Combined Results: Pro Swim Series and Longhorn Elite Invite Day 3

We’re just 3 weeks out of Olympic Trials in Omaha, and several Olympic hopefuls are using the Arena Pro Swim Series meets in Indianapolis and Santa Clara, as well as the Longhorn Elite Invite, as their final tuneup before the big meet. Because the top swimmers in the nation are spread out this weekend, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 Americans in each race across all 3 meets to compare where the swimmers are at as they head towards Trials.

We’ve also included any top 5 swims from the Tennessee Aquatics meet in Knoxville and the SwimMAC Road to Rio Meet.

This list is made up of events that were completed across all meets on day 3. For the list of top American swimmers in events completed on days 1 and 2, click here.

Women’s 100 Back:

  1. Olivia Smoliga, 59.41
  2. Hannah Stevens, 59.67
  3. Maya DiRado, 1:00.36
  4. Missy Franklin, 1:00.50
  5. Alexandra Deloof, 1:01.00

Men’s 100 Back:

  1. David Plummer, 52.40
  2. Ryan Murphy, 52.76
  3. Matt Grevers, 53.48
  4. Jacob Pebley, 53.57
  5. John Shebat, 55.12

Women’s 200 Back:

  1. Missy Franklin, 2:09.45
  2. Erin Voss, 2:10.12
  3. Tasija Karosas, 2:10.98
  4. Janet Hu, 2:11.11
  5. Asia Seidt, 2:12.05

Men’s 200 Back:

  1. Ryan Murphy, 1:56.10
  2. Jacob Pebley, 1:56.38
  3. Sean Lehane, 1:58.24
  4. Jonathan Roberts, 1:58.74
  5. Matt Grevers, 2:00.01

Women’s 100 Breast:

  1. Sarah Haase, 1:06.31
  2. Katie Meili, 1:07.10
  3. Melanie Margalis, 1:07.26
  4. Molly Hannis, 1:07.72
  5. Andrea Cottrell, 1:07.95

Men’s 100 Breast:

  1. Nic Fink, 59.93
  2. Cody Miller, 1:00.41
  3. Kevin Cordes, 1:00.51
  4. Josh Prenot, 1:01.15
  5. Will Licon, 1:01.36

Women’s 200 Fly:

  1. Cammile Adams, 2:07.59
  2. Kelsi Worrel, 2:09.25
  3. Christina Bechtel, 2:09.82
  4. Hali Flickinger, 2:10.29
  5. Ella Eastin, 2:10.38

Men’s 200 Fly:

  1. Pace Clark, 1:56.97
  2. Jack Conger, 1:57.01
  3. Chase Kalisz, 1:57.32
  4. Gunnar Bentz, 1:57.70
  5. Tom Shields, 1:58.52

Women’s 100 Free:

  1. Simone Manuel, 53.75
  2. Dana Vollmer, 54.17
  3. Allison Schmitt, 54.30
  4. Missy Franklin, 54.56
  5. (T-5) Margo Geer, 54.66
  6. (T-5) Olivia Smoliga, 54.66

Men’s 100 Free:

  1. Nathan Adrian, 48.17
  2. Caeleb Dressel, 48.74
  3. Josh Schneider, 49.19
  4. Jimmy Feigen, 49.46
  5. Michael Phelps, 49.49

Women’s 800 Free:

  1. Leah Smith, 8:24.87
  2. Cierra Runge, 8:28.64
  3. Sierra Schmidt, 8:30.82
  4. Taylor Ault, 8:48.70
  5. Rachel Zilinskas, 8:50.09

Men’s 1500 Free:

  1. Clark Smith, 15:08.59
  2. Connor Jaeger, 15:28.34
  3. PJ Ransford, 15:30.92
  4. Aidan Burns, 15:31.59
  5. Jerad Kaskawal, 15:32.99

Women’s 200 IM:

  1. Melanie Margalis, 2:11.25
  2. Madisyn Cox, 2:11.60
  3. Caitlin Leverenz, 2:11.65
  4. Karlee Bispo, 2:12.64
  5. Kaitlyn Jones, 2:14.50

Men’s 200 IM:

  1. David Nolan, 1:59.40
  2. Jay Litherland, 1:59.93
  3. Gunnar Bentz, 2:00.06
  4. Will Licon, 2:00.41
  5. Conor Dwyer, 2:00.47

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6 years ago

Fink 59.93

6 years ago

My final predictions for team USA in Rio:
Men’s team:
1.50m free: Madison Kennedy, Abbey Weitzeil
2.100m free: Simone Manuel, Abbey Weitzeil + Vollmer, Ledecky, Schmitt, Margo Geer ( Franklin doesn’t need to swim 100m free final in Omaha in my opinion)
3. 200m free: Katie Ledecky, Allison Schmitt+ Franklin, Leah Smith, Melanie Margalis, Cierra Runge for the relay
4.400m free: Ledecky, Leah Smith
5.800m free: Ledecky, Becca Mann
6. 100m back: Franklin, Smoliga
7. 200m back: Franklin, Dirado
8. 100m fly: Dana Vollmer, Kelsi Worrel
9. 200m fly: Adams, Flickinger
10. 100m breast: Lilly King, Katie Meili
11. 200m breast: Lawrence, Margalis
12. 200IM: Maya Dirado, Ella Eastin
13. 400IM: Maya Dirado, Beisel

Reply to  MichaelTran
6 years ago

Sorry Women’s team!!! 🙂

Reply to  MichaelTran
6 years ago

Fantastic predictions!

So, the end of the road Coughlin? Maybe a Dana Vollmer route for her after trials?

Reply to  Smoothswimmer
6 years ago

Sad to say, but I don’t think Coughlin will make it this time around. She’s shown zero momentum at the Grand Prix meets this year, so unless she has a massive taper, I can’t see her making the team in 2016.

6 years ago

My final predictions for team USA in Rio:
Men’s team:
1.50m free: Nathan Adrian, Caeleb Dressel
2.100m free: Nathan Adrian, Caeleb Dressel + Jack Conger, Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, Max Rooney
3. 200m free: Conor Dwyer, Ryan Lochte + Haas, Conger, Smith, Phelps for the replay
4.400m free: Conor Jaeger, Conor Dwyer
5.1500m free: Conor Jaeger, Jordan Wilimovsky
6. 100m back: Ryan Murphy, David Plummer (this event is impossible to predict. I choose Plummer because i want to see him in the olympics team for the first time and maybe the last time of his career. He is working so hard for that. If Plummer and Grevers go 1-2, i’ll very happy because… Read more »

Reply to  MichaelTran
6 years ago

I’m a little bit wrong about Men’s 200m free. MP will not swim the final so top 6 will be: Dwyer, Lochte, Haas, Rooney, Smith and Conger (if he swims, i think he will not do the double 100/200 free) or Litherland (if Conger does not swim)
Also men’s 100m free: MP and maybe Lochte will not swim the final so top 6: Adrian, Dressel, Conger (if he swims), Dwyer, Feigen, Rooney.

Reply to  MichaelTran
6 years ago

He might swim the preliminaries though.

Reply to  MichaelTran
6 years ago

Nice job. The 100 back is really hard!!!! I really want Grevers to go. I would keep an eye on Conger for the 100 fly too, and Lochte and Kalisz go 1-2 for the 400 im.

Swimmer Thieroff
6 years ago

Ah ah ah, Caeleb Dressel wasn’t at any of those meets in the header, ah ah ah

6 years ago

great job !

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Lauren Neidigh

Lauren Neidigh is a former NCAA swimmer at the University of Arizona (2013-2015) and the University of Florida (2011-2013). While her college swimming career left a bit to be desired, her Snapchat chin selfies and hot takes on Twitter do not disappoint. She's also a high school graduate of The …

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