Bowe Becker on Going From Essentially Retired in 2020 to Olympic Champ in 2021

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We sat down with Olympic gold medalist Bowe Becker, the sprinter who put Minnesota on the map and surprised many by making the 2020 Olympic team. Becker takes us through his entire process of Olympic Trials and the Games, from his mindset to his swims themselves and everything in between.
We then take it back to the beginning of the COVID pandemic, when Becker moved from Auburn (where he was training at the time) back home to his parents’ house in Reno and didn’t swim for 6 months. However, he was back in the pool once he got the call from Jason Lezak that he had a roster spot in the ISL for season 2. Becker goes through his entire comeback tour and how difficult it was to get back into shape for not only ISL but Trials as well.


Music: Otis McDonald


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Sam B
1 year ago

Pretty amazing interview, talk about downs and UPS!
Bonus: his favorite was Finke’s 1500 🙂

How much can CD bench???
1 year ago

Amazing what depth team USA has. Everyone was so worried leaving 47-mid guys like held, Rooney, Adrian, dirty dean home only to have bowe “rowdy doesn’t even know who this guy is” Becker be the surprise hero of the 4×100…

Reply to  How much can CD bench???
1 year ago

Bowe Becker was the definition of “stepping up” to meet the challenge of winning that relay.

He looked world class swimming his leg and keeping the lead for USA.

1 year ago

… Swimming

cynthia curran
1 year ago

Put Minnesota on the map. What nonsense. Rachel Boosmia went to the Olympics back in 2012 from Minnesota.. Regan Smith has been on the scene for at least 3 years from Minnesota.. Two people besides this guy that had connections with Minnesota at an elite level in Swimming. Sorry, but Swim swam forgets that more national level swimmers are from Minnesota than Missiappi.

Reply to  cynthia curran
1 year ago

Go Cynthia!

Reply to  Walter
1 year ago

Plummer has done pretty well too.

1 year ago

Bowe still knows, around here

1 year ago

Focus and Celebrate his accomplishments, not the coaches’ decisions…. avoid the negatively….

1 year ago

I dont think Peironi was the best decision, especially with hindsight, but it was not a BAD decision. More Olympic relay experience, more total flat start and takeover times in the range they wanted.

Bowe deserved the medley relay spot and the gold due to a better split, but contrary to quite a few other coach’s calls at Tokyo 2020, this was far from the worst, plus, there is precedent.

Reply to  Penguin
1 year ago

Go Bowe!

Reply to  Penguin
1 year ago

Agreed. You don’t give the 5th place finisher at Trials a prelim relay spot over a .14 difference in relay splits.

Pieroni had an off swim on the medley and there’s nothing more to it than that.

He was also swimming through waves because Armstrong and Wilson left him and Shields in a huge hole.

1 year ago

Fantastic interview showing a great story. People like this are what make the Olympics great. Hope he can stay healthy and keep improving. Congrats to you Bowe!

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