Sandeno Wins Atlanta SwimSquads, But Krayzelburg Still Leads


Kaitlin Sandeno‘s SwimSquad won the Atlanta meet by 7 points, but Lenny Krayzelburg‘s crew still leads by 18 after two stops on the 2018 series.

That’s surprisingly in-line with our projections from earlier in the week, though a few key lineup changes had some impacts. Most notably, Natalie Coughlin‘s crew finished second, shuffling around a trio of versatile swimmers from our projections to ultimately finish second with 72 points. SandenoSquad had 79, Krayzelburg 71 and LezakSquad 52.

Sandeno got perfect 20s from Zane Grothe and Andrew Wilsonplus strong finishes of 18 from flex swimmer Jack Conger and 15 from backstroker Jacob PebleyCoughlin also got a pair of double winners, getting 20 from Ryan Murphy and Madisyn Cox.

But all four teams left some points on the table, as well. Jason Lezak‘s team notably had no backstroke entrants, and finished well behind the field because of it. Krayzelburg only got a single point from freestyler Amanda Kendall. Not to toot our own horn (we at SwimSwam have a strict no-tooting policy), but we projected both Nic Fink and Will Licon into the starting lineup instead of Kendall. Fink ultimately scored 9, but Licon scored 10 sitting on Krayzelburg’s bench.

Coughlin opted for Madisyn Cox instead of Melanie Margalis in IM (good call, Cox scored a perfect 20), but putting Margalis in breast instead of Molly Hannis scored 3 instead of 14. Meanwhile Sandeno only got one point from flyer Sarah Gibson, with 18-point Andrew Abruzzo sitting the bench.

Here’s a look at the running scores as well as this week’s scores:

Total Austin Atlanta
KrayzelburgSquad 178 107 71
CoughlinSquad 160 88 72
SandenoSquad 155 76 79
LezakSquad 119 67 52
SandenoSquad 79
Starter Points
Free Zane Grothe 400/800 20
Back Jacob Pebley 100/200 15
Breast Andrew Wilson 100/200 20
Fly Sarah Gibson 100/200 1
IM Michael Andrew 200 5
Flex Jack Conger 100FL/200FL 18
CoughlinSquad 72
Starter Points
Free Erica Sullivan 800/1500 8
Back Ryan Murphy 100/200 20
Breast Melanie Margalis 100/200 3
Fly Tom Shields 100/200 4
IM Madisyn Cox 200/400 20
Flex Hali Flickinger 200FL/400IM 17
KrayzelburgSquad 71
Starter Events Points
Free Amanda Kendall 50/100 1
Back Olivia Smoliga 100 8
Breast Nic Fink 100/200 9
Fly Kelsi Worrell 100/200 15
IM Chase Kalisz 200/400 20
Flex Ashley Twichell 800/1500 18
LezakSquad 52
Starter Points
Free Nathan Adrian 50/100 18
Back 0
Breast Kevin Cordes 100/200 4
Fly Pace Clark 100/200 11
IM Josh Prenot 200/400 16
Flex Clark Smith 400FR/800FR 3


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4 years ago

Does Lezak understand how this works?

Reply to  Improving
4 years ago

No, not at all. Like, I’m fine with him hoarding breastrokers but at least he should have picked a decent backstroker. Also doesn’t help that cordes usually isn’t super fast in season and miller dqs a lot

Reply to  Improving
4 years ago

He’s saving up so he can Lezak the other squads at the final PSS stop

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