Farida Osman explains move to Virginia Tech, Training with Sergio


Reported by Nick Pecoraro.


  • World: 24.43 7/5/2014 Sarah Sjostrom
  • American: 25.48 7/29/2017 Kelsi Dahlia (Worrell)
  • U.S. Open: 25.48 8/26/2017 Rikako Ikee
  • Jr World: 25.46 8/26/2017 Rikako Ikee
  • Pro Swim: 25.74 4/14/2018 Kelsi Dahlia
  1. Farida Osman (Pinnacle)- 25.79
  2. Kelsi Dahlia (Cardinal)- 25.87
  3. Kendyl Stewart (Team Elite)- 26.37

The Knoxville 2-3-4 finishers repeated the same order from January in the 50 fly. Farida Osman took advantage of the closing meters and punched the wall 0.08 seconds ahead of Kelsi Dahlia.

The Egyptian swimmer now holds the second-fastest time in the world with Dahlia right behind her. Kendyl Stewart also cracked the top 10 to take third behind the duo.

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3 years ago

“There is nothing to do in Blacksburg….”

3 years ago

Breaking: Egyptian swimmer Farida Osman has been appointed Honorary Director of Tourism for Blacksburg, VA. Expect to see quotes from her glowing review of the town on billboards across the country.

2 Cents
Reply to  sven
3 years ago

This is good, this is funny, and yet it’s funny because it is true. Around these parts they call it “Bleaksburg”

The Wolf of Raleigh
3 years ago

Blackburg is a tough place to live.

I’ve only heard good things about Raleigh

Al Dodson
3 years ago

Farida ~ I think that if you felt you needed something different, making a change was positive. I fully support your change and Sergio is a GREAT coach. As a former Head Coach of the Egyptian National Team, I only wish that you had contacted me. I have followed your career and would have loved to coach you. I think if you asked your fellow countrymen who swam for me they would vouch for my coaching ability. If you again need a change please contact me. Until then feel free to contact me for support, with questions, or just talk, feel free to reach out.

I wish you the best and I will continue to follow you.

Al Dodson
[email protected]

Reply to  Al Dodson
3 years ago

well, if this is not self-promotion I don’t know what it is!

Reply to  Al Dodson
3 years ago

Super thirsty

Reply to  Al Dodson
3 years ago

*email is now signed up for “free” 4 day/3night getaway retreat and spa in lovely Aruba!

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