those medals regardless to the “time of the year.”

Chalmers swims faster in season. Dressel drops more in taper…a 48.6 is pretty exciting for one of them, just like a sub 48 is exciting for the other. Both can be “special” in context

Ol' Longhorn

Not receiving the same yardage. Guess that’s why he dropped a 3:53 400 free last month. Never trains hard.

Justin Thompson

The Baron Chalmers is a better in season swimmer, but it should be a tight race between the two


Baron, normally 18 year Olympic champions are known as King, the only other King in the 100 free still swimming is Adrian.

Corn Pop

King Prince Duke Marquess Earl Viscount then Baron . Cannot see why you have dumped him to number 7 . Not very Justinian at all !

Ol' Longhorn

Way to go out on the limb, seeing as there was that whopping 0.12 sec gap at Worlds.


Dressel is known to have larger drops with taper so they’re looking pretty even so far this early into the season.


We’ve all heard the set where Dressel swims multiple 400’s LCM kicking out 15 yards off each wall. Can’t remember the interval but it was impressive.

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