2019 European SC Championships: Day 2 prelims live recap


Keep refreshing this page for live, event-by-event updates of all the action from Glasgow.

The second prelims session featured the men’s 200m freestyle, 200m breaststroke, 100m backstroke, 400m IM and 1500m freestyle. The women were challenged in the 50m butterfly, 100m freestyle, 100m IM. Men and women competed together in the 4x50m mixed medley relay.

The 50m and 100m individual events are swum with prelims, semifinals and finals, the 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m events only with prelims and finals. Every nation can enter a maximum of 4 swimmers per individual event but only the 2 fastest swimmers of each Federation may proceed to the semi-finals or finals. The 1500m freestyle are only part of the men’s competition schedule, the 800m freestyle are swum by women only.

Athletes who reached a World Record will earn a bonus of 10.000 Euro (about 11.100 USD) and each European Record will be rewarded with 5.000 Euro (about 5.500 USD). The European Swimming Federation will also offer 220.000 Euro (about 245.000 USD) as prize money for the 12 bet performances in he men’s and Women’s events respectively. The best sinlge-performance according to the FINA points table will be honored with 20.000 Euro (about 22.000 USD).


Men’s 200m freestyle  – Prelims

  • WR  1:39.37    BIEDERMANN Paul  GER Berlin (GER) 15 NOV 2009
  • WJ   1:41.75   KOLESNIKOV Kliment RUS Saint Petersburg (RUS)  23 DEC 2017
  • ER   1:39.37   BIEDERMANN Paul GER Berlin (GER) 15 NOV 2009
  • EJ    1:40.08   STANDARD TIME
  • CR   1:39.81   BIEDERMANN Paul GER Istanbul (TUR) 13 DEC 2009

Finals qualifiers:

  1. SCOTT Duncan W GBR 1:40.92
  2. VEKOVISHCHEV Mikhail  RUS  1:42.52
  3. GUY James  GBR 1:42.57
  4. RAPSYS Danas  LTU 1:42.78
  5. BALLO Stefano  ITA  1:42.92
  6. MC MILLAN Jack   IRL 1:43.18
  7. DEAN Thomas  GBR      1:43.32
  8. MEGLI Filippo ITA  1:43.52
  9. SLOAN Jordan  IRL 1:43.61

The day started with a 200m event that means that only the 8 fastest go through to the final. So there was no time to waste in these prelims for every swimmer.

The second heat presented the 2019 Junior World Champion in the 400m freestyle, Gabor Zombori from Hungary. The 17-year-old set a new personal best time in the 200m with a time of 1:46,15 and won his heat. His countryman Nandor Nemeth took the lead in the intermediate results one heat later in 1:45,24, just above his personal best of 1.45,18. The seeded heats started with heat 4 featuring Thomas Dean who won the silver medal in the 400m yesterday. He took the win in his heat with a time of 1:43,32 improving his personal best mark by 0,7 seconds. Duncan Scott (GBR) hammered a 1:40,92 into the pool. This is a huge personal best time for him, he betterd his former time by 1,5 seconds and he set a new Scottish national record. His countryman James Guy (GBR) had his hand at the in a time of 1:42,57. Danas Rapsys (LIT)  also was safely through in the last heat that he won in 1:42,78. Britain’s Thomas Dean wasn’t allowed to advance into the final because of the “only 2 swimmers per nation rule”.

Women’s 50m butterfly- Prelims

  • WR          24.38    ALSHAMMAR Therese   SWE   Singapore (SGP)  22 NOV 2009
  • WJ           25.14     IKEE Rikako   JPN Tokyo (JPN) 14 NOV 2017
  • ER           24.38     ALSHAMMAR Therese SWE Singapore (SGP) 22 NOV 2009
  • EJ            25.52     STANDARD TIME
  • CR           24.58     SJOESTROEM Sarah SWE Netanya (ISR)  03 DEC 2015

Semifinals qualifiers:

  1. HENIQUE Melanie            FRA       25.37
  2. BECKMANN Emilie           DEN      25.47
  3. GASTALDELLO Beryl         FRA       25.56
  4. DI LIDDO Elena  ITA        25.60
  5. SHKURDAI Anastasiya     BLR       25.64
  6. OTTESEN Jeanette           DEN      25.65
  7. SURKOVA Arina  RUS       25.68
  8. NTOUNTOUNAKI Anna  GRE      25.92
  9. BIANCHI Ilaria     ITA      26,03
  10. ERICHSEN Caroline           DEN      26,03
  11. DI PIETRO Silvia  ITA        26,04
  12. LAUKKANEN Jenna          FIN        26,04
  13. LILJEQVIST Ida    SWE      26,05
  14. PORTECOP Naele              FRA      26,10
  15. JUNEVIK Sara     SWE      26.17
  16. BOUSQUIN Lena               FRA       26.23
  17. SCHMIDTKE Aliena           GER      26.27
  18. ROSVALL Hanna                SWE      26.36
  19. BORDAS Beatrix                HUN     26.50
  20. SVECENA Lucie  CZE        26.59
  21. OEZKAN Aleyna  TUR       26.60

France’s Melanie Henique led the ladies field into the semifinal. The 27-year-old touched the wall in a time of 25,37 (personal best 25,02). Denmark’s Emilie Beckmann grabbed the silver medal in this event two years ago and managed to advance into the round of the fastest 16 with second fastest time of 25,47. She reached a new personal best time. 16-year-old Anastasiya Shkurdai from Belarus made it as the youngest swimmer into the semifinal with the 5th fastest and a new personal best time  of 25,64.

Men’s 200m breaststroke – Prelims

  • WR         2:00.16  PRIGODA Kirill RUS Hangzhou (CHN) 13 DEC 2018
  • WJ          2:03.23  STANDARD TIME
  • ER          2:00.16  PRIGODA Kirill RUS Hangzhou (CHN) 13 DEC 2018
  • EJ           2:03.76  STANDARD TIME
  • CR          2:00.53  KOCH Marco GER Netanya (ISR) 03 DEC 2015

Finals qualifiers:

  1. KAMMINGA Arno NED 2:02.41
  2. PERSSON Erik  SWE 2:03.26
  3. KOCH Marco  ER  2:03.55
  4. MCKEE Anton Sveinn  ISL  2:03.67
  5. ALLIKVEE Martin EST  2:04.78
  6. MURDOCH Ross   GBR  2:04.83
  7. DORINOV Mikhail RUS 2:05.08
  8. SHYMANOVICH Ilya  BLR  2:05.15

Russia’s World Record Holder Kirill Prigoda doesn’t participate in this European SC Championships. He won the title two years ago in Copenhagen. Netherland’s Arno Kamminga set the pace in heat 3 of 4 with a new personal best and a new Dutch national record of 2:02,41. He also reached a new Dutch record in the 50m breaststroke yesterday and won the bronze medal. Erik Persson (Sweden) swam with no regrets to get into the final and stayed under his former best time of 2:03,51 with a time of 2:03,26. Former short course World Record Holder Marco Koch  (GER) set the third fastest time in 2.03,55.

Women’s 100m freestyle – Prelims

  • WR         50.25   CAMPBELL Cate  AUS  Adelaide (AUS) 26 OCT 2017
  • WJ          51.45   SANCHEZ Kayla Noelle CAN Sheffield (GBR) 14 DEC 2018
  • ER          50.58   SJOESTROEM Sarah SWE Eindhoven (NED) 11 AUG 2017
  • EJ           52.60   STANDARD TIME
  • CR          50.95   KROMOWIDJOJO Ranomi NED Copenhagen (DEN) 15 DEC 2017

Semifinals qualifiers:

  1. ANDERSON Freya  GBR 52.03
  2. HOPKIN Anna  GBR   52.71
  3. HEEMSKERK Femke  NED 52.80
  4. BLUME Pernille  DEN  53.17
  5. WASICK Katarzyna  POL  53.20
  6. SURKOVA Arina  RUS   53.23
  7. PELLEGRINI Federica  ITA  53.42
  8. BRUHN Annika   GER  53.51
  9. USTINOVA Daria S.  RUS 53.54
  10. SEEMANOVA Barbora  CZE   53.69
  11. GASTALDELLO Beryl  FRA 53.70
  12. HOEPINK Lisa Katharina  GER 53.78
  13. BRO Signe  DEN  53.96
  14. FIEDKIEWICZ Kornelia POL  53.96
  15. DUMONT Valentine BEL 53.98
  16. MARTIN Anouchka FRA   53.99

Two years ago it was Netherland’s Ranomi Kromowidjojo who took the win in the 100m freestyle ahead of Sweden’s Sarah Sjöström. Both are absent from this competition. It needed a new personal best time for Freya Anderson (GBR) to lead the field into tonight’s semifinal. The 18-year-old improved her best mark from 52,18 to 52,03. With Anna Hopkin another British swimmer followed her with the second fastest time of 52,71 into the round of the 16 fastest women. Pernille Blume is the 2016 Olympic Champion in the 50m freestyle and she is able to swim under 52 seconds in the 100m SC freestyle. She advanced easily into the semifinal with the 4th fastest time of 53,17 with much room for more speed. Blume won the bronze medal  at the 2017 European SC Championships.

Men’s 100m backstroke – Prelims

  • WR          48.88    XU Jiayu  CHN    Tokyo (JPN) 11 NOV 2018
  • WJ           48.90    KOLESNIKOV Kliment RUS Saint Petersburg (RUS)  22 DEC 2017
  • ER           48.90    KOLESNIKOV Kliment  RUS Saint Petersburg (RUS)  22 DEC 2017
  • EJ            48.90    KOLESNIKOV Kliment  RUS Saint Petersburg (RUS)  22 DEC 2017
  • CR           48.97    DONETS Stanislav  RUS  Istanbul (TUR) 13 DEC 2009
  • CR           48.97    VYATCHANIN Arkady RUS  Istanbul (TUR) 13 DEC 2009

Semifinals qualifiers:

  1. KOLESNIKOV Kliment RUS  49.52
  2. RYAN Shane  IRL 50.45
  3. DIENER Christian  GER 50.48
  4. FRANTA Tomas  CZE  50.74
  5. MORA Lorenzo  ITA   50.88
  6. SABBIONI Simone  ITA   50.95
  7. GREENBANK Luke  GBR   50.97
  8. STOKOWSKI Kacper  POL   50.98
  9. BOHUS Richard  HUN 51.04
  10. LITCHFIELD Joe  GBR  51.05
  11. BRAUNSCHWEIG Ole  GER  51.14
  12. BOLLIN Thierry Frederic  SUI  51.15
  13. CHRISTOU Apostolos  GRE   51.20
  14. SHABASOV Andrei    RUS    51.21
  15. GLINTA Robert-Andrei  ROU     51.23
  16. LIE Markus   NOR  51.24

Ireland’s Shane Ryan took the lead in the intermediate results in heat 5 with a time of 50,45. He improved his personal best time and the Irish record with his performance. No swimmer was able to outtouch Ryan in the next heat with Tomas Franta (CZE) finishing in 50,74 and Lorenzo Mora (ITA) finishing in 50.84. 2017 European Champion Kliment Kolesnikov may have swum with some anger because he missed the final over 200m back yesterday. He stepped on the gas massively and set the fastest time in the morning heats in 49,52, he was the only man under 50 seconds. Germany’s Christian Diener had his hand at the wall with the third fastest time in 50,48. Diener won the silver medal in the 200m backstroke yesterday. Poland’s Radoslaw Kawecki took the gold in the 200m last night back but missed the next round in the 100m backstroke with a 19th place and a time of 51,38.

Women’s 100m IM – Prelims

  • WR          56.51    HOSSZU Katinka HUN Berlin (GER) 07 AUG 2017
  • WJ          57.75      IKEE Rikako JPN Tokyo (JPN) 15 NOV 2017
  • ER           56.51     HOSSZU Katinka HUN Berlin (GER) 07 AUG 2017
  • EJ            57.68    STANDARD TIME
  • CR           56.67    HOSSZU Katinka HUN Netanya (ISR) 04 DEC 2015

Semifinals qualifiers:

  1. KAMENEVA M.  RUS   58.67
  2. HOSSZU K. HUN 58.98
  3. LAUKKANEN J. FIN 59.56
  4. TCHORZ A.   POL  59.60
  5. COCCONCELLI C.   ITA   59.85
  6. UGOLKOVA M.  SUI  59.85
  7. O’CONNOR S. GBR  59.88
  8. KREUNDL L.   AUT  59.92
  9. JAKABOS Z.  HUN  1:00.21
  10. JENSEN J.    DEN    1:00.35
  11. VOGELMANN Z.    GER  1:00.35
  12. GORBENKO A.    ISR    1:00.37
  13. VAN ROON V.  NED  1:00.40
  14. CUSINATO I.  ITA  1:00.44
  15. HORSKA K.   CZE   1:00.44
  16. PODMANIKOVA A.  SVK   1:01.11

The individual medley specialists could relax a little bit with only the 100m on the women’s schedule today. Katinka Hosszu won the grueling 400m distance yesterday ahead of Zsuzsanna Jakabos. Both Hungarians made it into the semifinal in the 100m IM sprint distance. Hosszu set the second fastest time behind Maria Kameneva from Russia. It is almost not necessary to mention that Katinka Hosszu won the 100 m IM also two years ago in Copenhagen.

Men’s 400m IM – Prelims

  • WR       3:55.50  LOCHTE Ryan USA Dubai (UAE) 16 DEC 2010
  • WJ        3:59.15  STANDARD TIME
  • ER        3:57.27  CSEH Laszlo HUN Istanbul (TUR) 11 DEC 2009
  • EJ         4:04.10  STANDARD TIME
  • CR        3:57.27  CSEH Laszlo HUN Istanbul (TUR) 11 DEC 2009

Finals qualifiers:

  1. SCOTT D.  GBR  4:01.20
  2. LITCHFIELD M. GBR  4:02.34
  3. KNIPPING A.   NED  4:05.76
  4. BORODIN I.  RUS  4:06.57
  5. HOLLO B.  HUN 4:06.95
  6. GYURTA G.   HUN  4:07.00
  7. PASYNKOV D. RUS  4:07.26
  8. TAROCCHI L. ITA  4:07.52

France’s Leon Marchand took the win in the first heat in 4:07,55. This meant a huge personal best time for the 17-year-old by nearly10 seconds. Great Britain’s Duncan Scott made it into the 200m freestyle final with the fastest time earlier this morning and he had some power left for the 400m IM. He finished the race in a new personal best time of 4:01,20, improving his former personal best mark by 3,35 seconds and only 1 second behind Max Litchfield’s British record of 4:00,18. Duncan Scott also bettered the Scottish national record formerly held by Dan Wallace (4:04,10). Max Litchfield won  the following heat with the morning’s second fastest time of 4:02,34.


Mixed 4x50m Medley – Prelims

  • WR         1:36.40   USA      UNITED STATES Hangzhou (CHN) 13 DEC 2018
  • WJ          1:42.42   STANDARD TIME
  • ER           1:37.05   NED      NETHERLANDS  Hangzhou (CHN) 13 DEC 2018
  • EJ            1:43.93   STANDARD TIME
  • CR           1:37.71    NED      NETHERLANDS  Copenhagen (DEN) 14 DEC 2017

Finals qualifiers:

  1. RUSSIA   RUS                        1:38.65
  2. NETHERLANDS   NED       1:38.69
  3. BELARUS               BLR        1:39.00
  4. DENMARK            DEN        1:39.19
  5. FRANCE                 FRA        1:39.42
  6. GREAT BRITAIN  GBR       1:39.76
  7. FINLAND               FIN         1:39.87
  8. GERMANY            GER        1:39.90

The Netherlands took the win in heat 1 in 1:38,69 ahead of France (1:39,42) and Great Britain (1:39,76). Israel was disqualified and Germany advanced into the final instead.


Men’s 1500m Freestyle – Prelims

  • WR         14:08.06             PALTRINIERI Gregorio ITA Netanya (ISR) 04 DEC 2015
  • WJ          14:27.70              STANDARD TIME
  • ER          14:08.06             PALTRINIERI Gregorio ITA Netanya (ISR) 04 DEC 2015
  • EJ           14:27.78              STANDARD TIME
  • CR          14:08.06             PALTRINIERI Gregorio ITA  Netanya (ISR) 04 DEC 2015

Finals qualifiers:

  1. PALTRINIERI Gregorio ITA  14:18.10
  2. ROMANCHUK Mykhaylo UKR  14:21.58
  3. CHRISTIANSEN Henrik  NOR 14:24.79
  4. MICKA Jan  CZE 14:32.21
  5. KALMAR Akos HUN 14:36.66
  6. AUBRY David FRA 14:38.20
  7. ACERENZA Domenico  ITA 14:38.48
  8. DETTI Gabriele  ITA   14:41.67
  9. SCHWARZ Sven GER  14:43.43


Mykhailo Romanchuk (UKR) is the defending 2017 SC European Champion in the 1500m freestyle. He was set to compete in heat 3 as well as 2017 bronze medalist Henrik Christiansen (NOR). Silver medalist Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA) swam in heat 2.

The final in the men’s 1500m freestyle will take place tomorrow evening. Ireland’s Daniel Wiffen bettered his personal best by nearly 31 seconds in heat 1. The 18-year-old had his hand at the wall first in a time of 15:04,47.

Gregorio Paltrinieri showed an amazing speed in the first half of his race. Paltrinieri led the field by more than 10 seconds and won the race in 14:18.01, a very fast time for a prelims performance. France’s David Aubry came in with the second fastest time of 14:39,20, more than 20 seconds behind the Italian.

Than it was up to Ukraine’s Mykhailo Romanchuk to set a mark. He finished his race with a time of 14:21,58 ahead of Henrik Christiansen in 14:24,79. The results of Paltrinieri, Romanchuk and Christiansen promise a very interesting battle for the title tomorrow evening.





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Thomas Selig
1 year ago

Tough luck for Dean. Wins the first seeded heat in a decent PB but falls foul of the 2-per-nation rule. Not unexpected with Guy and Scott there, but still tough. Excellent to see him maintaining his steady progress though, and good news for the 4×200 relay in Tokyo. Scott with a top swim smashing his PB, though Rapsys looked like he had more than a bit left over. Should be a cracking final tonight.

PS: apparently that was Guy’s fastest swim for three years. Good signs.

Reply to  Thomas Selig
1 year ago

I wonder if we might see Scott sit out the 200 final. He didn’t need to go so fast this AM, and he had James a long way back beside him so he knew he was through, so perhaps he was putting a time down in order to go for gold in the 400IM later?

Thomas Selig
Reply to  Dee
1 year ago

I did wonder about that, though it would be even rougher on Dean, and other than “to see where he’s at” not sure there’d be too much point to it.

Could also be Tokyo prep as you suggest lower down (Scott has at times been slow in heats – think 2017 worlds 100 free, 2018 Euros 100-200 free, etc.).

Or, given he then proceeded to smash his 400 IM PB an hour and a half later (+ yesterday’s 50 swims), could just be that he’s in really excellent form, and that there’s more to come tonight!

1 year ago

Live stream: https://m4sport.hu/m4-lelato/cikk/2019/12/05/itt-nezheti-eloben-a-rovidpalyas-uszo-eb-csutortoki-elofutamait klik on the small screen, first there will be about a 20 sec lasting ad.

1 year ago

Tough for Dean, but I had a feeling he’d get nipped by Guy. He can struggle a little in heats – Saw it at Worlds (slow relay swim) and at trials last year. Unreal from Duncan Scott. Joe Litchfield having a super meet very quietly – Big 51s fly PB, split 21.3 on the 4×50, now a huge 51.05 100bk PB.