2019 Pro Swim Series – Des Moines: Live Stream/Webcast Info


The streaming/broadcast schedule for the upcoming Pro Swim Series stop in Des Moines, Iowa, will be virtually identical to the schedule used for the Knoxville stop in January. USA Swimming will be streaming all prelims sessions on usaswimming.org  The site will also stream all of  Saturday’s final session, along with B-finals for Thursday and Friday’s finals session.

Meanwhile, for the middle two days, nbcsports.com will be showing A-finals during the finals sessions. So, once again, fans will have to toggle back and forth between the two sites if they want to watch both finals on Thursday and Friday nights.

Check out the full schedule below.

Date Network Time (ET) Event Live or Delay Webcast
March 6 N/A 7 p.m. ET 1500m Freestyle Live usaswimming.org
March 7 N/A 11 a.m. ET Day 2 Prelims Live usaswimming.org
March 7 Olympic Channel 8 p.m. ET Day 2 A Finals Live nbcsports.com
March 7 N/A 8 p.m. ET Day 2 B Finals Live usaswimming.org
March 7 NBC Sports Network 11:59 p.m. ET Day 2 Finals Taped nbcsports.com
March 8 N/A 11 a.m. ET Day 3 Prelims Live usaswimming.org
March 8 NBC Sports Network 8 p.m. ET Day 3 A Finals Live nbcsports.com
March 8 N/A 8 p.m. ET Day 3 B Finals Live usaswimming.org
March 9 N/A 11 a.m. ET Day 4 Prelims Live usaswimming.org
March 9 N/A 8 p.m. ET Day 4 Finals Live usaswimming.org or nbcsports.com

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3 years ago

Dressel went 48.7 and would’ve won the event. His career is clearly over, his sponsors are now paying him to quit because he’s so bad now 🙁


3 years ago

I guess I just don’t get nbc
How hard would it be for them to show bc finals even if we have to listen to rowdy while doing so

Most fans tuning into this level of swimming want to see it all . As well there are some big names in bc heats that I would think sponsors would want to see

If you want to grow the sport if swimming fan base don’t play games with us nbc!

3 years ago

Why is MA swimming SCY???

3 years ago
Reply to  Brownish
3 years ago

Thanks, adding link above!

Pumpkin pie
3 years ago


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