British Olympic Qualifiers Through Day 1 Of Trials


On the whole it was a successful night of swimming for British athletes on day one of the nation’s Olympic Trials.

Tasked with beating some stiff Aquatics GB-mandated qualification standards for this summer’s Olympics, the athletes fared well, with a total 5 swimmers making the grade.

Additionally, the top 4 women’s 200m freestylers – Freya Colbert, Abbie Wood, Medi Harris and Lucy Hope – dipped under the QT needed to field a 4x200m free relay in Paris.

Below are the individual event qualifiers through just day 1 with plenty of action ahead of us as the week unfolds in London.

British Olympic Qualifiers Through Day 1 of Trials

The following swimmers finished 1st in their event and beat the Aquatics GB selection standard:

The following swimmers have provisionally qualified in relays:

Other Qualification Notes

The following swimmers finished 2nd in their event and beat the Aquatics GB selection standard:

The following 1st place finishers did not meet the Aquatics GB selection standard but did meet the World Aquatics Olympic Qualification Time (‘A’ cut):

  • Kieran Bird – men’s 400m free (3:45.63)

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12 days ago

Despite the criticism of GB selection policy, 3 qualified winners from 4 possible events, the 4th within .2, the women’s 4x200m qualified and 2 runners up under the time in the W 200m free and W 200 fly, implies that they have either got it spot on or, if anything, a little on the easy side.

Realistically, the team already has 3 guaranteed to go and another 5 almost certain to go and we are one day into trials. Today I’d expect at least another 2 or 3 to guarantee spots and probably 2 more runners up to dip under the times.

We could have 13+ in the team by the end of day 2 of a 7 day qualification… Read more »

Thomas Selig
Reply to  Anymouse
12 days ago

I think the times are less crazy than they have been in the past. They’ve done away with the Qualification Time (QT) vs Consideration Time (CT) distinction, and I think (without checking) that this year’s times are closer to previous years’ CTs than they are to the QTs. It also helps that all the big guns seem to be swimming well so far (helped by a fast pool): Bird, Colbert, Wood, Harris, MacInnes all hit PBs, Peaty faster than he’s been for a long time, Wilby, Stephens, Hope all had solid showings, etc.

But I agree, the selectors will be very happy with how things are going so far.

Today has already seen Morgan go 52.8 in the heats of… Read more »

12 days ago

As you continue to update this please also include a section/list of those who have achieved Olympic A cut, but not the British standard, and so potentially could be chosen under the discretionary rule.

12 days ago

The second place finisher in an event doesn’t qualify automatically according to the selection rule.

12 days ago

Only the winners are confirmed so Stephens and Wood will have to wait and see delicate making the times. (But it would be a shock if that doesn’t get them selected)

Alison England
Reply to  Pullbuoy
12 days ago

Exactly. Particularly Colbert does not intend to swim the 200 free individual.

12 days ago

I’m pretty sure that’s a picture of Katie Shanahan, not Freya C.

Reply to  Swimmer
12 days ago

It’s now been changed…

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