Carson Foster: What’s His Best Event? (Video)

Reported by James Sutherland.


  • PSS Record: 1:55.04, Xu Jiayu, 2017
  1. Jacob Pebley, CAL, 1:57.03
  2. Grigory Tarasevich, CARD, 1:59.39
  3. Carson Foster, RAYS, 2:00.60

Cal’s Jacob Pebley took control of the men’s 200 back final on the second 50 and cruised to a big win by over two seconds, touching in 1:57.03. Pebley sits 4th in the world this year with his 1:55.85 from Atlanta (when he was racing teammate Ryan Murphy head-to-head).

Russian Grigory Tarasevich of Cardinal Aquatics was the only other one sub-2:00 in 1:59.39, while 16-year-old Carson Foster of the Mason Manta Rays passed veteran Matt Grevers on the fourth 50 to grab 3rd. Foster’s 2:00.60 was his fastest ever in-season swim, surpassing his 2:00.73 from Austin.

Grevers ended up 4th in 2:01.89, with Nicolas Albiero 5th in a new best time of 2:02.25.

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Ol' Longhorn

HIs best event will be whatever Eddie tells him it is.


Eddie may retire before Carson’s class graduates. Eddie may retire after Townley graduates. That would suck for all of these early verbal commits.


His retirement will be decided by the doctors who say he isn’t breathing anymore


So he’s going to retire while his grandson is still swimming for Texas? Um, okay.

(G)olden Bear

His grandson will be a senior when Carson is a freshman. Not too much overlap.


Haas- I want to race the 50 Free.

Eddie- You’re signed up for the mile


Why are you giving credit to Eddie? He has two more great years with Ken Heis. Maybe Ken will influence him as to what might be his best event. Obviously I think the club coach who has done an excellent job with Carson should get the due credit and not someone who might be coaching him in 2-3 years.

Ol' Longhorn

I have a concussion from all the facepalms because some people don’t get a joke on these boards. Please tell me you get that all the Dean Farris comments are meant in jest.

Swim parent

Credit? I don’t think anyone is giving Eddie credit. But if anyone is going to be responsible for choosing Carson’s best event, Carson would get my vote.


Thank you “Superfan”. Truer words have never been spoken. Eddie getting all the credit, and he hasn’t even coached him yet! Too often club coaches don’t get enough credit for developing super swimmers like Carson and many others.


This is something I am passionate about with any club coach.



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