Eat, Sleep, Train: Cate Campbell’s 3-Word Life Heading Into Aussie Trials


Cate Campbell brought the heat to tonight’s women’s 100m freestyle final in Sydney, rocking a winning time of 52.96. She said post-race that was was ‘really happy’ with that performance, especially in light of the fact that the Aussie World Championship Trials are just weeks away.

Speaking on-deck and mid-breath, C1 describes her new training environment in Sydney, describing her fresh surroundings as ‘a vacation.’ She and sister Bronte Campbell moved from their previous training grounds of Chandler, Brisbane to their new home at the New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS) late last year.

27-year-old Paralympic gold medalist Ellie Cole has also joined the squad, while C1 has new physios and performance experts guiding the NSWIS athletes into Tokyo 2020.

“Eat, sleep, train” is how C1 will be handling life until the World Championships Trials where she is well aware that the women’s 100m free is one of the most hotly contested events with 3 out of the top 5 performers in the world this season all stem from Australia.

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3 years ago

She’s trying to maintain her peak a few more years to try again for the Olympic gold.

She’s swam really well at the Pan Pac meet last year. So this year it’s the Worlds, where all her Olympic competition will be there to race her.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  marklewis
3 years ago

Still has to overcome the Olympic choke. That’ll be a tough mental battle for her.

3 years ago

ugh I want Simone to repeat in the 100 free cause its Simone and she’s American but….man I wouldn’t mind seeing Cate win in 2020 either. She seems like a nice person and has always conducted herself with class and humility.

Reply to  Ervin
3 years ago

No, C. Campbell has not always conducted herself with class and humility. Go back and read the articles following last year’s Pan Pacs where she made pointed comments about Team USA and referred to Simone, not as a great individual or person, but as “an impressive specimen.” And then she whines about keyboard warriors when people push back on those comments.

Reply to  Ervin
3 years ago

Not sure why you got so many down votes here, I thought it was a good comment.

Reply to  Robbos
3 years ago

Because this website is so American centric it’s basically treason to support anyone else

Reply to  Gymswim
3 years ago

You’re correct in that statement, I’ll say that I fully rooted for James in 2012 over Nathan, just because James actually had a shot at sub 47 that year. Nathan my boy but he could never do that, he’s built to last not be the fastest ever

Reply to  Ervin
3 years ago

Many Americans here are quick to down bite anything negative against American swimmers and yet they feel so entitled to post anything negative (even libellous) against foreign swimmers especially cate Campbell.. the administrators should publish their email address so we can see a pattern forming

3 years ago

No wonder so many elite swimmers have depression/addiction issues. Life is so much more than “eat, sleep, train”!

Loretta Race
Reply to  Swimmomtoo
3 years ago

@swimmomntoo – C1 is simply putting her head down heading into the final stretch into Aussie Trials then Worlds. Elite athletes around the world are doing the same thing.

Reply to  Swimmomtoo
3 years ago

That is such a false statement. If this is what people love doing than that is their life. Not that many elite swimmers are hooked on drugs and have depression because they love what they do.

Reply to  johnny
3 years ago

You should see her Instagram and see how much she’s actually enjoying life instead of judging her easily based on that comment ..

Reply to  Swimmomtoo
3 years ago

If you enjoy something, like she does, that’s heaven! It’s only if you force the passion that things turn south. And to be the best, like truly number one, at anything at life, of course you can’t have distractions. You think Issac Newton had balance? Anything worth doing is worth overdoing

He Said What?
Reply to  Swimmomtoo
3 years ago

Generations of great champions have ALL said the same thing leading to a major championship. I remember Summer Sanders saying that in 1989, all she did was “sleep. eat and swim” leading to Nationals. Many others all saying the same. So no, this is the life of anyone with high goals and dreams. If you want it, you don’t see this as sacrificing. It is what you do to become the best while loving every moment of it.

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