2019 European SC Championships: Day 5 Prelims Live Recap

2019 LEN European Short Course Championships

The fifth and final prelims session features the women’s 50m freestyle, 200m breaststroke, 400m freestyle and 4x50m medley relay. For the men we’ve got the 50m backstroke, 200m butterfly and 4x50m medley relay. The 50m and 100m events feature heats, semifinals and finals, whereas the 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m events have just heats and finals. As a reminder, each nation can enter a maximum of 4 swimmers per individual event, but only the fastest 2 can progress after the prelims.

For a World Record, athletes will earn a bonus of €10,000 (about $11,000), with European Records earning them €5,000 (about $5,500). The European Swimming Federation will also offer €220,000 (about $245,000) as prize money for the 12 best performances in the Mens and Womens events respectively. The best sinlge-performance according to the FINA points table will receive €20,000.

Women’s 50m Freestyle – Prelims

  • WR     22.93 KROMOWIDJOJO R (NED) Berlin (GER) 2017
  • WJR   23.98 SANCHEZ, K (CAN) Sheffield (GBR) 2018
  • ER      22.93 KROMOWIDJOJO R (NED) Berlin (GER) 2017
  • EJR    24.12 STANDARD TIME
  • CR      23.30 SJOSTROM, S (SWE) Copenhagen (DEN) 2017

Semifinals Qualifiers:

  1. KAMENEVA, M (RUS) 23.73
  2. HOPKIN, A (GBR) 23.81
  3. HEEMSKERK, F (NED) 23.87
  4. HENIQUE, M (FRA) 23.93
  5. BLUME, P (DEN) 24.06
  6. SURKOVA, A (RUS) 24.15
  7. GASTALDELLO, B (FRA) 24.16
  8. VAN VLIET, T (NED) 24.23
  9. WASICK, K (POL) 24.30
  10. ANDERSON, F (GBR) 24.32
  11. DI PIETRO, S (ITA) 24.32
  12. KARAKOUSKAYA, N (BLR) 24.54
  13. FELSNER, J (GER) 24.62
  14. FIEDKIEWICZ, K (POL) 24.76
  15. HILL, D (IRL) 24.76
  16. GANTRIIS, E (DEN) 24.95

Anyone of the 6 women entered with a sub 24 could take this 50 free win, but it was Maria Kameneva of Russia this morning who lead the field with a 23.73 ahead of tonight’s semi. Also in the mix is 2017 bronze medalist Pernille Blume of Denmark with 24.06, half a second off her pb (23.49).

Veteran Femke Heemskerk posted a 23.87, seeding her 3rd ahead of the semis. French teammates Beryl Gastaldello and Melanie Henique both move forward with 24.16 and 23.93 respectively. Ireland’s Danielle Hill makes it into the semi with another Irish Senior Record. Her time of 24.76 lowers her previous record of 25.00.

Men’s 50m Backstroke – Prelims

  • WR     22.22 MANAUDOU, F (FRA) Doha (QAT) 2014
  • WJR   22.77 KOLESNIKOV, K (RUS) Hangzhou (CHN) 2018
  • ER      22.22 MANAUDOU, F (FRA) Doha (QAT) 2014
  • EJR    22.77 KOLESNIKOV, K (RUS) Hangzhou (CHN) 2018
  • CR      22.74 DONETS, S (RUS) Eindhoven (DEN) 2010

Semifinals Qualifiers:

  1. KOLESNIKOV, K (RUS) 23.03
  2. DIENER, C (GER) 23.13
  3. RYAN, S (IRL) 23.16
  4. LITCHFIELD, J (GBR) 23.30
  5. GLINTA, R A (ROU) 23.48
  6. STOKOWSKI, K (POL) 23.48
  7. STRAVIUS, J (FRA) 23.48
  8. STASELOVICH, V (BLR) 23.50
  9. BRAUNSCHWEIG, O (GER) 23.54
  10. BOHUS, R (HUN) 23.67
  11. SABBIONI, S (ITA) 23.70
  12. POLEWKA, T (POL) 23.79
  13. FRANTA, T (CZE) 23.80
  14. MORA, L (23.82)
  15. PEKARSKI, G (BLR) 23.82
  16. CHRISTOU, A (GRE) 23.84

Shane Ryan (IRL) and Kliment Kolesnikov’s entry times were just 0.01 apart, but this morning Kolesnikov who widened that gap with his 23.03 while Ryan swam a 23.16. It looks like the winner of this event in 2017, Simone Sabbioni, will definitely have to lower his winning time of 23.05 if he wants to secure a podium finish this time around. He went 23.70 this morning to head into the semis in 11th place. Team GB’s Joe Litchfield posted a very swift 23.30 to see him into the semis in 4th place.

Florent Manaudou and Sergei Fesikov were both absent from the blocks this morning. Finland’s Niko Maekelae set a new national record with his time of 23.95, lowering his previous mark of 24.25, although it will not be enough for him to progress. There will also be a swim off between Christou (GRE)and Szentes (HUN) later on in the session.

Women’s 200m Breaststroke – Prelims

  • WR     2.14.57 SONI, R (USA) Manchester (GBR) 2009
  • WJR   2.18.90 STANDARD TIME
  • ER      2.15.21 PEDERSON, R M (DEN) Herning (DEN) 2013
  • EJR    2.18.59 CHIKUNOVA, E (RUS) Kazan (RUS) 2019
  • CR      2.15.21 PEDERSON, R M (DEN) Herning (DEN) 2013

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. TEMNIKOVA, M (RUS) 2.19.92
  2. VOZEL, T (SLO) 2.20.99
  3. CHIKUNOVA, E (RUS) 2.20.99
  4. FANGIO, F (ITA) 2.21.01
  5. RENSHAW, M (GBR) 2.21.11
  6. CARRARO, M (ITA) 2.22.00
  7. BLOMSTERBERG, T (DEN) 2.22.10
  8. MAMIE, L (SUI) 2.22.70

Russia’s Mariia Temnikova was the only swimmer sub 2.20 this morning with 2.19.92. Her teammate 15-year-old Evgenia Chikunova ties for second place ahead of the semis. She got the touch ahead of Italy’s Francesca Fagio in their heat by just 0.02. Team GB’s Molly Renshaw was quite a bit off her own national record of 2.17.98 that she set back in 2016. Her time of 2.21.11 still secures her a place in the final though.

A few national records from this morning’s 200m breast prelims. Estonia’s Maria Romanjuk took down a 16-year-old record with her time of 2.24.45. Tjasa Vozel of Slovenia won her heat in a time of 2.20.99, lowering Tanja Smid’s old time of 2.22.88 – she now has all three breaststroke records under her belt.

Men’s 200m Butterfly – Prelims

  • WR     1.48.24 SEITO, D (JAP) Hangzhou (CHN) 2018
  • WJR   1.51.30 STANDARD TIME
  • ER      1.49.00 CESH, L (HUN) Netanya (ISR) 2015
  • EJR    1.52.02 MILAK, K (HUN) Szazhalombatta (HUN) 2017
  • CR      1.49.00 CESH, L (HUN) Netanya (ISR) 2015

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. KHARLANOV, A (RUS) 1.52.00
  2. VAZAIOS, A (GRE) 1.52.60
  3. KLENZ, R (GER) 1.52.65
  4. RAZETTI, A (ITA) 1.53.21
  5. KUDASHEV, A (RUS) 1.53.22
  6. IVANOV, A A (BUL) 1.53.48
  7. GUY, J (GBR) 1.53.52
  8. HYLAND, B (IRL) 1.53.79

Winner of this event in 2017, Aleksandr Kharlanov (RUS) almots went under the 1.52 mark this morning with his 1.52.60. His winning time two years ago was 1.50.54. His teammate Alexander Kudashev goes in 5th place (1.53.22). Andreas Vazaios will swim both the 100m IM and 200m fly tonight, provided he doesn’t scratch from either.

Russia’s Aleksandr Pribytok will not progress because of the two swimmer rule, so Brendan Hyland of Ireland makes the final in 8th place. His 1.53.79 is 0.6 off his own Irish Senior Record. John Paul Balloqui of Gibraltar swam a new national record time in heat 1 of 2.09.44. The previous mark was 2.09.65.

Women’s 50m Freestyle – Swim Off

  1. KOST, N (SUI) 24.67
  2. KLANCAR, N (SLO) 24.72

Swim off to decide the 1st reserve as in the heats these two swimmers tied 17th in 24.97. Nina Kost gets the win with 24.67, so if there are any scratches from the semis this evening, she will swim.

Women’s 400m Freestyle – Prelims

  • WR     3.52.92 TITMUS, A (AUS) Hangzhou (CHN) 2018
  • WJR   3.53.97 WANG, J (CHN) Budapest (HUN) 2018
  • ER      3.54.52 BELMONTE GARCIA, M (ESP) Berlin (GER) 2013
  • EJR    3.58.91 GOSE, I (GER) Berlin (GER) 2019
  • CR      3.54.85 MUFFAT, C (FRA) Chartes (FRA) 2012

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. KIRPICHNIKOVA, A (RUS) 4.02.45
  2. KESELY, A (HUN) 4.02.54
  3. CARAMIGNOLI, M R (ITA) 4.02.73
  4. KAPAS, B (HUN) 4.02.98
  5. QUADARELLA, S (ITA) 4.03.21
  6. HASSLER, J (LIE) 4.03.65
  7. GOSE, I M (GER) 4.03.77
  8. ANDERSON, F (GBR) 4.04.37

Frederica Pellegrini chose not to swim this event today, but her absence didn’t take away from a golden line up. Boglarka Kapas (HUN) was 4 seconds off her winning time of 3.58.15 from 2017, but will look to lower that to a sub 4.00 swim in the final. Freya Anderson has been one of the standout athletes from this meet, and won both the 100m and 200m freestyle here in Glasgow. A comfortable 4.04.37 secures her spot.

European Junior record holder Isabel Gose is also in the Hungary/Italy dominated mix with her 4.03.77. She’s 5 seconds off her record mark of 3.58, but traditionally performs better in the evenings anyway.

A few national records from the prelims today, Croatia’s Matea Sumajstrorcic broke a 15-year-old record of 4.12.35 with her 4.12.09. Beril Boecekler won her heat to set a new Turkish national record time of 4.07.40, bringing her own time down which stood at 4.08.51.

Men’s 4x50m Medley Relay – Prelims

  • WR     1.30.44 RUSSIA, Copenhagen (DEN) 2017
  • WJR   1.38.29 STANDARD TIME
  • ER      1.30.44 RUSSIA, Copenhagen (DEN) 2017
  • EJR    1.38.29 STANDARD TIME
  • CR      1.30.44 RUSSIA, Copenhagen (DEN) 2017

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. GERMANY 1.32.64
  2. ITALY 1.32.74
  3. HUNGARY 1.32.83
  4. BELARUS 1.32.90
  5. RUSSIA 1.32.92
  6. NORWAY 1.33.44
  7. TURKEY 1.34.04
  8.  IRELAND 1.34.14

A surprising prelims session saw France and Great Britain NOT progress to the finals tonight. Although he missed this morning’s 50m individual backstroke, Florent Manaudou was in for France in the backstroke leg of the relay but they fail to progress, finishing 11th overall. The GB team of Scott, McClay, Murdoch and Greenbank wasn’t enough to see them through as the finish way down the list in 13th place.

Hungary, Norway and Ireland all set new national records this morning, finishing in 1.32.83, 1.33.44 and 1.34.14, respectively, to finish 1-2-3 in heat 1. Switzerland, Austria and Finland also set new national records in the next heat with times of 1.34.93, 1.35.44 and 1.34.23.

Women’s 4x50m Medley Relay – Prelims

  • WR      1.42.38 UNITED STATES, Hangzhou (CHN) 2018
  • WJR    1.52.11 STANDARD TIME
  • ER       1.42.69 NETHERLANDS, Istanbul (TUR) 2009
  • EJR     1.50.85 STANDARD TIME
  • CR        1.42.69 NETHERLANDS, Istanbul (TUR) 2009

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. RUSSIA 1.45.81
  2. ITALY 1.45.84
  3. GREAT BRITAIN 1.47.10
  4. POLAND 1.47.17
  5. DENMARK 1.47.35
  6. SWEDEN 1.47.61
  7. FRANCE 1.47.73
  8. FINLAND 1.47.88

Frederica Pellegrini was in action for Italy after ditching the 400m freestyle earlier in the session. The team are seeded second ahead of tonights final, in between Russia and Great Britain. A stellar last 50 from Anna Hopkin – she split 23.46 – brought GB home to clench the 3rd spot. Hopkin was 23.81 this morning in the individual 50m freestyle.

Only one record to report from the women’s relay, Ireland did the double and bagged an Irish Senior record after the men did the same just a few minutes before hand. They finished in 10th place overall in a time of 1.49.31.

Men’s 50m Backstroke – Swim Off

  1. CHRISTOU, A (GRE) 23.59
  2. SZENTES, B (HUN) 23.87

The swim off to decide who gets the 16th spot in the men’s results in a win for Apostolos Christou (GRE).

Check back later on for our Live Recap of the final session from this year’s European SC Championships.

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11 months ago

It’s great to see Ireland getting mentioned, as they have really stepped up their game! Best of luck to all!