Arno Kamminga Breaks Dutch 50 Breast Record Three Times In One Day


Arno Kamminga completed an elusive triple crown: breaking the same Dutch record three times in the same day.

Kamminga broke the national 50 breast record in prelims, then again in semifinals, and then for a third time in the final, taking it down to 25.84. The European Championships lineup featured prelims in the morning, semifinals to start off the evening session, and then the final at the very end of the session. That allowed Kamminga the triple.

In prelims, Kamminga took over the record, which was previously held by Ties Elzerman at 26.32. Kamminga wasn’t hedging his bets with a narrow record swim there, either: he took the mark all the way down to 26.03, qualifying first overall by a tenth of a second. That was a drop of four tenths for Kamminga, who just missed the final in this event at 2017 Short Course Euros.

Roughly seven hours later, Kamminga was back to kick off the finals session, going 25.85 to tie for the win in his semifinal with Russia’s Vladimir MorozovThat took another two tenths off the national record. Kamminga was tied for the top qualifying spot heading into the final, which wrapped up the session roughly 80 minutes later. In that race, Kamminga found yet another hundredth of a second, going 25.84 for a third national record-setting swim and the bronze medal overall.

In his second tie of the session, Kamminga shared that bronze with defending gold medalist Fabio Scozzoli of Italy, as Russia’s Morozov won the event in a European record 25.51.

Kamminga now owns all six Dutch breaststroking records: the 50, 100, and 200 in both short course and long course meters.

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Nice work Arno! Congratulations!!

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