2024 British Olympic Trials Entries Revealed: Dean Gunning For 5 Medals In Paris

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March 19th, 2024 News


The 2024 British Swimming Championships are nearly upon us with the sole Olympic qualification meet on the calendar for April 2nd through April 7th.

The entry lists have been published, giving us a glimpse into the high-octane matchups that will be on the agenda as swimmers vie for one of thirty potential slots on the British roster for Paris.

As a refresher on British Swimming qualification, the first-place finisher in the open final of each individual event at this competition will be nominated for selection, provided the athlete records a time equal to or better than the nomination standards in the table below.

The second-place finisher in the open final of each individual event may also be selected to the team, subject to the overall roster count and relay swimmer qualifications. The second-place swimmers must also hit a QT listed in the table and, if needed, may be ranked as a percentage away from the table time. Those ranked furthest inside will get priority for consideration to the team.

As is nearly always the case with British Swimming, additional nominations may be made at the complete discretion of the Performance Director and the GB Head Coach.

We’ll be previewing specific events on which to keep an eye in the coming weeks but here are the key entries as they were published.

Of note, Olympic champion Tom Dean has entered the 100m free, 200m free and 200m IM. In addition to the men’s 4x100m and 4x200m free relays, the 23-year-old has made it known he is gunning for 5 medals in Paris.

The British men’s 100m and 200m freestyle fields are among the most competitive on the planet, with the likes of Dean, Duncan Scott, James Guy and Matt Richards all in the mix for the top two spots.

Speaking to BBC Sport last year, Dean said,  “I sat down with my coach and we said five medals is on the cards.

“We want to do it, we’re able to do it and it would be the most ever from a Team GB athlete at one Games, which is super exciting and the opportunity to write my name in the record books.

“It’s a bit scary but really cool at the same time.”

“I know what training I’m capable of and fortunately I’m a multi-eventer,” said Dean. “We’ve been presented with this opportunity and I want to grab it with both hands and give it my best shot and see what we can produce in Paris.

“I’m not afraid of saying this is what I’m going to go for. If it doesn’t pan out, that’s the nature of sport. But we will have given it our best shot and hopefully will come away with a few medals.” (BBC Sport)

Key Entries

  • Freya Anderson – 100m/200m free
  • Amelie Blocksidge – 200m/400m/800m/1500m, 400m IM
  • Lewis Burras – 50m/100m free
  • Imogen Clark – 100m breast
  • Freya Colbert – 100m/200m free, 200m/400m IM
  • Lauren Cox – 100m back
  • Kathleen Dawson – 100m/200m back
  • Tom Dean – 100m/200m free, 200m IM
  • Angharad Evans – 100m/200m breast
  • Luke Greenbank – 100m/200m back
  • James Guy – 100m/200m free, 100m fly
  • Kara Hanlon – 100m/200m breast
  • Medi Harris – 100m/200m free, 100m/200m back
  • Lucy Hope – 100m/200m free
  • Anna Hopkin – 50m/100m free
  • Daniel Jervis – 1500m free
  • Joe Litchfield – 100m free/200m, 100m fly, 200m IM
  • Max Litchfield – 200m free, 200m/400m IM
  • Oliver Morgan – 100m/200m back
  • Adam Peaty – 100m breast
  • Jacob Peters – 100m fly
  • Ben Proud – 50m free
  • Matt Richards – 50m/100m/200m free
  • Duncan Scott – 100m/200m free, 200m IM
  • Katie Shanahan – 200m back, 200m/400m IM
  • Laura Stephens – 100m/200m fly
  • Jacob Whittle – 100m/200m free
  • James Wilby – 100/200m breast
  • Abbie Wood – 100m/200m free, 200m IM

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3 months ago

I looked at the headline and was like ‘Who is this Dean Gunning guy?’ lol

Alison England
Reply to  Oceanian
3 months ago

As did I, and I’m a Brit!

Chuffed To Bits
3 months ago

After following British swimmers in the NCAA, I’m surprised to not see Sophie Yendell anywhere. Given her meteoric rise these past years she’d seem like a shoo-in for the women’s 100 fly. Any insight?

Reply to  Chuffed To Bits
3 months ago

She’s not even entered this year, presumably injured; I think last year she may have won the 50 fly; she would likely have no chance in the 100 fly against macinnes, stephens, h jones, okaro and maybe even Emily large if Emily has trained for the shorter distance a little bit this season.

Sapnu puas
3 months ago

Oooo not sure I’m ready to be sad for those who miss out

3 months ago

Hmmmm definitely possible but seems unlikely. The two freestyle relays are really the only medal “locks”. 200 free, 200IM and medley relay are all toss ups.

Didn’t Scott set the record last year with 4 medals? Or at least match it.

Different things work for different people but I can’t imagine announcing in advance I’m planning to get 5 medals. Adds massive pressure!

Reply to  Sub13
3 months ago

Is the 4×1 a medal “lock”? I have my doubts. On talent/PBs alone, yes, but something always seems to go wrong. If they click, 3.08 is within reach and that would be a guaranteed medal, but there have been too many bumps in the road to call them locks.

Reply to  Sub13
3 months ago

Phelps did announce it, not only 5 but 8, and not medals, gold medals. And he did it!

Mark O
3 months ago

Can’t wait for these trials!!

Brit swim fan
3 months ago

The entries link directs you to the selection policy document. Please could this be fixed?

Alison England
Reply to  Brit swim fan
3 months ago

Click on ‘Meet Central’. You can access it there.

Beginner Swimmer at 25
3 months ago

I doubt Scott will swim the 100 individually even if he makes it. I think it would be Whittle and Richards but Dean putting his hat in the 100 is interesting. I think he’s capable of a 47 low for lane in the Final. He can get 4 medals and a 200 free gold medal may be a stronger possibility than he thinks especially if it’s a slow final

3 months ago

And it’s also perfectly possible that he misses the team in the 200m free … (and 200m IM but longer shot there)

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