Cal Men Set Pac-12 Record, Scare NCAA Record in 200 Medley Relay


The Cal men got things started on a record-setting note on Wednesday night at the 2017 Men’s Pac-12 Championships in Federal Way Washington. The Bears opened the meet with a gold in the 200 medley relay, breaking the Pac-12 Record and Championship Record in the process with the 1:22.31. That took almost a tenth off their previous record time of 1:22.40 from the 2015 NCAA Championships, and was just 4 hundredths of a second shy of Michigan’s NCAA Record from the 2013 NCAA meet.

Splits Comparison:

Team Back Split Breast Split Fly Split Free Split Final Time
Cal 2017 Ryan Murphy– 20.78 Connor Hoppe– 23.13 Justin Lynch– 19.81 Pawel Sendyk– 18.59 1:22.31
Cal 2015 Ryan Murphy– 20.82 Chuck Katis- 22.64 Justin Lynch– 20.33 Tyler Messerschmidt-18.61 1:22.40
Michigan 2013 Miguel Ortiz- 20.83 Bruno Ortiz- 23.07 Sean Fletcher- 19.92 Zack Turk- 18.45 1:22.27

With the NCAA meet coming up later this month, it’s likely that some of Cal’s top swimmers aren’t fully tapered. Take Ryan Murphy, for example, who led off the relay in a 20.78 backstroke split. At last season’s NCAA championship meet, he led off the 200 medley relay in 20.20, so there’s a strong chance we’ll see this NCAA Record go down in Indianapolis when they get to the big dance.

They’ll have to take on some tough competition, of course, if they want to claim it as their own, and they won’t have an easy time with the likes of Texas, NC State, and Florida, among others, in the mix.

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Confused Fan
5 years ago

In that “among others” group is the defending, correct me if I’m wrong, champions – Alabama…

5 years ago

I know it doesn’t outwardly seem quite as impressive because Murphy is THAT good, but I think I’d be more impressed with a sub 20.0 50 back than I would be a sub 18.0 50 free. Both would be huge, obviously, but I think there are other swimmers in history that had they swam SCY would’ve been sub 18.0 or close; I don’t think anyone else in history besides Murphy can go sub 20.0. Crazy to think we could potentially see:

50 Back – Sub 20
50 Free – Sub 18
100 Free – Sub 40
200 Free – Sub 1:30
50 fly (relay) – Sub 19

ALL IN ONE MEET. Damn, it’s good to be… Read more »

5 years ago

Should be a real good race with Texas at NCAAs. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Murphy go 19 on ba kstroke and Schooling split an 18 on fly

that guy
Reply to  Dave
5 years ago

murphy goes 19.9 schooling goes 19.1. I don’t think he will quite break 19 for fly just yet but if he can improve his relay starts and his front end speed even more i could see it being possible

5 years ago

Well Lynch’s 19.8 there makes it a lot harder for Texas to win. Obviously Schooling is still going to be a few tenths faster, and I think Licon can gain a tenth if he’s been doing more speed work, but Murphy will be in front by… a half second or more? Who is Texas going to anchor with? Probably either Conger or Ringgold. If they’re even after fly I think Texas takes it. If Cal still leads after fly then they’ll take it, Sendyk’s 18.59 there is nothing to laugh at.

Reply to  Person
5 years ago

Going be interesting to see how Texas plays it.. obviously first 3 legs are going remain the same as last year

John Murray was 19.15 to close for them last year

I assume they go with ringgold who was 19.07 flat start.. and then use conger on the other 3 relays so he can swim 3 individual events (ditto schooling who doesn’t swim the 800 free relay)

Haas was also 18.7 at the Texas class relays (which was faster than even schooling went, 18.87)

Reply to  Dru
5 years ago

My bad, said other 3.. should have said 4

Luckily for them the 50 free and 200 free relay are the day before the 200 medley relay..

could swim the 200 free relay: schooling on leadoff then ringgold, conger and haas all get relay starts to see who should anchor the 200 medley

Reply to  Dru
5 years ago

I’m just hoping Shebat can go 20.7 or something. If he goes 20.7 or better, Will goes 23.2 or better, Joe goes 19.1 or better, and whoever anchors in 18.5, I think Texas takes it.

Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
5 years ago

Last year: Shebat was 20.94.. licon 23.30.. and schooling 19.36

As a group I think they can be .3-.5 faster.. shebat has to at least be that, 20.7 would be great for them

Anchor goes .6 faster than what murray went (19.15).. they were 1:22.75

5 years ago

Um, No. It would only be a NCAA record. It would also be a US Open record, but it’s kind of pointless to say that considering yards are not swum anywhere else in the world.

Reply to  SwimGeek
5 years ago

For the most part yes, but there are the American short course champs, where a few pros occasionally swim. The 100 and 200 back US open marks were faster than the NCAA before Ryan Murphy got to them. Same with the distance events before Katie Ledecky entered college.

Reply to  iLikePsych
5 years ago

Same with the 100 fly (Shields), until Schooling swims at NCAA’s.

5 years ago

Texas should join the PAC 12

Pau Hana
Reply to  Sccoach
5 years ago

There was talk of that a few years ago. But the Pac12 wouldn’t let Texas have the Longhorn Network on TV as it is now – they’d have to join the Pac12 network, and they’ll never do that.

5 years ago

Going be some fireworks between them and Texas.. can’t wait!

5 years ago

I didn’t know Katis split a 22.64 that’s ridiculously quick

Reply to  Uberfan
5 years ago

Fastest split ever

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