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December 09th, 2017 News


The 2017 Speedo Winter Junior Championships – East continue tonight in Knoxville, Tennessee. Swimmers are set to compete in finals of the 1650, 200 back, 100 free, 200 breast, 200 fly, and 4×100 free relay.

Girls’ 1650 Free

  • Jrs Meet Record: 15:56.39, Gabrielle Kopenski, 2014
  1. Madison Homovich, Marlins of Raleigh, 16:10.30
  2. Kensey McMahon, Bolles, 16:13.72
  3. Maggie Wallace, Egg Harbor, 16:14.53

Boys’ 1650 Free

  • Jrs Meet Record: 14:45.40, Sean Grieshop, 2014
  1. Jacob Magahey, SwimAtlanta, 14:52.85
  2. Ross Dant, Hickory Foundation, 14:53.07
  3. Robert FreemanBaylor, 15:04.29

Girls’ 200 Back Finals

  • Jrs Meet Record:  1:50.59, Clara Smiddy, 2013
  1. Alexandra Walsh, Nashville Aquatics, 1:51.42
  2. Sinclair Larson, SwimMAC Carolina, 1:53.51
  3. Caitlin Brooks, Gator Swim Club, 1:54.02

Walsh split 54.41/57.01 en route to her commanding win. No one was within half a second of her at the 100. Larson split 55.49/58.02, coming back after the 100 on Brooks, who split 55.11/58.91.

Boys’ 200 Back Finals

  • Jrs Meet Record: 1:40.79, Jacob Pebley, 2011
  1. Carson FosterMason Manta Rays, 1:41.66
  2. Destin Lasco, Pleasantville, 1:41.97
  3. Wyatt Davis, Carmel, 1:44.37

Carson Foster this one the whole way. His half-second at the 100 was lessened slightly at the 150 by Destin Lasco who negative split his race, but a huge underwater off the 175 wall solidified the win for Foster. Foster split 50.33/51.33 to Lasco’s 51.14/50.83.

Girls’ 100 Free Finals

  • Jrs Meet Record: 46.29, Abbigail Weitzeil, 2014
  1. Kelly Pash, Carmel, 48.55
  2. Gretchen WalshNashville, 48.72
  3. Alex Walsh, Nashville, 49.04

Gretchen Walsh had the early lead at the 50, but Kelly Pash was able to come back to take the win. Pash split 23.63/24.92 to Gretchen Walsh‘s 23.27/48.72.

Boys’ 100 Free Finals

  • Jrs Meet Record: 41.23, Ryan Hoffer, 2015
  1. Drew Kibler, Carmel, 42.90
  2. Destin Lasco, Pleasantville, 43.62
  3. Cody Bybee, Dayton43.78

Kibler put up a substantial lead at the 50, with Bybee and Jack Franzman as his closest competition, then continued to hold off the field in the second half. However, Lasco’s second 50 was the fastest in the field by over three tenths, as he was fifth at the halfway mark and was able to climb to second. Kibler split 20.46/22.44 to Lasco’s 21.52/22.10 and Bybee’s 20.96/22.82.

This is the second day in a row that Lasco has blasted an impressive back-half of his race. You can read about yesterday’s negative split here.

Girls’ 200 Breast Finals

  • Jrs Meet Record: 2:07.73, Zoe Bartel, 2016
  1. Ashley McCauley, Marlins of Raleigh, 2:09.54
  2. Ella Nelson, Nashville, 2:09.87
  3. Emily Weiss, Cardinal, 2:11.04

Ashley McCauley led at the 100, with Ella Nelson closing the gap to less than .2 on the third 50. The two pulled away from the field in the second half, with McCauley prevailing. She split 1:02.13/1:07.41 to Nelson’s 1:02.28/1:07.59.

Boys’ 200 Breast Finals

  • Jrs Meet Record: 1:52.37, Reece Whitley, 2016
  1. Jacob Foster, Mason Manta Rays, 1:55.54
  2. Andrew Bornstein, Ridgefield, 1:57.40
  3. Calvin Yang, Crimson, 1:58.22

Jacob Foster had a significant lead at the 100 (no one else was under 56), pulling a body length away from the field by the finish. He split 55.68/59.86 to Bornstein’s 56.38/1:01.02.

Girls’ 200 Fly Finals

  • Jrs Meet Record: 1:54.37, Ella Eastin, 2014
  • Olivia Carter, Enfinity Aquatics, 1:53.49
  1. Olivia Carter, Enfinity Aquatics, 1:53.49
  2. Julia Menkaus, SwimMAC, 1:57.74
  3. Isabel Traba, Sarasota YMCA1:58.58

Carter scratched the 200 back to focus on this race, and she clearly knew what was in store. She took out the swim in a 53.95, body lengths ahead of the field, and brought it home in 59.54, breaking Ella Eastin’s 3-year-old meet record by almost a second. She was well over 4 seconds ahead of the rest of the field, with Menkaus splitting 56.12/1:01.56.

Carter’s swim is 6th all-time for 17-18s, and she’s only 17.

Boys’ 200 Fly Finals

  • Jrs Meet Record: 1:43.64, Robert McHugh, 2013
  1. Zachary Brown, Marlins of Raleigh, 1:44.11
  2. Mason Wilby, Gator Swim Club, 1:44.48
  3. Cody Bybee, Dayton Raiders, 1:45.27

There were at least four swimmers in the running for this win until the last 15 yards. Brown led slightly at the 100 (50.20 to Wilby’s 50.29), and four swimmers were between 1:17.1 and 1:17.8 at the 150 mark. Bybee was fourth at the 150, but crept up on Jacob Johnson to nab the bronze medal.

Girls’ 4×100 Free Relay

  • Jrs Meet Record: 3:16.62, SwimMAC Carolina, 2015
  1. Nashville Aquatic Club, 3:17.32
  2. SwimMAC Carolina — A, 3:18.45
  3. SwimMAC Carolina — B, 3:20.86

Nashville Aquatics grabbed an early lead, but SwimMAC came back on the second 100. SwimMAC held on for the third leg, but Nashville’s Alex Walsh took her race out in a 22.6 and dropped a 47.51, taking back the lead after the first underwater.

Boys’ 4×100 Free Relay

  • Jrs Meet Record: 2:55.89, Bolles, 2012
  1. Allegheny North, 2:55.96
  2. SwimMAC Carolina, 2:57.74
  3. Carmel Swim Club, 2:58.12

Mason Gonzalez put up a solid leadoff swim for Allegheny, going 44.03. But Jack Wright threw down the key leg, going 43.66. Andrew Zhang followed up 44.48 and Richard Mihm anchored in 43.79, giving the meet record a scare. The fastest swim across all relays came from 100 free champ Drew Kibler, who went 42.29 for Carmel.

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Is Morgan Tankersley okay?

Distance Swimmer

peaked af


Peaked what?

Big10 Boyz

Remember these swimmers are Junior level swimmers even if they swim Senior level times. How about keeping the comments appropriate to their developmental level.

Florida Coach

Age Group program, Age Group Coaching. Morgan Tankersly has out grown her program.


The “Age Group Program” has the top breastrokers for both genders in 13-14 as well as multiple top 10 rankings. Finished just outside top 10 at Jr’s. You’re clearly uninformed.


Thank-you for making my point.


The team that is. Keep this forum positive please

GTSA Coach

Florida Coach, I am always looking to learn and would love to get some advise from someone who obviously knows how to create a “Senior Program.” My email is [email protected], I hope we can connect soon!


Foster has another year for the 200 back NAG right?

Tammy Touchpad Error

Destin Lasco isn’t not trying that front half, his statt was atrocious. Has a nice long powerful smooth free and back. Carson Foster once again doing his thing and being a winner. Alex Walsh can still improve on her underwaters and breakouts. Also has a stroke similar to Lasco. Nice shoulder action. Also from last night in her 100 breast I noticed off the first wall she had her head down too much and it visibly slowed her down. She fixed it off subsequent walls. Has a 57 in her right now. I will say I was dissapointed to find out A Walsh was in 100 free and not 200 breast. Considering Breast is the easiest 200, that could potentially… Read more »


What was the point in stating the 200 breast was the easiest? 200 breast is just as hard as every other 200, and each 200 is hard in its own way and is respective to your stroke. A primary butterflyer will obviously see the 200 fly as harder than the 200 breast and vice versa.


im pretty sure many primary butterflyers will see the 200 breast as much harder haha

John McCain

200 breast is definitely not the easiest…

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