Olivia & Natalie Explain Philosophy on “Securing The Bag” (Video)

We saw Olivia Smoliga and Natalie Hinds swim quite well this weekend in Iowa at the Des Moines pro swim, and after seeing them on camera, it’s easy to see why. First of all, they have insatiable drip. With game like that, it’s easy to see why Hinds is going best times left and right and Smoliga is getting top finishes in both backstroke (50-200, let’s note) and freestyle.

Second of all, having each other as training partners has taken both of them to new levels. They hold each other accountable while training, and they compliment each others skills which makes for great racing during power and endurance sets alike.

Third, they are getting it outside of the pool. Not only do they hold each other accountable during workouts, they are making sure that the other is getting the proper recovery when it comes to nap time. How, you might ask? Click here to see how Olivia is making her recovery count for more via ASMR.

With all of these things working for Olivia and Natalie, all you need is a winning mindset. At the forefront of their mental game? Securing the bag.

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Sunny Cal
4 years ago

What’s the bag??

Reply to  Sunny Cal
4 years ago

Urban Dictionary: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Secure+the+Bag

(Note, if you’re unfamiliar, Urban Dictionary can be crude and crass. Don’t click the link if you’re sensitie to that kind of thing).

4 years ago

Hip pop references …

Reply to  Kid
4 years ago

It’s Hip-hop, don’t like it you can see yourself out the comments we love Nat and Osmogs here

4 years ago

comment image?itemid=11505094

4 years ago

I’m totally okay with this daily Oliva+Natalie video thing you guys have going on

Reply to  Markster
4 years ago

and that’s the tea, sis

4 years ago

Are these two ladies pursuing post-graduate studies in Chemistry? Cuz they clearly have it.

( …I’ll see myself out)

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