2018 TYR Pro Swim Series – Atlanta: Day 3 Finals Live Recap


We’re heading into day 3 finals of the TYR Pro Swim Series stop in Atlanta, where swimmers are set to compete for titles in the 200 fly, 100 breast, 100 back, 200 IM, and 400 free. Several stars headline tonight’s session, including Jack Conger (200 fly), Ryan Murphy (100 back), Ryosuke Irie (100 back), Chase Kalisz (200 fly/200 IM), Kevin Cordes (100 breast), Andrew Wilson (100 breast), Zane Grothe (400 free), Will Licon (100 breast/200 IM), Michael Andrew (100 breast/200 IM) and Josh Prenot (100 breast/200 IM) on the men’s side. The women’s events feature Hali Flickinger (200 fly), Kelsi Dahlia Worrell (200 fly), Molly Hannis (100 breast), Olivia Smoliga (100 back), Taylor Ruck (100 back), Wang Jianjiahe (400 free), Melanie Margalis (200 IM), and Madisyn Cox (200 IM).


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 2:06.76- Cammile Adams, Austin 2012
  • Pool Record: 2:07.29- Susie O’Neil, 1995
  1. GOLD: Hali Flickinger– 2:08.04
  2. SILVER: Liliana Szilagy– 2:10.52
  3. BRONZE: Kelsi Worrell– 2:10.57

Hali Flickinger and Kelsi Dahlia Worrell were neck-and-neck, 1:02.26 to 1:02.31, at the halfway mark. Flickinger pulled ahead through the back half, winning gold with the #3 time in the world this year. Hungarian Liliana Szilagy ran down Worrell with a 33.64 on the last 50, while Worrell held on for 3rd. 17-year-old Olivia Carter (2:11.97) used her back-half speed to edge out 15-year-old Lillie Nordmann for 4th. Nordmann knocked nearly a second off her best time to take 5th in 2:12.63.

MEN’S 200 FLY:

  • Pro Swim Series Record: 1:55.29- Li Zhuhao, Indianapolis 2017
  • Pool Record: 1:55.94- Chase Kalisz, 2017
  1. GOLD: Chase Kalisz– 1:55.78
  2. SILVER: Jack Conger– 1:55.88
  3. BRONZE: Pace Clark– 1:58.23

Texas postgrad Jack Conger had the front-end speed, taking it out in 55.15 and leading through the 150-meter mark. Georgia postgrad Chase Kalisz shifted gears on the final 50, clipping Conger at the finish to win it. Scarlet Aquatics’ 15-year-old Dare Rose took it out with them in 55.94, but Georgia postgrad Pace Clark (1:58.23) and Canadian Mack Darragh (1:59.33) pulled ahead on the last 50 as Rose finished 5th in 1:59.78. That was a big drop for Rose, as he took nearly a second and a half off his lifetime best to break 2:00 for the first time.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 1:05.57- Rebecca Soni, Charlotte 2011
  • Pool Record: 1:05.83- Rebecca Soni, 2011
  1. GOLD: Molly Hannis– 1:06.09
  2. SILVER: Yuliya Efimova– 1:06.32
  3. BRONZE: Micah Sumrall- 1:07.51

Russian Olympic medalist Yuliya Efimova was slightly ahead through the front half, but Molly Hannis brought it home, moving ahead in the final 10 meters with a lifetime best 1:06.09. That shaved 7 hundredths off her former best from 2016 and makes her the fastest swimmer in the world this year. Efimova was narrowly behind for silver, while Micah Sumrall ran down Breeja Larson (1:07.67) for the bronze.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 58.86- Adam Peaty, Indianapolis 2017
  • Pool Record: 59.19- Andrew Wilson, 2018
  1. GOLD: Andrew Wilson– 59.49
  2. SILVER: Michael Andrew– 1:00.07
  3. BRONZE: Josh Prenot– 1:00.23

Texas-based Andrew Wilson was a few tenths shy of his prelims time, but still put up the only sub-1:00 of the field. Michael Andrew was just a couple of tenths shy of his lifetime best (59.82) to take silver. Cal postgrad Josh Prenot ran down Nic Fink (1:00.61) and Felipe Lima (1:00.77) on the back half to round out the podium. Olympic breaststrokers Kevin Cordes (1:00.85) and Cody Miller (1:01.18) took 6th and 8th respectively, with 2017 NCAA champ Will Licon (1:00.89) of Texas finishing 7th between them.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 58.96- Emily Seebohm, Santa Clara 2016
  • Pool Record: 59.86- Ali DeLoof, 2017
  1. GOLD: Taylor Ruck– 59.13
  2. SILVER: Olivia Smoliga– 59.14
  3. BRONZE: Federica Pellegrini– 1:00.56

Georgia postgrad Olivia Smoliga flipped with the lead in 28.50 but Canada’s Taylor Ruck fought back on the back half. Ruck pulled even with Smoliga under the flags, and got her hand to the wall just in time to beat Smoliga by .01. They’re now the 2nd and 3rd fastest swimmers in the world this year, with Ruck demolishing the former Pool Record by over half a second. Italian Olympian Federica Pellegrini held off Jade Hannah (1:00.60) for the bronze by a nail. Canadian Alexia Zevnik (1:00.83) followed closely in 5th.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 52.40- David Plummer, Indianapolis 2016
  • Pool Record: 53.08- Ryan Murphy, 2016
  1. GOLD: Ryan Murphy– 53.24
  2. SILVER: Ryosuke Irie– 53.26
  3. BRONZE: Jacob Pebley– 53.93

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy got the early lead as he flipped in 25.72. Japanese Olympic medalist Ryosuke Irie was closing in on the back half, but Murphy held him off by hundredths at the touch. Cal postgrad Jacob Pebley, a teammate of Murphy’s, wound up 3rd as he was the only other swimmer to break 54. Canadian Markus Thormeyer used his back-half speed to out-touch Auburn-based Shane Ryan 54.84 to 55.02.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 2:08.66- Katinka Hosszu, Charlotte 2015
  • Pool Record: 2:09.39- Caitlin Leverenz, 2011
  1. GOLD: Madisyn Cox– 2:09.89
  2. SILVER: Taylor Ruck– 2:11.16
  3. BRONZE: Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson– 2:13.40

Canada’s Taylor Ruck rolled through the front half with the lead in 1:01.26, but Madisyn Cox surged ahead on the breast leg to take over the lead. Cox finished just over a tenth shy of her best and became the fastest woman in the world this year. Ruck held steady for 2nd in a new lifetime best by 3 seconds, while fellow Canadian Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson joined her on the podium.

MEN’S 200 IM:

  • Pro Swim Series Record: 1:56.32- Michael Phelps, Indianapolis 2012
  • Pool Record: 1:57.21- Chase Kalisz, 2017
  1. GOLD: Chase Kalisz– 1:57.86
  2. SILVER: Josh Prenot– 1:59.47
  3. BRONZE: Licon Will- 2:00.11

Michael Andrew and Chase Kalisz were neck-and-neck through the front half, but Kalisz pulled ahead on the breast leg to dominate the rest of the race. Josh Prenot and Will Licon started to close the gap on Andrew on the breast leg, and brought it home to finish 2nd and 3rd respectively. Andrew held on to finish 4th in 2:00.61.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 3:59.54- Katie Ledecky, Austin 2016
  • Pool Record: 4:00.31- Katie Ledecky, 2016
  1. GOLD: Wang Jianjiahe– 4:03.14
  2. SILVER: Hali Flickinger– 4:09.28
  3. BRONZE: Ashley Twichell– 4:11.38

Wang Jianjiahe dominated another dominant distance race, winning in a lifetime best 4:03.14 to become the 2nd fastest swimmer in the world this year. Hali Flickinger was the only other swimmer to break 4:10 tonight, taking silver on the back end of her double. National Teamers Ashley Twichell and Haley Anderson (4:14.35) followed.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 3:43.55- Sun Yang, Santa Clara 2016
  • Pool Record: 3:44.38- Park Tae Hwan, 2017
  1. GOLD: Zane Grothe– 3:48.84
  2. SILVER: Marwan El Kamash– 3:49.17
  3. BRONZE: Jeremy Bagshaw- 3:52.05

Indiana postgrads Zane Grothe and Marwan El Kamash battled closely throughout the race. Grothe had a slight edge through the halfway mark, and slightly extended his lead through the 300. El Kamash battled back on the final 50 to pull nearly even in the final 15 meters, but Grothe put his head down and held him off to take the win and earn his 2nd gold of the meet.

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6 years ago

Are we just gonna ignore the 15 year old (Dare Rose) dipping under 2:00 in 2 fly?

Lauren Neidigh
Reply to  Bruh.
6 years ago

Great swim. I included that in the recap.

Sponsor Money TYR?
6 years ago

I see that Lia Neal swam in this meet and is now sponsored by TYR… how much do you suppose an Olympian, but not a superstar, would earn from a professional sponsorship?

Sponsor Money TYR?
Reply to  Sponsor Money TYR?
6 years ago

I see the downvotes, I didn’t mean this as a slight to Lia. Just curious what the sponsorship dollars look like for someone who is an Olympian, but is not a Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte.

Reply to  Sponsor Money TYR?
6 years ago

She’s an incredibly likable person who is incredibly kind and well spoken as well as in the top 6 female sprinters in the US for the last few years, I’m sure she is doing well.

6 years ago

How’s Andrew wilson not gone 58. He went slower in both 100 and 200 finals. He needs to improve that if he wants to challenge for medals at big competitions.

6 years ago

Any thoughts on Cassidy Bayer scratching the meet?

6 years ago

Andrew’s last 50 split 30.58

Ruck’s 29.90

Heh heh

Reply to  SchoolingFTW
6 years ago

One is taller.
One is more muscular.
One is older.
One is male.
There must be some other difference between the two of them that explains this. Wonder what that could be…..

Reply to  Improving
6 years ago

One of them is one of the best 50m swimmers in the world

Reply to  Improving
6 years ago

Almost all of those should work in favour of MA being faster than 29.9 on the last 50.

Reply to  Dudeman
6 years ago

His last 50 sometimes gives me hope, since I’ve closed a 200 IM LCM in a 29.5, but my best time is 10+ seconds slower than his.

Reply to  Improving
6 years ago

Swim cap. Ruck wore Andrew’s swim cap for almost the whole weekend. Give away your lucky cap and what’s left?

Sean Sullivan
6 years ago

Greg Meehan must be absolutely giddy at the thought of getting Ruck on the team next year.

Reply to  Sean Sullivan
6 years ago

I’m pretty sure Taylor Ruck is just as giddy to join a stacked dominint team like Stanford. She’s probably also looking forward to training with Olympic gold medalist …..Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel. Who wouldn’t be excited?

6 years ago

Jianjianhe’s 400 free splits are Evans-level.

Reply to  SchoolingFTW
6 years ago

A worthy domestic opponent is just what Li Bingjie needed, and the competition between these two will edge them ever closer to Ledecky, especially in the 400.

6 years ago

In 200IM Ruck goes from 18th CAN Alltime (2:14.98 in Apr 2017) to 15th (2:14.14 in prelims) to 3rd (2:11.16) only behind Pickrem and Seltenreich-Hodgson

Caeleb Dressel Will Get 8 Golds in Tokyo
Reply to  juddy96
6 years ago

And that was 10 minutes after swimming a 59.1 100 back

Reply to  juddy96
6 years ago

You could kind of say she’s had a good weekend.

Reply to  juddy96
6 years ago

All she needs is a better breaststroke. Ah, that elusive breaststroke….

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