2019 NCAA Men’s Division I Psych Sheets Posted

The official psych sheets for the 2019 Men’s NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships have been released. The cut line is in the middle of line 31, meaning all of the 30th-ranked athletes got in, while a handful of 31st ranks made the invite cut as well.

A few key changes have shaken up our invite projections a bit. First of all, Texas has already culled its swimming entries down a bit. We had 20 Texas swimmers projected to make the invite cut, which would go over the NCAA roster cap of 18. It appears Texas has cut freshman Andrew Koustik and junior Josh ArtmannWe had Koustik projected to make the invite cut in the 200 fly, but he was the team’s lowest invited seed at 28th. Artmann was projected 25th in the 200 back. Texas did choose to keep 27th-seeded 500 freestyler JohnThomas Larson on the roster, along with 24th-seeded 200 flyer Max Holter and 24th-seeded miler Jack Collins.

Texas will have to make more cuts in the coming weeks, though. They’ve qualified 3 divers for NCAAs already through the Zone D Championships. Divers count as half a roster spot, so Texas will need to either cut 2 more swimmers or 1 swimmer and 1 diver.

The other factor shaking up our projections is the addition of Penn State sophomore Gabriel Castano to the psych sheet in the 50 free. He wasn’t included in an earlier draft of the psych sheet, but is ranked 12th with a time put up at the Big Ten Championships. His inclusion bumped out Alabama’s Sam Disette and Harvard’s Raphael Marcoux, who were tied for 30th but are now tied for 31st. Those two are the second and third alternates, behind Alabama’s Nicholas Perera, whom we had projected as an alternate.

Here’s a simplified look at what the last minute switchups (Texas’s two scratches and the addition of Castano) did to our invite projections:

Now In Now Out
Gabriel Castano, Penn State, 50 free
Sam Disette, Alabama, 50 free
Daniil Antipov, Grand Canyon, 200 fly
Raphael Marcoux, Harvard, 50 free
Daniel Graber, NC State, 100 breast
Josh Artmann, Texas, 200 back
Keefer Barnum, Virginia, 200 breast
Andrew Koustik, Texas, 200 fly

Alabama’s Perera is almost a lock to get in as an alternate, with two more Texas cuts likely coming to make room for divers. The second alternate spot is a tie between Marcoux and Disette. The NCAA pre-championships manual says that a tie-break would come down to each swimmer’s second-highest-ranked event on the pre-cut psych sheets – using that time, the NCAA will calculate the percentage of that time to the “A” standard, with the swimmer closest to the A standard getting the invite.

Marcoux has two more swims on the precut psych sheets, a 42.9 in the 100 free and 46.4 in the 100 fly. Disette has no other entry times listed, and his 100 free and 100 fly times are slower than Marcoux. That would suggest that Marcoux is the second alternate, and very likely to be called up to the NCAA meet when Texas makes their scratches.

You can see our full psych sheet scoring breakdown here.

45 teams had athletes get invited in swimming. Texas leads with 18 (currently). Florida has 15 swimming invitees, Cal has 14, Missouri, Virginia and Stanford 12 each and Michigan and NC State 11 each. Indiana is the other double-digit invite team with 10.

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JP input is too short

I wondered why Castano wasn’t on a first sheet. 19.2 is legit scoring chance.

Coach M

19.2 is real close to get into a final and then maybe even top 5

WV Swimmer

19.2 wont even make B-final…not sure what year you’re living in


you’re about 15 years to late with your expectations 19.2 barely b finals anymore

working swim mom

Something isn’t right. They added Castano, but then removed the other Penn State sophomore who made a finals at big 10s from the psych sheet. He wasn’t going to get an invite, but why remove him? Do teams scratch swimmers from the psych sheet if they know they aren’t going to get an invite?

JP input is too short

Who are you talking about? The only two PSU guys that look like they should have gotten an invite are Castano and Daly and they’re both invited…

Working Swim Mom – this is only the list of the invited swimmers, the non-invited swimmers have been cut. Everyone below the invited line is someone who qualified in another event and is swimming that event with a “B” standard.

working swim mom

Braden, thank you for the explanation.


What decides the tiebreak between Disette and Marcoux when it inevitably comes to that?


Interesting how Indiana has less swimming invitees than like 5 teams they are expected to vastly outscore in swimming.


Didn’t one of the Dolan-era Michigan teams win with a 7-man squad? What’s the next smallest team to win?

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