Cameron Newton: The Swimmer

by SwimSwam 3

March 04th, 2018 College, Video

When you think of the name Cameron (Cam) Newton, you think of the Heisman winner MVP Quarterback but there is another successful Cam Newton at the University of Tampa in the sport of swimming.

Newton is a transfer this season into Tampa from Indian River State Community College. With Indian River, Newton was the national record holder in the 100 IM and 800 free relay. Now with Tampa, he is breaking barriers once again, having broken one of Tampa’s oldest school records in the 200 free posting a 1:37.5 time, shaving a few tenths of a second of his personal best.

Andre Richardson sits down with Newton in a short documentary to discuss his continuing success and to get to know his teammate a little bit better.

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Steve Nolan
4 years ago

I was really hoping this was a story about NFL Cam Newton swimming, like Tim Duncan did as a kid.

Nothing against Cameron, tho.

4 years ago

First of all: Cool guy.
But more importantly: The Random picture headlining the article on Swimswams main page is so funny! The cap, the swimmer is wearing there, is from my home club. And it´s the most well-known club ever, which American doesn´t know SG Osnabrück from Germany? Why do I find such pictures on an American homepage? The world is just so small…

B1G Things
4 years ago

These are the articles I come to SwimSwam for.