Day 1 Finals Preview, Presented by SwimOutlet Team Division

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homie g
11 years ago

I think some of theese swimmers are just plain dumb. There’s no point in saving up for finals if you don’t even make it

Reply to  homie g
11 years ago

Not dumb, but a little too cocky I think. They’re used to being far and away the best with no one to really challenge them. Hopefully that scared them into making sure they qualify for finals.

11 years ago

Honestly, Cseh looked almost as easy as Phelps did at the very end. Cseh probably pushed it a bit harder in the breaststroke, but Cseh, I think definitely could’ve been 4:10 if not under it. Real shame

Reply to  john26
11 years ago

This is yet another evidence of more parity in the swimming world among the nation.

11 years ago

Has there ever been an african american US female swimmer in an olympics swimming final before?

Reply to  aswimfan
11 years ago

I’m looking up Maritza Correia, and wikipedia says she was prelims only in Athens.

11 years ago

I still predict Lochte/Phelps 1, 2; and Phelps could even take it all if he’s angry/motivated enough… This is a second or two faster than his prelims at Trials, I think. And I’ll bet he really wants to beat Kitajima to first man to triple.

Reply to  liquidassets
11 years ago

ugh… I am sooooooooooooooooo upset that Chesh didnt make it. I have a feeling he has a 4.06 in him….. stupid swim this morning and PHelps almost bit it hard bcuz of it…

11 years ago

These video recaps are great, guys. I have kids to raise…these will really help!

Andy Dixon
11 years ago

Couldn’t have done anything more really. He won his heat while staying relaxed. He or Bob couldn’t have predicted the times in the other heat. It would have been a shame if he hadn’t gotten in, but it wouldn’t have really been his fault. Those prelim times are completely unprecedented.

Reply to  Andy Dixon
11 years ago

Well yes it would have been his fault.

But not a tragedy –

11 years ago

It could be just a misjudment of the competition. He’s got a lane… and that is what is important! (Even though it was a close call!) Prelims are over and can’t do anything about it! Let’s move on to the “BIG” race and make it happen! Go Phelps and Lochte!

Reply to  WHOKNOWS
11 years ago

I think that must be part of it. Looking at past year’s…swimmers haven’t stepped-up in this 400 IM in prelims. This year, everyone did.

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