Belmonte Leads Spain, Elite Brazilians Head To Portugal For Pura Loulé

Pura Loulé 2020 (POR)

A tri-battle of sorts is set to get underway next weekend in Pura Loulé, as the host nation of Portugal will take on visiting elite squads from Spain and Brazil. The competition marks the first for many athletes who have been in a racing drought due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 3-day meet will be held without spectators, while the participating athlete count is limited to 80. Those spots filled up quickly, as Portgual is set to have 24 swimmers representing the nation, while Spain is sending 33 competitors and Brazil will comprise most of the remaining entries.

With the start lists now published, here are the key swimmers expected to race from each nation:




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2 years ago

I love that range: 200 butterfly and 1500 free. Belmonte is tough as nails and makes every race exciting to watch

2 years ago

Because of the low Corona Virus numbers and strick measures implemented in Portugal, the IOC are thinking about Staging Tokyo2021 in Lisbon. The talk is in good progress. Most probably the Olympic Village will be in Parque da Bela Vista where the currently stage Rock in Rio Lisboa every two years.
Let’s wait and see what happens

Reply to  GrameziPT
2 years ago

There is not a snowball’s chance in a hot place that this would happen, or is even being seriously discussed, at any level of the IOC where it matters.

The odds of hosting the Olympic Games in a city and country that have never hosted them before with 9 months’ preparation is utterly unrealistic in every sense of the word, even a scaled back Olympic Games. At that point, the hurdles to hosting in Lisbon would still be far greater than the hurdles of hosting in Tokyo, regardless of testing numbers.

Ultimately, Tokyo will get its numbers under control in time for the Games. The bigger question is whether or not the rest of the world will get their numbers… Read more »

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

If you consider your and mine country specially.. We can say the answer is NO! At least with the 2 buffons we had elected..

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

Tokyo will need to test every athlete and ban the audience to keep it safe, which I see as the worst case scenario. Still better than canceling it

2 years ago

The place to be 🙂

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