Bob Bowman Shares Hysterical Training Story (Video)

Video captured by Matt Rees.

We reported last week that Bob Bowman Shared Pre-Olympic Michael Phelps Workouts At the ASCA Convention, even more goodies from the Bowman camp have come out of the wood work this week. Bowman told a story during his presentation about the Olympians he was coaching at the time. SwimSwam’s Matt Rees was there to capture it in all of its glory.

Bowman goes into detail about how furious he got with them this particular time:

“I don’t even do this anymore… I was breathing fire.”

Bowman wrote the names and cell phone numbers of 3 prestigious coaches on his office window: Dave Salo of USC, Eddie Reese of Texas, and Gregg Troy of Florida. He finished with:

“When you’re in my pool, you’ll do it my way… and if you don’t like it, you can call any of those guys and go do it their way!”

Moral of the story: 3-time Olympian Klete Keller picked up the phone and went back to USC.

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3 years ago

Kellar was there too? Pretty legendary group of swimmers Bob had together.

3 years ago

“He didn’t swim any better, but he went back to USC.” THE SHADE!

3 years ago

um, hysterical…

Reply to  Swimbob
3 years ago

I am dying laughing so hard please help me I can’t breathe

Caeleb Dressel WILL get 7 golds in Tokyo
Reply to  Horninco
3 years ago

No dude, my lungs exploded, this is the most hysterical story that has ever been read in all of human history!

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