Over 100 Former NCAA Swimmers Storm the Olympics

University of Florida Graphic Designer and varsity swimmer Dan Wallace designed the above graphic, in honor of Florida’s huge Olympic swimming group.

Looking for a special rooting interest for this week’s swimming competition at the Olympics? Have a non-swimming friend who you’re looking to hook in to the fever? Below, we have a list compiled by SwimSwam contributors Reed Shimberg and Matt Salzberg, a pair of Tufts University graduates and two incredibly knowledgeable and passionate swimming historians.

The most stunning list was the University of Florida. Even we here at SwimSwam didn’t realize just how far their reach was, with 23 former swimmers competing at the Olympics.

First Name Last Name Country School
Alex Meyer USA Harvard
Ryan Lochte USA University of Florida
Conor Dwyer USA University of Florida (Also swam at Iowa)
Clark Burckle USA University of Florida
Elizabeth Beisel USA University of Florida
Dana Vollmer USA University of Florida
Raul Martinez Puerto Rico University of Florida
Sinead Russell Canada University of Florida
Gemma Spofforth Great Britain University of Florida
Brett Fraser Cayman Islands University of Florida
Shaune Fraser Cayman Islands University of Florida
Darian Townsend South Africa University of Florida
Melanie  Costa-Schmid Spain University of Florida
Marcin Cieslak Poland University of Florida
Omar Pinzon Columbia University of Florida
Gemma Lowe Lowe Great Britain University of Florida
Sebastian Rosseau South Africa University of Florida
Marco Loughran United Kingtom University of Florida
Sarra Lajnef Tunisia University of Florida
Hilda Luthersdottir Iceland University of Florida
Sarah Bateman Iceland University of Florida
Bradley Ally Barbados University of Florida
Stephanie Proud Great Britain University of Florida
Csaba Gercsak Hungary University of Florida
Gal Nevo Israel Georgia Tech
Andrew Chetcuti Malta Georgia Tech
Peter Vanderkaay USA University of Michigan
Tyler Clary USA University of Michigan
Charlie Houchin USA University of Michigan
Davis Tarwater USA University of Michigan
Connor Jaeger USA University of Michigan
Derya  Büyükuncu Turkey University of Michigan
Brendan Hansen USA University of Texas
Ricky Berens USA University of Texas
Jimmy Feigen USA University of Texas
Kathleen Hersey USA University of Texas
Christian Schurr Mexico University of Texas
Susana Escobar Mexico University of Texas
Clark Burckle USA University of Arizona
Nick Thoman USA University of Arizona
Alyssa Anderson USA University of Arizona
Jean Basson South Africa University of Arizona
Simon (Great Britain) Burnett Great Britain University of Arizona
Nicolas Nilo-Oliveira Brazil University of Arizona
Roland Schoeman South Africa University of Arizona
Nimrod Shapira Bar-Or Israel University of Arizona
Albert Subirats Venezuela University of Arizona
Darian Townsend South Africa University of Arizona
Nathan Adrian USA Cal Berekely
Anthony Ervin USA Cal Berekely
Natalie Coughlin USA Cal Berekely
Jessica Hardy USA Cal Berekely
Caitlin Leverenz USA Cal Berekely
Rachel Bootsma USA Cal Berekely
Dana Vollmer USA Cal Berekely
Stephanie Au Hong Kong Cal Berekely
Henrique Barbosa Brazil Cal Berekely
Lauren Boyle New Zealand Cal Berekely
Milorad Cavic Serbia Cal Berekely
Damir Dugonjic Slovenia Cal Berekely
Mathias Gydesen Denmark Cal Berekely
Sara Isakovic Slovenia Cal Berekely
Martin Liivamagi Estonia Cal Berekely
Dominik Meichtry Switzerland Cal Berekely
Graeme Moore South Africa Cal Berekely
Marcin Tarczynski Poland Cal Berekely
Hannah Wilson Hong Kong Cal Berekely
Matt Grevers USA Northwestern
Scott Weltz USA UC Davis
Cullen Jones USA NC State
Tyler McGill USA Auburn
Micah Lawrence USA Auburn
Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace Bahamas Auburn
Eric Shanteau USA Auburn
George Bovell Trinidad & Tobago Auburn
Cesar Cielo Brazil Auburn
Kirsty Coventry Zimbabwe Auburn
Matt Targett Australia Auburn
Adam Brown Great Britain Auburn
Stephanie Horder Canada Auburn
Gideon Louw South Africa Auburn
Marcello Chierighini Brazil Auburn
James Disney-May Great Britain Auburn
Megan Fonteno American Samoa Auburn
Matt Mclean USA University of Virginia
Lauren Perdue USA University of Virginia
Yannick Kaeser Switzerland University of Virginia
David Karasek Switzerland University of Virginia
Katya Bachrouche Lebanon University of Virginia
Andrew Gemmell USA University of Georgia
Kara Lynn Joyce USA University of Georgia
Shannon Vreeland USA University of Georgia
Allison Schmitt USA University of Georgia
Amanda Weir USA University of Georgia
Wendy Trot South Africa University of Georgia
Troy Prinsloo South Africa University of Georgia
Yousef Alaskari Kuwait University of Georgia
Matias Koski Finland University of Georgia
Brittany MacLean Canada University of Georgia
Sarah Poewe Germany University of Georgia
Ediz Yildirimer Turkey University of Georgia
Haley Anderson USA USC
Rebecca Soni USA USC
Amanda Weir USA USC
Ous Mellouli Tunisia USC
Dimitri Colupaev Germany USC
Stina Gardell Sweden USC
Katinka Hosszu Hungary USC
Clement Lefert France USC
Lynette Lim Singapore USC
Vladimir Morozov Russia USC
Cristian Quintero Venezuela USC
Katarzyna Will Poland USC
Breeja Larson USA Texas A&M
Cammile Adams USA Texas A&M
Triin Aljand Estonia Texas A&M
Alia Atkinson Jamaica Texas A&M
Erica Dittmer Mexico Texas A&M
Amini Fonua Tonga Texas A&M
Liliana Ibanez Mexico Texas A&M
Rita Medrano Mexico Texas A&M
Kim Pavlin Croatia Texas A&M
Julia Wilkinson Canada Texas A&M
Claire Donahue USA Western Kentucky
Ariana Kukors USA University of Washington
Octavio Alesi Venezuela University of Tennessee
Barry Murphy Ireland University of Tennessee
Martin Moravcikova Czech Republic University of Tennessee
Rafael Alfaro El Salvador BYU
Andrew Rutherfurd Bolivia BYU
Allan Gutierrez Honduras Florida Southern
Marko Blazevski Macedonia Wingate
Anja Carman Slovenia SMU
Lars Froelander Sweden SMU
Nina Rangelova Bulgaria SMU
Mindaugas Sadauskas Lithuania SMU
Denisa Smolenova Slovakia SMU
Therese Svendensen Sweden SMU
Eszter Povazsay Hungary University of Louisville
Joao De Lucca Brazil University of Louisville
Carlos Almeida Portugal University of Louisville
Pedro Oliveria Portugal University of Louisville
Dorina Szekeres Hungary Indiana University
Nicholas Schwab Dominican Republic Indiana University
Margeuax Farrell France Indiana University
Markus Rogan Austria Stanford
Jason Dunford Kenya Stanford
David Dunford Kenya Stanford
Tobias Oriwol Canada Stanford
Samantha Cheverton Canada Ohio State
Mateo De Angulo Columbia Florida State University
Esau Simpson Grenada Nova Southeastern University
Arni Arneson Iceland Old Dominion University
Sidni Hoxha Albania Old Dominion University
Jason Lezak USA California-Santa Barbara
Joe Bartoch Canada UNLV
Richard Hortness Canada UNLV
Zsu Jakabos Hungary UNLV
Scott Dickens Canada Oakland University (MI)
Danielle Beaubrun St. Lucia FGCU
Karen Vilorio Honduras FGCU
Therese Alshammar Sweden Nebraska
Dragos Agache Romania Iowa
Jillian Tyler Canada Minnesota
Chinyere Pigot Suriname Uconn
Diguan Pigot Suriname UConn
Roy Birch Bermuda Springfield College

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What about Barry Murphy of Ireland, who swam for Michigan? (I thought of China’s Peng Wu as well, but I’m not seeing anything online about his ever competing at NCAAs.)


Woops, I see him there for Tennesee. Didn’t realize he didn’t switch to CW until postgrad.


Add Arni Arneson, Iceland and Sidni Hoxha, Albania, both from Old Dominion University, and Martina Moravcikova, Czech Republic, University of Tennessee


I know Phelps never technically graduated but since you also used swimmers who haven’t yet graduated, shouldn’t you include him with University of Michigan?


Phelps never swam in NCAA

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