Watch Caeleb Dressel Come-From-Behind 49.6 100 Free (Race Video)

Reported by Torrey Hart.


  1. Caeleb Dressel – 49.65
  2. Peter Holoda/Maxime Rooney – 49.94
  3. Shane Ryan – 50.19

After taking 7th in prelims, Caeleb Dressel topped the podium in finals, splitting 24.33/25.32 to win in 49.65. Peter Holoda and Maxime Rooney tied for second place in 49.94, with Holoda splitting 23.85/26.09 and Rooney 24.04/25.90. Shane Ryan was fourth in 50.19 (23.87/26.31).

After taking 2nd in prelims in 50.65, Michael Andrew fell to fifth in finals, going 51.03.


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Billy Howard
4 years ago

Just curious, does anyone know if this is the slowest first 50 ever on a sub-50 swim?

Reply to  Billy Howard
4 years ago

I witnessed Cielo at UGA in 2009 swim 25/24 and still got a 49.8, granted Caeleb was faster at this meet and with only a jammer, no full body polyurethane.

Billy Howard
Reply to  MrBriefStroke
4 years ago


4 years ago

One second difference between first and second 50… very phelpsian

4 years ago

That butterflyer in the bottom lane isn’t far behind Dressel.

4 years ago

Anyone know why santiago did fly?

4 years ago

Shane Ryan was fourth and Michael Andrew fifth

Daniel Jablonski
4 years ago

Who’s doing butterfly.

Reply to  Daniel Jablonski
4 years ago

Santiago Grassi

phelps swims 200 breast rio
4 years ago

That was the fastest exit from a pool after a race I have ever seen.

Reply to  phelps swims 200 breast rio
4 years ago

Clearly he had plenty left in the tank.

Reply to  phelps swims 200 breast rio
4 years ago

When you can’t even shake your opponents hand, it suggests all kinds of personality traits about a person (that may or may not be true), AND what message does it send to little kids watching?, of whom many have made him their idol………..

Reply to  StuartC
4 years ago

these comments are one of my main reasons for coming to the swimswam comment board. It’s not even peak commenting season and you hit a 10/10, bravo. We are all now tasked with stepping our game up

4 years ago

great video: the music ?

Reply to  FREEBEE
4 years ago

Really though….Had to mute, I rather would listen to the crowd and if there isn’t any, the splashing or whatever than this music.

E Gamble
Reply to  ITR
4 years ago

If it’s not a swimming commercial…please no music. I totally agree. I hit mute so fast.

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