2018 Atlanta Classic: Day 3 Finals Live Recap


The 2018 Atlanta Classic concludes tonight with day 3 finals, as swimmers are set to compete in the 800 free (women only), 1500 free (men only), 200 IM, 200 back, and 100 free. Among the top swims to watch tonight is the men’s 100 free, where the top-10 prelims finishers include Michael Andrew, Caeleb Dressel, Dean Farris, and Maxime Rooney. will race for the title. Erika Brown will be one of the swimmers to watch out for in the women’s version of that race. NCAP’s 15-year-old Phoebe Bacon will battle Paige Madden and Maddie Homovich for the women’s 200 back title, and Dressel and Florida Gators teammate Mark Szaranek will challenge the field in the men’s 200 IM.

Women’s 800 Free

  1. Olivia Anderson – 8:42.79
  2. Courtney Harnish – 8:42.89
  3. Amanda Nunan – 8:48.17

This race came down to the wire, as 19-year-old Courtney Harnish made a push in the last 100 of the race, out-splitting the 18–year-old Olivia Anderson by nearly two seconds (1:02.21 to 1:04.19). However, Anderson, who was 7:38.60 to Harnish’s 7:40.68 at the 700-mark, was able to hold on.

The pair were significantly ahead of the rest of the field, with 19-year-old Amanda Nunan clocking in at 8:48.17, and 20-year-old Kahra Williams in fourth place with an 8:50.43. Maddie Homovich, the 2-seed in the event, gained over 10 seconds on her entry time to take 5th in 8:50.61.

Men’s 1500 free

  1. Ben Lawless – 15:23.94
  2. Taylor Abbott  – 15:26.79
  3. Kevin Miller – 15:44.60

Taylor Abbot led the race all the way through the 1200-mark, where he led by only .02 seconds after leading by nearly 2 at points prior throughout the race. From there, Ben Lawless threw down consistent 31-lows and was able to close in 29.91 to win the race while Abbot faded to 31-mids, closing in 30.44.

Women’s 200 IM

  1. Emma Barksdale – 2:15.58
  2. Vanessa Pearl – 2:16.19
  3. Kelly Fertel – 2:16.34

20-year-old Emma Barksdale led from the get-go, splitting 28.87/35.40/39.04/32.27. Vanessa Pearl, 18, out-split her on breast and free (29.15/35.96/38.97/32.11), but it wasn’t enough to overtake Barksdale. 20-year-old Kelly Fertel also closed significantly faster than Barksdale (31.88), but took her first three stroked out in 92.64/35.65/39.17.

Notably, 16-year-old Abby Harter (NCAP) took fourth in 2:18.04 (29.39/36.46/40.10/32.09), and 14-year-old Meghan Lynch was 7th in 2:19.49 (30.53/36.71/40.49/31.76).

Men’s 200 IM

  1. Caeleb Dressel – 2:01.98
  2. Mark Szaranek – 2:03.12
  3. Santi Corredor – 2:05.49

Caeleb Dressel, the American record holder in the short course version of the race, went 2:01.98 in finals after going 2:07.68 in prelims. He split 25.68/32.30/36.20/27.80 for the win. His University of Florida teammate Mark Szaranek took second in 2:03.12 (26.44/32.54/35.75/28.39). 18-year-old Santi Corredor, also a Florida Gator, took third in 2:05.49.

18-year-old Andrew Winton was just behind him in 2:05.60, and 22-year-old James Guest followed in 2:05.71. Also under 2:06 was Eltan Yudashkin in 2:05.93.

Women’s 200 Back

  1. Phoebe Bacon – 2:14.04
  2. Sydney Sell  – 2:14.46
  3. Maddie Homovich  – 2:14.47

15-year-old Phoebe Bacon topped a tight race, splitting 1:06.14/1:07.90 for the win. Sydney Sell, 21, took second in 2:14.46, taking a different approach than Bacon by splitting 1:04.79/1:09.67. 18-year-old Maddie Homovich slightly negatives-split her race, going 1:07.29/1:07.18 en route to her 2:14.47.

Erin Falconer was 4th in 2:15.97, followed by Sherridon Dressel in 2:17.14. 14-year-old Natalie Mannion was 6th in 2:20.19.

Men’s 200 Back

  1. Joey Reilman – 2:01.50
  2. Bayley Main – 2:03.73
  3. Ethan Beach – 2:03.93

21-year-old Joey Reilman took his first 50 out half a second faster than anyone else in the field, and never looked back. He split 28.32/30.56/31.33/31.29 to win in 2:01.50, taking 1.35 seconds off his prelims time and 2.36 off his entry time. Bayley Main was second in 2:03.73 (28.80/31.07/31.55/32.31), taking 3.5 seconds off his prelims swim of 2:07.41. Ethan Beach, 18, was third in 2:03.93 (29.35/31.53/31.63/31.42).

John Healy was fourth in 2:05.40, and Nathan Murray fifth in 2:06.17.

Women’s 100 Free

  1. Penny Oleksiak  – 55.54
  2. Stanzi Moseley  – 56.26
  3. Amanda Weir – 56.48

17-year-old Penny Oleksiak split 26.70/28.43 en route to her winning time of 55.54. She was followed by Stanzi Moseley, 20, in 56.26 (27.11/29.15). Veteran Amanda Weir, 32, split 27.12/29.36 for her third-place time of 56.48.

Samantha Porter took fourth in 56.90, and Jordan Stout was fifth in 57.22. Sherridon Dressel took sixth in 57.22.

Men’s 100 Free

  1. Caeleb Dressel – 49.65
  2. Peter Holoda/Maxime Rooney – 49.94
  3. Shane Ryan – 50.19

After taking 7th in prelims, Caeleb Dressel topped the podium in finals, splitting 24.33/25.32 to win in 49.65. Peter Holoda and Maxime Rooney tied for second place in 49.94, with Holoda splitting 23.85/26.09 and Rooney 24.04/25.90. Shane Ryan was third in 50.19 (23.87/26.31).

After taking 2nd in prelims in 50.65, Michael Andrew fell to fourth in finals, going 51.03.

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Honest observer
4 years ago

You can tell from the way Dressel’s times improved from Friday to Sunday that Friday and Saturday — even with all the events he swam — were the first two days of “rest” he’d had. Bodes well.

Bad Knees
4 years ago

He times were mediocre until he rested/shaved during this season (46 fly and 42 when rested and shaved)….Ryan Lotche is back to his same in season form (when he swam for Florida he swam really tired). They are obviously in hard training and not Micheal Andrew where his training puts him in position to swim best times at any meet (would be a bit frustrating to me especially at the big meets because there is nothing bench marking you for your best swim of the year). just makes you think thank MA has limited upside at the big meets from here…..

4 years ago

The 2:01 by Dressel is the scariest 2:01 ever done considering his other times at this meet

Go Bearcats
Reply to  Teddy
4 years ago

49.6 ain’t too bad

Reply to  Go Bearcats
4 years ago

Unless a 46.5 is coming this summer ?

Reply to  Go Bearcats
4 years ago

The videos showed that his 50 Free was in a brief, but his 100 Free was in a jammer. Who knows what he was wearing for his 200 IM.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
4 years ago

Only a drag suit probably. Nothing else

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
4 years ago

Avictor. I think he is testing out brands

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Teddy
4 years ago

The meet was apparently a helluva lot easier than the training, so it amounted to extra rest. He probably felt relatively (and that’s “relatively” as in “less than half dead”) fresh on the last day. I’m sure three days off from Troy and DeLancey, getting to do easy prelims swims, was a needed respite.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
4 years ago

What was stopping troy from making warmups workouts? Or from making him lift in between sessions?

Reply to  Paul
4 years ago

It wouldn’t surprise me if they had morning practices before the meet unless they really sandbagged prelims. All of them dropped massive chunks of time from prelims/finals. They used to run practices in the warmdown pool between sessions at the UltraSwim.

Reply to  Aquajosh
4 years ago

Training suits in the AM and suited up at night?

4 years ago

Shouldn’t you atleast be able to go sub 50 if you’re in 21.7 shape…?

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

I know 24,x swimmers who swim the 100 free faster.

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

21.7 is great but 51.0 is not. He may never be a great 100 freestyler but as long as he has the 50, he’ll be ok.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
4 years ago

There’s no “may.” He’s not going to be a great 100 freestyler. But he will be the second best 50 freestyler in the U.S. Don’t see him beating Proud, and obviously not Dressel as long as they’re around on the world stage.

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

No kidding. For a 21.7 guy, how hard should it really be to go 23.5-25.5? Even if you are a much better 50 than 100 guy.

4 years ago

Did caleab do that in a brief?

Dressel will break 20 long course
Reply to  xman
4 years ago

If he did that in a brief he is going 1:53 this summer


It looks like he probably wore a brief judging by the 100m free clip.

Reply to  monkeyboy
4 years ago

Whoops, I meant to say suit.

Reply to  xman
4 years ago

All of the Florida squad is in briefs

Reply to  xman
4 years ago

He’s been racing in a brief all weekend. So I wouldn’t be surprised. I watched him go 18’s I. A brief in heavy training in yards so it can happen

bobo gigi
Reply to  xman
4 years ago

He swam his 200 IM in a jammer.

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