Aqua Centurion/Italian Men Set New SCM 400 Medley Relay National Record


During ISL Group A Match 2 in front of a home crowd in Naples, Italy, the Aqua Centurion Italian quartet of Simone Sabbioni, Nicolo Martinenghi, Matteo Rivolta, and Alessandro Miressi set a new SCM 400 medley relay national record while snagging 18 points for their event win. While the athletes are representing Aqua Centurions in the league, because all 4 are Italian it should, in theory, still be counted as a National Record.

During the event, the Aqua Centurion relay managed to hold off the Energy Standard quartet of Kliment Kolesnikov, Ilya Shymanovich, Chad le Clos, and Simonas Bilis to defeat the team by six-tenths of a second. In the match’s final scores, the Aqua Centurions were narrowly clipped by a half point to take fourth.

The Aqua Centurions won the relay with a time of 3:24.13, eclipsing their former record of 3:26.11 from the 2018 SC World Championships. The same exact members/order swam for both relay national records.

ISL Naples- 2019 2018 SC Worlds
Sabbioni (BK) 50.57 51.61
Martinenghi (BR) 56.44 57.23
Rivolta (FL) 50.28 49.89
Miressi (FR) 46.84 47.38
3:24.13 3:26.11

The Italian men’s national record also ranks them as the 10th-fastest SCM 400 medley relay in history.

  1. Russia- 3:19.16, 2009 *WR
  2. USA- 3:19.98, 2018
  3. Japan- 3:21.07, 2018
  4. Brazil- 3:21.14, 2014
  5. Germany- 3:22.17, 2018
  6. France- 3:22.26, 2014
  7. Great Britain- 3:22.78, 2014
  8. Australia- 3:22.86, 2014
  9. Canada- 3:23.33, 2009
  10. Italy- 3:24.13, 2019

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