Coach in Virginia Charged With Sexual Contact With Minor

Former James Madison High School coach Noah Rucker has been charged with three counts of “indecent liberties with a minor while in a custodial and/or supervisory position,” according to local ABC affiliate WJLA.

The alleged crime happened 11 years ago, when Rucker was 29 and the victim was 17, though the victim has only recently come forward, when Rucker was the coach at James Madison High. Other programs that he has coached include Bishop Ireton High School.

His most recent job has been with the Curl Burke West-Site, where he has since been removed as one of the coaches. According to an online registry, he is engaged to another Curl Burke coach, with the wedding date having been set for August 11th. He was also on the 2005 Eastern Zone PVS coaching staff, as a coach of the MAKO Club.

Other clubs that he has been confirmed to be affiliated with include the Wellington Dolphins and PATRIOT, a former club that he owned and was the head coach of.

If convicted, Rucker would be one of the more high-profile coaches in the recent run of sexual abuse revelations in the sport.

James Madison was the Virginia AAA Boys State Champions in 2009.

In a statement to WJLA, Rucker denies the charges:

“Noah Rucker denies all charges against him and looks forward to clearing his name at trial if not before that time. [The alleged victim] told several people at the time of the initial investigation that she and Mr. Rucker had not been sexually intimate. Since she claims to be physically incapable of lying, that must be true. We also find it hard to believe that [the alleged victim] voluntarily would have dated Mr. Rucker when she was 21 years of age if he actually had molested her when she was fifteen.

“[The alleged victim] clearly is a troubled young woman, but Mr. Rucker is not the cause of her troubles.

“Mr. Rucker and his family and friends have no further comment.”

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I hope they investigate this carefully and it is not just swept under the rug. It also seems as if there is an increasing incidence of coaches developing “relationships” with swimmers that are minors and not consummating the “relationship” until they are over 18.I also think that young coaches in high school or summer league positions are around girls in their mid teens so they don’t think of themselves as pedophiles. Oh,I think Rucker was also a summer league coach at Loews Island Country Club before he was hired at Curl West and I believe was replaced by another Curl coach. Speaking in general, I wonder if clubs are aware of the rumors before the charges are actually brought or… Read more »

He’s innocent until proven guilty. Why did it take 11 years for the victim to come forward?

Sounds a little fishy to me.

Delays in reporting these types of cases aren’t always thanks to the accuser just making stuff up. Like the ongoing Sandusky trial; none of those victims came forward very promptly, either.

Comparing this situation to the Jerry Sandusky case at Penn State is lunacy. They are completely different. Was Coach Rucker seen sodomizing young boys in the shower by other coaches on the Curl staff? Hardly………

Get a clue!

Former Swimmer

all junker23 said about the Sandusky case was comparing the length of time accusers came forward to show that it is not an entirely uncommon practice. Also, I personally know Noah and Noah’s young fiancee and there have been plenty of rumors that they started their relationship while she was underage and there have been numerous complaints/rumors about Noah’s relationships with young girls.

Yup, Former Swimmer understood what I was getting at.

In sexual-assault trials, psychology experts could advise jurors, for example, that it is common for child-sex-abuse victims to maintain relationships with the authority figures who attacked them and that it’s also common for a victim to not reveal the abuse for years. Source.

The Sandusky case was the most recent high-profile example I could think of involving multiple instances of delayed reporting.


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