2019 European Short Course Championships: Day 1 Finals Live Recap


Keep refreshing this page for live, event-by-event updates of all the action from Glasgow.

MEN’S 50 BREASTSTROKE – Semifinals

  • WR 25.25 VAN DER BURGH Cameron RSA  Berlin (GER) 14 NOV 2009
  • WJ 26.31 MARTINENGHI Nicolo ITA Copenhagen (DEN) 13 DEC 2017
  • ER 25.62  SCOZZOLI Fabio ITA Copenhagen (DEN) 13 DEC 2017
  • EJ 26.31  MARTINENGHI Nicolo ITA Copenhagen (DEN) 13 DEC 2017
  • CR 25.62 SCOZZOLI Fabio ITA Copenhagen (DEN) 13 DEC 2017

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Kamminga (NED) / Morozov (RUS) – 25.85
  2. Scozzoli (ITA) – 25.91
  3. Shymanovich (BLR) – 26.01
  4. Sakci (TUR) – 26.07
  5. Stevens (SLO) / Martinenghi (ITA) – 26.15
  6. McKee (ISL) – 26.28

Arno Kamminga and Vladimir Morozov tied to win the second semifinal, and they’ll head into the final as co-top qualifiers. The 24-year-old Kamminga breaks his own Dutch record set in prelims and becomes the first Dutch man under 26 seconds. Morozov, a standout of the ISL season, is still about two tenths off the Russian record.

Defending champ Fabio Scozzoli of Italy is into the final in third, and Italy will have two finalists with Nicolo Martinenghi joining the field. The 20-year-old Martinenghi is the youngest finalist in a very veteran field.


  • WR 28.56 ATKINSON Alia JAM Budapest (HUN) 06 OCT 2018
  • WJ 29.62 PILATO Benedetta ITA Glasgow (GBR) 4 DEC 2019
  • ER 28,81 MEILUTYTE Ruta LTU Doha (QAT) 03 DEC 2014
  • CR 29,10 MEILUTYTE Ruta LTU Herning (DEN) 12 DEC 2013

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Pilato (ITA) – 29.48 WJR
  2. Carraro (ITA) – 29.57
  3. Zmushka (BLR) – 29.69
  4. Laukkanen (FIN) – 30.00
  5. Hulkko (FIN) – 30.07
  6. Sztandera (POL) – 30.20
  7. Mamie (SUI) – 30.24
  8. McSharry (IRL) – 30.31

Italy again performs well in a breaststroke event: 14-year-old Benedetta Pilato took the top spot in 29.48, technically breaking the world junior record for the second time today. (Pilato has been 29.41 before, but that time was never ratifed by FINA as a world junior record). She gets a chance to challenge that record, and the Italian record of 29.41, again in the final later on tonight.

Martina Carraro is second in 29.57, and only three women broke 30. That means the Italian duo should be set up very well for a pair of medals later tonight.

Belarus’s Alina Zmushka was 29.69 for third. That should lower her own Belarusian record from prelims. Meanwhile Finland joins Italy with a pair of finalists just on the other side of 30 seconds.


  • WR 1:45.63  LARKIN Mitchell AUS Sydney (AUS) 27 NOV 2015
  • WJ 1:48.02 KOLESNIKOV Kliment RUS Copenhagen (DEN) 13 DEC 2017
  • ER 1:46.11 VYATCHANIN Arkady RUS Berlin (GER) 15 NOV 2009
  • EJ 1:48.02 KOLESNIKOV Kliment RUS Copenhagen (DEN) 13 DEC 2017
  • CR 1:48.02 KOLESNIKOV Kliment RUS Copenhagen (DEN) 13 DEC 2017


  • GOLD: Kawecki (POL) – 1:49.26
  • SILVER: Diener (GER) – 1:50.05
  • BRONZE: Greenbank (GBR) – 1:50.09

Poland’s Radoslaw Kawecki had won four consecutive short course Euro titles in this race prior to 2017, when he lost to Russian Kliment Kolesnikov. Kawecki returned to the top of the podium this time around, though, with Kolesnikov missing the final. Kawecki was 1:49.26, which should rank him #2 in the world this season.

Germany’s Christian Diener came in as the top qualifier, and held off Great Britain’s Luke Greenbank for silver by just four one-hundredths. Greenbank, 22, broke the British record that had stood since 2009.

WOMEN’S 400 IM – Final

  • WR 4:18.94 BELMONTE GARCIA Mireia ESP Eindhoven (NED) 12 AUG 2017
  • WJ 4:23.33 STANDARD TIME
  • ER 4:18.94 BELMONTE GARCIA Mireia ESP Eindhoven (NED) 12 AUG 2017
  • EJ 4:31.06 STANDARD TIME
  • CR 4:19.46 HUN HOSSZU Katinka Netanya (ISR) 02 DEC 2015


  • GOLD: Hosszu (HUN) – 4:25.10
  • SILVER: Jakabos (HUN) – 4:28.76
  • BRONZE: Cusinato (ITA) – 4:29.13

Make it three in a row for Katinka Hosszuwho adds a 2019 SC Euro title to her wins in 2017 and 2015. (She was also the silver medalist in 2012 and 2013). Hosszu was 4:25.10, slightly faster than she was this ISL season, and improving her #2 time in the world this season.

Hungary held up for a gold/silver sweep. Zsuzsanna Jakabos was 4:28.76 for second, returning to the podium. Jakabos took bronze in 2011 and 2012, but hadn’t won a short course Euros medal in this event since. Italy’s Ilaria Cusinato did earn a medal after a tumultuous season with several changes in coach and training base.


  • WR  3:32.25  AGNEL Yannick FRA Angers (FRA) 15 NOV 2012
  • WJ 3:39.17 WINNINGTON Elijah AUS Melbourne (AUS) 25 OCT 2018
  • ER 3:32.25 AGNEL Yannick FRA Angers (FRA) 15 NOV 2012
  • EJ 3:39.89 MILAK Kristof HUN Szazhalombatta (HUN)  08 NOV 2018
  • CR  3:34.55 BIEDERMANN Paul GER Istanbul (TUR)  10 DEC 2009


  • GOLD: Rapsys (LTU) – 3:33.20 CR
  • SILVER: Dean (GBR) – 3:37.95
  • BRONZE: Detti (ITA) – 3:38.06

Lithuania’s Danas Rapsys tore up the field in the 400 free, smashing his own Lithuanian record by almost a second and coming within a second of the 7-year-old world record. Rapsys takes gold – Lithuania’s first-ever medal in this event – as he continues to come back from a disappointing DQ at long course Worlds in the 200 free.

Great Britain’s Thomas Dean was outstanding, besting Italian star Gabriele Detti for silver. The 19-year-old Dean went 3:37.95, only about a second and a half off the British record. Meanwhile Detti was 3:38.06 with teammate Matteo Ciampi right behind him.

WOMEN’S 100 BACKSTROKE – Semifinals

  • WR 54.89 ATHERTON Minna AUS Budapest (HUN) 27 OCT 2019
  • ER 55.03 HOSSZU Katinka HUN Doha (QAT) 04 DEC 2014
  • CR 55.42 HOSSZU Katinka HUN Netanya (ISR) 03 DEC 2015

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Toussaint (NED) – 55.17 CR
  2. Kameneva (RUS) – 56.37
  3. Panziera (ITA) – 56.57
  4. Kubova (CZE) – 56.70
  5. Davies (GBR) – 56.77
  6. Zevina (UKR) – 57.47
  7. Scalia (ITA) – 57.51
  8. Loeyning (NOR) – 57.84

Kira Toussaint has been on fire this season, and she lowers her own Dutch record for the second time today. Toussaint was 55.17 in semis, taking the top spot by more than a full second and bettering her 55.26 from prelims. That time ranks #2 in the world this season, behind only a world record 54.89 from Minna Atherton during the ISL season.

Russia’s Maria Kameneva was just .01 off the national record while taking second. The 20-year-old was 56.37 and has a shot at the Russian record in tomorrow’s final.

Italy gets two into the final, along with a national record. Margherita Panziera was 56.57 and should take eight tenths off a national record that had stood since 2008. She’s in a tough slog with several others for silver and bronze tomorrow night: Czech Republic’s Simona Kubova (half a second off a national record) and Britain’s Georgia Davies (four tenths off a national record) were also under 57.

MEN’S 100 BUTTERFLY – Semifinals

  • WR  48.08 LE CLOS Chad RSA Windsor (CAN) 08 DEC 2016
  • WJ   49.53 LI Zhuhao  CHN Singapore (SGP) 19 NOV 2017
  • ER   48.48 KOROTYSHKIN Evgeny RUS Berlin (GER) 15 NOV 2009
  • EJ    50.13 MINAKOV Andrei RUS Saint Petersburg (RUS) 22 DEC 2018
  • CR   48.93 KOROTYSHKIN Evgeny RUS Istanbul (TUR) 11 DEC 2009

Top 8 qualifiers:

  1. Zenimoto Hvas (NOR) – 49.91
  2. Vekovishchev (RUS) – 49.92
  3. Kusch (GER) – 50.08
  4. Cieslak (POL) – 50.10
  5. Gueres (TUR) – 50.12
  6. Rivolta (ITA) – 50.20
  7. Codia (ITA) – 50.31
  8. Kharlanov (RUS) – 50.42

Norway’s Tomoe Zenimoto Hvas paced the field in semis, going 49.91 and rattling his own national record. Hvas was 49.88 in prelims, and showed remarkable consistency in semis. He gets another shot in tomorrow’s final, and also chases Norway’s first short course Euros medal in this event. Norway has only won three golds in any swimming event in the history of Short Course Euros.

Russia’s Mikhail Vekovishchev was second and just a hundredth back of Hvas. Meanwhile Germany’s Marius Kusch was narrowly on the other side of 50 seconds.

Italy went 1-2 in this event in the last edition of short course Euros, but had to scrape both returners into the final. Defending champ Matteo Rivolta was 6th and 2017 silver medalist Piero Codia 7th.


  • WR 28.56 ATKINSON Alia JAM Budapest (HUN) 06 OCT 2018
  • WJ 29.62 PILATO Benedetta ITA Glasgow (GBR) 4 DEC 2019
  • ER 28,81 MEILUTYTE Ruta LTU Doha (QAT) 03 DEC 2014
  • CR 29,10 MEILUTYTE Ruta LTU Herning (DEN) 12 DEC 2013


  • GOLD: Pilato (ITA) – 29.32 WJR
  • SILVER: Carraro (ITA) – 29.60
  • BRONZE: McSharry (IRL) – 29.87

This time, 14-year-old Benedetta Pilato was able to reset not only the official world junior record, but the unofficial one from her unratified time, too. Pilato’s 29.32 betters her 29.41 that was the Italian record and the unofficial/unratified world junior record. Pilato is still on the extreme young end of world junior record eligibility, with three more full calendar years to continue lowering that record. Next up in her sights is the European junior record benchmark time of 28.81.

It’s a 1-2 finish for Italy, with Martina Carraro taking silver in 29.60. Pilato should now rank #3 in the world this season and Carraro #6. Italy also jumps to an early lead in the overall medal table, with two golds and four total medals.

Ireland’s Mona McSharry took bronze in 29.87. That’s Ireland’s first SC Euros medal in this event since Sycerika McMahon in 2012. That time also appears to be an Irish record for McSharry, who becomes the first Irish woman under 30 seconds.


  • WR 25.25 VAN DER BURGH Cameron RSA  Berlin (GER) 14 NOV 2009
  • WJ 26.31 MARTINENGHI Nicolo ITA Copenhagen (DEN) 13 DEC 2017
  • ER 25.62  SCOZZOLI Fabio ITA Copenhagen (DEN) 13 DEC 2017
  • EJ 26.31  MARTINENGHI Nicolo ITA Copenhagen (DEN) 13 DEC 2017
  • CR 25.62 SCOZZOLI Fabio ITA Copenhagen (DEN) 13 DEC 2017


  • GOLD: Morozov (RUS) – 25.51 ER, CR
  • SILVER: Sakci (TUR) – 25.82
  • BRONZE: Kamminga (NED) / Scozzoli (ITA) – 25.84

Russia’s Vladimir Morozov continues to prove his strength as a multi-stroke sprinter. The Russian 27-year-old went 25.51 to break European and Russian records in the 50 breast, while winning gold and breaking the meet record.

The previous European and European Championships record was 25.62 set by Fabio Scozzoli in 2017. Morozov took a tenth off that record, and also took a tenth off the 25.68 former Russian record held by Kirill Prigoda. Morozov is now just three tenths off a world record in this event.

Turkey’s Emre Sakci had a big swim for silver. His 25.82 takes seven one-hundredths off his own Turkish record from 2018 Short Course Worlds. That’s just Turkey’s fourth-ever medal at this meet, and its first silver since Derya Buyukuncu back in 1999.

It was a national record haul. Arno Kamminga set the Dutch record for the third time today: his 25.84 was a hundredth faster than his semifinals performance. He tied with defending champ Scozzoli for bronze.

MEN’S 4×50 FREESTYLE – Final

  • WR 1:21.80 UNITED STATES Hangzhou (CHN) 14 DEC 2018
  • WJ 1:27.46 STANDARD TIME
  • ER 1:20.77 FRANCE Rijeka (CRO) 14 DEC 2008
  • EJ 1:27.92 STANDARD TIME
  • CR 1:20.77 FRANCE Rijeka (CRO) 14 DEC 2008


  • GOLD: Russia – 1:22.92
  • SILVER: Poland – 1:23.74
  • BRONZE: Italy – 1:24.50

Russia won its fourth-straight SC Euros gold in the men’s 4×50 free relay. That was thanks to an impressive double from Vladimir Morozovwho won the 50 breast in a European record, only to hop out and anchor the relay (on only about 13 minutes rest time between the two events) in 20.25. Morozov had the field’s best split, and Russia went 1:22.92. Vladislav Grinev led off in 21.23, Mikhail Vekovishchev was 20.60 and Kliment Kolesnikov 20.84 for Russia.

Poland took silver in a national-record 1:23.74. That’s seven tenths under the old record. Pawel Juraszek probably had the best split with a 21.19 leadoff, but both Karol Ostrowski and Jakub Kraska were 20.7.

Bronze goes to Italy, which will grab the early medal table lead with 5 total medals. The Italians got a 20.6 anchor leg from Alessandro Miressi to go 1:24.50.

There were a trio of national records further back: Great Britain (1:24.82 on a 20.5 anchor from Duncan Scott), Hungary (1:25.14 with Szebasztian Szabo splitting 21.0) and Austria (1:25.48 with a 21.1 from Robin Gruenberger).

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1 year ago

Huge swim from Tom Dean behind an incredible Rapsys. I said last summer he’d make a great 400 freestyler, but going 3.37 already has blown my expectations out of the water. One to watch.

1 year ago

Rapsys’ huge 3.33.20 is a statement swim for next summer 200 LCM Olympics.
Great race by Tom Dean.

Reply to  nuotofan
1 year ago

Incredible swim by both, shows how crazy fast Agnel was at the time too.

Curious Swimma
Reply to  Steve
1 year ago

Agnel was a gift to watch swim. Such a beautiful stroke and on top of that in some regards he is still the bench mark for non-supersuited times(200fr LCM).

Reply to  Curious Swimma
1 year ago

He’s the benchmark in every regard for non-super suited 200 frees! Best part of a second ahead of anyone else.

Reply to  Curious Swimma
1 year ago

Yes, I remind that young, lanky junior French swimmer who, already in the supersuit era, went on swimming with the briefs. Only at his first international event, the 2009 European Champs in Prague, he wore a Speedo Lzr and swam great races (200, 400 free and an astonishing leg in the 800 free relay) vs Izotov who, a few weeks later, would have won the bronze medal in the 200 free at Worlds, in that historic race of Biederman’s WR and Phelps anger because of the supersuits.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  nuotofan
1 year ago

Sadly, he was Bowman’d.

Reply to  nuotofan
1 year ago

1.43 200? I’m ready for it!

Sun Yangs Hammer
Reply to  nuotofan
1 year ago

The way he’s been swimming, I wouldn’t be shocked by a 1:43.x for gold next summer.

1 year ago

Wow what a swim by Tom Dean. That I see what you call stepping up. Everything on paper suggested he didn’t have a chance – a 3:44 PB entering the meet, being in lane 8 and competing against Rapsys, Christiansen, Aubry and Rapsys. And yet he still managed to win silver. Definitely a contender for the 200 free and the IMs now.

Reply to  Jeff
1 year ago

They’ve been talking about his 100/200/400 free ability for a while. I think he’ll slowly drop IM. His 3.44 last month was his 1st SC 400fr since he was 14 I believe. Chucked him in here as a result and look what happens.

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