2019 European SC Championships: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


Keep refreshing this page for live, event-by-event updates of all the action from Glasgow.

The third prelims session features the women’s 100m breaststroke, 200m backstroke, 200m butterfly and 4x50m freestyle relay. For the men, we’ve got the 50m freestyle, 100m breaststroke and 200m IM. The 50m and 100m events feature heats, semifinals and finals, whereas the 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m events have just heats and finals. As a reminder, each nation can enter a maximum of 4 swimmers per individual event, but only the fastest 2 can progress after the prelims.

For a World Record, athletes will earn a bonus of €10,000 (about $11,000), with European Records earning them €5,000 (about $5,500). The European Swimming Federation will also offer €220,000 (about $245,000) as prize money for the 12 best performances in the Mens and Womens events respectively. The best sinlge-performance according to the FINA points table will receive €20,000.

Women’s 100m Breaststroke – Prelims

  • WR    1.02.36 MEILUTYTE, Ruta (LTU) Moscow (RUS) Oct 2013 + ATKINSON, Alia (JA) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • WRJ  1.02.36 Standard Time
  • ER     1.02.36 MEILUTYTE, Ruta (LTU) Moscow (RUS) Oct 2013
  • EJR   1.02.36 Standard Time
  • CR     1.02.92 MEILUTYTE, Ruta (LTU) Herning (DEN) Dec 2013

Semifinals Qualifiers: 

  1. CARRARO M (ITA) 1.04.66
  2. LAUKKANEN J (FIN) 1.05.18
  3. MAMIE, L (SUI) 1.05.38
  4. GODUN N (RUS) 1.05.41
  5. TEMNIKOVA M (RUS) 1.05.42
  6. CHIKUNOVA D (RUS) 1.05.42
  7. ZSMUSHKA, A (BEL) 1.05.45
  8. CASTIGLIONI, A (ITA) 1.05.46
  9. MC SHARRY, M (IRL) 1.05.50
  10. HULKKO, I (1.05.63)
  11. VOZEL, T (SLO) 1.05.69
  12. ERIKKSON, J (SWE) 1.05.97
  13. COYNE, N (IRL) 1.06.12
  14. PEDERSON, J (DEN) 1.06.14
  15. RENSHAW, M (GBR) 1.06.21
  16. SCHROEDER, M (DEN) 1.06.24

After setting a new Italian Record in this event at the ISL European Derby in London a mere 2 weeks ago, Martina Carraro posted a 1.04.66 to head into the semifinals in top seed. Her Italian teammates, Arianna Castiglioni and Benedatta Pilato, went 1.05.46  and 1.06.07 respectively, but as only two swimmers from each nation can progress after prelims, Pilato will not move forward.

Also in action was 2017 100m breaststroker silver medalist Jenna Laukkanen of Finland. She swam a    1.05.18 to secure her place in the semis. Switzerland’s Lisa Mamie set a new National Record in a time of 1.05.38, beating her own previous record of 1.05.87. Aline Zmushka of Belarus bettered her own National Record with a time of 1.05.45, shaving half a second off her previous time of 1.05.97.

There will be a swim off between Mariia Temnikova and Daria Chikunova to decide which one of them will progress.

Men’s 50m Freestyle – Prelims

  • WR    20.26  MANAUDOU, Florent (FRA) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • WJR  21.24 KOLESNIKOV, Kliment (RUS) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017
  • ER     20.26  MANAUDOU, Florent (FRA) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • EJR   20.70 Standard Time
  • CR     20.31    MOROZOV, Vladimir (RUS) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017

Semifinals Qualifiers: 

  1. MANAUDOU, F (FRA) 21.06
  2. MOROZOV, V (RUS) 21.08
  3. LOBANOVSKII, M (HUN) 21.17
  4. BOCCHIA, F (ITA) 21.31
  5. MIRESSI, A (ITA) 21.31
  6. JURASZEK, P (POL) 21.32
  7. BILIS, S (LTU) 21.37
  8. ZAITSEV, D (EST) 21.39
  9. GRINEV, V (RUS) 21.43
  10. LIUKKONEN, A (FIN) 21.45
  11. PUTS, J (NED) 21.46
  12. GROUSSET, M (FRA) 21.47
  13. SELIN, A (GER) 21.53
  14. BUKHOV, V (UKR) 21.57
  15. TIMMERS, P (BEL) 21.58
  16. CSERNIAK, K (POL) 21.59

A stacked men’s 50m freestyle saw Championship Record holder Vladimir Morozov and World Record holder Florent Manaudou go 21.08 and 21.06 respectively. Italian team members Bocchia and Miressi tied in a time of 21.32 to both progress to the semis. Estonia’s Daniel Zaitsev swam a new National Record in the heats, touching in 21.39 to take down Miko Malberg’s previous mark of 21.54.

Women’s 200m Backstroke – Prelims

  • WR    1.59.23  HOSSZU, Katinka (HUN) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • WJR   2.00.03 Standard Time
  • ER     1.59.23  HOSSZU, Katinka (HUN) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • EJR    2.02.25 Standard Time
  • CR      1.59.84  HOSSZU, Katinka (HUN) Netanya (ISR) Dec 2015

Finals Qualifiers:

  1. PANZIERA, M (ITA) 2.02.88
  2. ZEVINA, D (UKR) 2.03.35
  3. TOUSSAINT, K (NED) 2.04.64
  4. USTINOVA, D (RUS) 2.05.49
  5. KUBOVA, S (CZE) 2.05.73
  6. HERASIMOWICZ, Z (POL) 2.05.82
  7. GRABOWSKI, L (AUT) 2.06.36
  8. AVRAMOVA, E (TUR) 2.06.39

Margherita Panziera swam a very strong 2.02.88 to head into the finals in top seed. She won bronze in this event back in 2017 in an Italian Record time of 2.01.56.

Kira Toussaint has been on top form since the beginning of the season, and although she was over a second off her own National Record (2.03.59), she swam a comfortable 2.04.64 to head into the finals in  second place.

Russian team member and former WJR holder Daria Ustinova touched in 2.05.49 to progress. Ekaterina Avramova swam a new Turkish Record in a time of 2.06.39, moving her into 8th place after the heats. Just ahead of her was Austria’s Lena Grabowski who also set a new National Record in a time of 2.06.36, ore than a second under the previous mark of 2.07.54.

Men’s 100m Breaskstroke – Prelims

  • WR    55.61   VAN DE BURGH, Cameron (SA) Berlin (GER) Nov 2009
  • WJR  57.27  MARTINENGHI, Nicolo’ (ITA) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017
  • ER      55.94  PEATY, ADAM (GBR) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017
  • EJR    57.27  MARTINENGHI, Nicolo’ (ITA) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017
  • CR      55.94  PEATY, ADAM (GBR) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017

Semifinals Qualifiers: 

  1. KAMMINGA, A (NED) 56.71
  2. MCKEE, A S (ISL) 57.21
  3. SHYMANOVICH, I (BEL) 57.33
  4. MARINENGHI, N (ITA) 57.41
  5. BJERG, T B (DEN) 57.62
  6. ROTHBAUER, C (AUT) 57.80
  7. SCOZZOLI, F (ITA) 57.81
  8. SIDLAUSKAS, A (LTU) 58.05
  9. BUSSIERE, T (FRA) 58.11
  10. SACKI, E (TUR) 58.17
  11. KOCH, M (GER) 58.25
  12. MURDOCH, R (GBR) 58.28
  13. PERSSON, E (SWE) 58.49
  14. ALLIKVEE, M (EST) 58.62
  15. WILBY, J (GBR) 58.62
  16. OEGRETIR, B (TUR) 58.70

Top seeded swimmer heading into this event Ilya Shymanovich didn’t manage to hold on to his top spot as he swam a marginally slower time 57.33.

After winning yesterday’s 200m breaststroke final (2.02.36) in a new Dutch Record, Arno Kamminga swam a very strong 56.71 ahead of tonights semifinals, putting him in first place ahead of the semis. World and European Junior Record holder, Nicolo’ Martinenghi posted a 57.41 to secure his spot.

Team GB member Ross Murdoch touched in 58.28 to secure his semi final spot. There will be another swim off between Spain’s Bru Ortiz-Canavate Ozeki and Turkey’s Berkey Oemer Oegretir as they both swam 58.70 to finish in 16th place. Ireland’s Eoin Corby swam an Irish Junior Record in a time of 59.63. Although he will not progress, he managed to shave another second off the time he set just last month.

Women’s 200m Butterfly – Prelims

  • WR     1.59.61 BELMONTE GARCIA, Mireia (ITA) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • WJR   2.02.96 HASEGAWA, Suzuka (JAP) Tokyo (JAP) Jan 2017
  • ER      1.59.61 BELMONTE GARCIA, Mireia (SPA) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • EJR    2.05.41 Standard Time
  • CR      2.01.52 BELMONTE GARCIA, Mireia (SPA) Herning (DEN) Dec 2013

Final Qualifiers: 

  1. JAKABOS, Z (HUN) 2.04.97
  2. HOSSZU, K (HUN) 2.05.14
  3. BACH, H (DEN) 2.06.47
  4. BIANCHI, I (ITA) 2.06.50
  5. STEPHENS, L (GBR) 2.07.14
  6. MONTERIO, A (POR) 2.07.17
  7. KOEHLER, A (GER) 2.07.31
  8. HUFNAGL, C (AUT) 2.07.59
  9. PIROVANA, A (ITA) 2.07.59

Three Hungarians were in action this morning in this event, 2019 LC World Champion Boglarka Kapas, Zsuzsanna Jakabos and Katinka Hosszu. Jakabos and Hosszu head into the final in 1,2 as they swam 2.04.97 and 2.05.14, respectively. As only two swimmers can progress, Kapas will not move forward as she swam a time of 2.07.49.

Italy’s Ilaria Bianchi who came second in this event in 2017, touched in 2.06.50. Her National Record time is 2.04.22. Team GB swimmer Laura Stephens heads into the final in 5th place with a time of 2.07.14. She was almost 3 seconds off her own pb this morning (2.04.94) and another 1.5 secs off Jemma Lowe’s GB Record of 2.03.19.

Portugese swimmer Ana Catarina Monterio heads in just behind Stephens with 2.07.17. Swim off to happen later between Anna Pirovano and Claudia Hufnagl.

Men’s 200m IM – Prelims

  • WR     1.49.63  LOCHTE, Ryan (USA) Istanbul (TUR) Dec 2012
  • WJR   1.52.48 Standard Time
  • ER      1.51.35   CSEH, Laszlo (HUN) Netanya (ISR) Dec  2015
  • EJR    1.53.26  CECCON, Thomas (ITA) Riccione (ITA) Dec 2018
  • CR      1.51.35   CSEH, Laszlo (HUN) Netanya (ISR) Dec 2015

Final Qualifiers: 

  1. SCOTT, D (GBR) 1.52.33
  2. VAZAOIS, A (GRE) 1.52.38
  3. ZENIMOTO, H T (NOR) 1.53.74
  4. TOUMARKIN, Y Y (ISR) 1.53.82
  5. LITCHFIELD, J (GBR) 1.53.93
  6. PASYNKOV, D (RUS) 1.54.12
  7. SANTON, A M (POR) 1.55.00
  8. HEINTZ, P (GER) 1.55.01

Duncan Scott continued his fantastic form of late this morning with a new Scottish and British Record in a time of 1.52.33, shaving 0.4 off James Goddard’s previous mark of 1.52.57.  His team mate and winner of the 400IM here in Glasgow, Max Litchfield, misses the final as he was only the 4th fastest British swimmer behind Duncan Scott, Joe Litchfield and Tom Dean (Dean also misses out because of the 2 swimmer rule).

Norway’s Hvas Tomoe Zenimoto had a very strong swim this morning, setting a new Norweigan Record in 1.53.72. Israel’s Yakov Yan Toumarkin set a new National Record with 1.53.82 to see him head in to the final in 4th place.

Germany’s Philip Heintz, who won this even in Copenhagen 2017, makes it into the final in 8th place because of the 2 swimmer rule.

Women’s 4x50m Freestyle Relay – Prelims

  • WR     1.33.91 Netherlands (NED) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017
  • WJR   –
  • ER      1.33.25 Netherlands (NED) Turkey 2009
  • EJR    1.41.62 STANDARD TIME
  • CR      1.33.25 Netherlands (NED) Turkey 2009

Final Qualifiers: 

  1. NETHERLANDS 1.35.66
  2. GREAT BRITAIN 1.36.21
  3. DENMARK 1.36.49
  4. RUSSIA 1.36.75
  5. FRANCE 1.36.82
  6. POLAND 1.37.63
  7. GERMANY 1.38.58
  8. SLOVENIA 1.39.05

This event saw three records fall this morning for Great Britain, Poland and Slovenia. The previous GB mark of 1.38.39 – which stood for 19 years – was smashed by this team by over 2 seconds. Poland’s time of 1.37.63 bettered the previous record of 1.38.78 which was set back in 2013 at this event in Denmark.

GB weren’t the only team to take a chunk off their National Record as Slovenia’s time of 1.39.05 was almost 3 seconds off the previous time of 1.42.88.

Swim Off – Women’s 100m Breaststroke

Daria Chikunova beats her teammate Mariia Temnikova to progress to the semi final in a time of 1.04.83, over half a second faster than their joint time of 1.05.42 from earlier.

Swim Off – Men’s 100m Breaststroke

Spain’s Bru Ortiz-Canavate Ozeki wins against Berkey Oemer Oegretir of Turkey in a new Spanish Record time of 58.36 to move forward into the semi finals.

Swim Off – Women’s 200m Butterfly

Claudia Hufnagl swam a new Austrian Record in a time of 2.06.76 to secure her place in the final later on today. In the heats, her and Italy’s Anna Pirovana tied in a time of 2.07.59. A 9 lane final was not allowed so a swim off had to take place where Hufnagl managed to better her earlier time and lower the previous record time after only 30mins between both swims. She will swim her 3rd 200m fly of the day tonight.

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Coach Mike 1952
2 years ago

Zevina still in second place in 200 Back unless something has changed, not Kira T

Coach Mike 1952
2 years ago

Some errata in this very nice article (thank you): in W 200 Back, the WR is Mina Atherton now, plus Zevina is not even in the article but she is in second place, not Kira T from Holland.

Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
2 years ago

I don’t think atherton’s broken the 200 back world record… yet. She missed it by 0.02 or something in London.

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Swimmer
2 years ago

Correct, thanks. My bad.

Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
2 years ago

Minna actually broke the World Record in the 100 back, not the 200 back. Her 200 back time of 1:59.25 was .02 shy of the World Record.

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

Correct, thanks. My bad.

Thomas Selig
2 years ago

Dean missing *another* final on the 2-per-nation rule. Probably his two strongest events too. Has to learn to swim faster in prelims, although this is not an uncommon problem for British athletes making the transition to the senior international team (they’ve never really had to swim fast in prelims before). Even in the 400, he snuck into the final in 8th and dropped four seconds from prelims to take that silver medal (though he was in an unseeded heat, so those can be tough to pace right).

Speaking of transitions to seniors, Van der Merwe’s had a rough meet (so far, still the 200 to come), but that’s also the advantage of her having a first taste of international competition… Read more »

2 years ago

The chap you’re referring to in the men’s IM is Tom Dean, not Dean Thomas 🙂

The Unoriginal Tim
2 years ago

Interesting photo of Carraro at the top of the page. Nearly her whole forearm is out of the water. I know it is legal as long as the the elbow stays in the water but her elbow can barely be in the water. If it was up to me I’d change the rules so that the arms/hands can’t fully come out of the water on breaststroke.

Reply to  The Unoriginal Tim
2 years ago

Not sure I could cope with another breaststroke rule change. All three of the Italian girls bring their hands, and most of their forearm, way out of the water. The other two nothing like as pronounced as Carraro though. I quite like the different styles though, and as long as elbows are under I’m happy personally.

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  The Unoriginal Tim
2 years ago

VERY long fingers too!

Reply to  The Unoriginal Tim
2 years ago

Benedetta Pilato does it even more. Look at the slow motion of her final stroke in the 50 breast final.