2017 U.S. Worlds Trials: Day 5 Prelims Live Recap


Welcome to the final day in Indianapolis. In the 200 IM, favorite Melanie Margalis will take aim at a national title, while Stanford standout Ella Eastin looks to recover from a DQ in the 400 IM to qualify for her first major summer international meet. For the men, Josh Prenot and Michael Andrew will be gunning for a 1st or 2nd place finish to secure a spot on the Worlds team.

Meanwhile, Caeleb Dressel will be trying to extend his win streak after taking the 100 and 50 fly already this competition, while the women’s 50 free is starting to look more and more open.


  • American Record: Ariana Kukors, 2:06.15, 2009
  • U.S. Open Record: Katinka Hosszu, 2:08.66, 2015
  • LC National Meet Record: Julia Smit, 2:09.34, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 2:13.41
  1. Melanie Margalis, St. Petersburg 2:10.43
  2. Madisyn Cox, Longhorn Aquatics 2:10.53
  3. Ella Eastin, Stanford 2:13.15
  4. Emma Barksdale, Gamecock Aquatics 2:13.73
  5. Bethany Galat, Texas A&M 2:13.78
  6. Brooke Forde, Lakeside Swim Team 2:13.92
  7. Rachael Bradford-Feldman, Louisville 2:13.97
  8. Alex Walsh, Nashville Aquatic Club 2:14.07

Though she hasn’t had the best meet, Madisyn Cox had a statement swim this morning in the 200 IM. Winning the penultimate heat by a landslide, the Longhorn posted a lifetime best 2:10.53 for the 2nd seed tonight in finals. Melanie Margalis got it done in the final heat, however, posting a 2:10.43 without looking to have gone all out on her freestyle leg. Bethany Galat swam a 2:13.78 in Margalis’ heat to get into the final, too.

High schoolers Brooke Forde (2:13.92) and Alex Walsh (2:14.07) squeaked into the A final with 6th and 9th place finishes, respectively, this morning.

Stanford’s Ella Eastin took control of heat 12, the first circle-seeded heat, going out strong in 1:01.83. She finished at 2:13.15, with Gamecock Aquatics’ Emma Barksdale (2:1373.) and Louisville’s Rachael Bradford-Feldman (2:13.97) right behind. Barksdale and Bradford-Feldman had big swims, both breaking 2:15 for the first time.

In an early heat, entered with a yards time, 2017 NCAA Champion in the yards version of this event Kathleen Baker turned in a 2:14.32, about two seconds off of her lifetime best of 2:12.09. She just missed the A final, ending up 9th overall.

MEN’S 200 IM

  • American Record: Ryan Lochte, 1:54.00, 2011
  • U.S. Open Record: Ryan Lochte, 1:54.56, 2009
  • LC National Meet Record: Ryan Lochte, 1:54.56, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 2:00.22
  1. Josh Prenot, Cal 1:57.63
  2. Chase Kalisz, NBAC 1:58.17
  3. Will Licon, Longhorn 1:58.54
  4. Abrahm Devine, Stanford 1:58.77
  5. Gunnar Bentz, Athens Bulldogs 1:59.49
  6. Michael Weiss, Wisconsin Aquatics 1:59.88
  7. Jay Litherland, Dynamo 2:00.11
  8. Grant Sanders, Unattached 2:01.26

Josh Prenot won heat 10, searching for a Worlds spot tonight. He ended up 1:57.63, a big swim for the Cal alum and a lifetime best by about eight tenths. Prenot now ranks 8th in the world. Though he was disqualified during prelims of the 400 IM, Stanford’s Abrahm Devine surged to a best time 1:58.77 to finish 2nd behind Prenot in that heat.

In the final heat, Chase Kalisz held strong against Will Licon, touching first in 1:58.17 to Licon’s 1:58.54. Gunnar Bentz was right there in 1:59.49, too.

Michael Weiss of Wisconsin Aquatics got under two minutes for sixth this morning. Grant Sanders, who recently announced an NCAA transfer from Arizona to Florida, went 2:01.26 for 8th. That was a two-second drop for Sanders.

Michael Andrew had a strong first 100, but the World Junior record holder faded on the freestyle leg, giving way to Dynamo’s Jay Litherland in heat 9. Litherland posted a 2:00.11, about six tenths behind his lifetime best.


  • American Record: Dara Torres, 24.07, 2009
  • U.S. Open Record: Cate Campbell, 24.13, 2008
  • LC National Meet Record: Dara Torres, 24.25, 2016
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 25.18
  1. Simone Manuel, Stanford 24.63
  2. Mallory Comerford, Louisville 24.88
  3. Abbey Weitzeil, Cal 25.00 *TIE*
  4. Lia Neal, Stanford 25.00 *TIE*
  5. Kelsi Worrell, Cardinal Aquatics 25.03
  6. Madison Kennedy, SwimMAC 25.06
  7. Olivia Smoliga, Athens Bulldogs 25.14
  8. Grace Ariola, Waves Bloomington 25.23

Mallory Comerford is on fire, and she broke 25 for the first time in her career. Her 24.88 in heat 12 was a best time by four tenths, and it sends her 2nd into the A final tonight. 1st this morning was Simone Manuel at 24.63.

Manuel’s teammate Lia Neal posted a 25.00, tying with Cal’s Abbey Weitzeil.

In heat 11, Kelsi Worrell nearly broke 25 seconds. She was 25.03, getting the touch over Madison Kennedy by just three hundredths. Kennedy was 25.06 for sixth this morning.

Illinois natives Olivia Smoliga (25.14) and Grace Ariola (25.23) were the last two into the A final tonight, with Ariola taking .17 off of her seed time.


  • American Record: Nathan Adrian, 21.37, 2015
  • U.S. Open Record: Cesar Cielo, 21.14, 2009
  • LC National Meet Record: Nathan Adrian/Garrett Weber-Gale, 21.47, 2013/2008
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 22.47
  1. Caeleb Dressel, Bolles 21.75
  2. Cullen Jones, Wolfpack Elite 22.08
  3. Nathan Adrian, Cal 22.19
  4. Zachary Apple, Auburn 22.20
  5. Michael Chadwick, Mizzou 22.32
  6. Anthony Ervin, Unattached 22.32
  7. Michael Andrew, Race Pace Club 22.36
  8. Ryan Held, Wolfpack Elite 22.39

Anthony Ervin and Caeleb Dressel had a showdown in the final heat. Dressel had a huge win, going 21.75 to be the only swimmer under 22 seconds. Ervin made the final in sixth with a 22.32, but Caeleb looks to be the big favorite tonight.

Wolfpack Elite’s Cullen Jones was 22.08, winning the first circle-seeded heat over Auburn’s Zachary Apple (22.20) and Michael Chadwick (22.32). Jones is 2nd after prelims, with Nathan Adrian in third after prelims at 22.19.

Zachary Apple dropped .49 from his seed time, going 22.20 for 4th after prelims.

Also getting into tonight’s A final are Michael Andrew (22.36) and Ryan Held (22.39).

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IMs for days
5 years ago

Devine does what we thought eastin would do and recovers from being Lochte ruled!

Attila the Runt
5 years ago

I’m beginning to wonder whether MA has some ridiculous stipulation in his Adidas contract that relates to number of top 10 U.S. or World finishes, A finals at National champs, or something that would explain why he would swim so many events. Gotta feed the family.

Reply to  Attila the Runt
5 years ago

interesting point… it’s almost like he’s doing all these events so maybe eventually (hopefully) he can widdle it down to a few? i’ve been perplexed with all the media attention around him, but after this meet i actually feel a little bad. i think that training with a pro group like other people have said is a great idea. he’s clearly talented, but needs better direction…

5 years ago

Is Michael Andrew the most hyped age-grouper/junior swimmer in the history of the sport?

It seems more and more like it.

And please, stop with “But he’s only 18”.
Next year the MA cheerleaders squad will be saying “But he’s only 19”, just like last year when they regurgitated “But he’s only 17”.

The amount of frequent news, digital ink/bits and bandwidth dedicated to MA in the past few years by Swimswam is just obscene for someone with such minimum national/international/global accomplishments.

Reply to  SchoolingFTW
5 years ago

Most hyped? No that’s still and will always be Phelps/Thorpe.

Reply to  Pvdh
5 years ago

You are very funny.

Reply to  SchoolingFTW
5 years ago

What? Phelps/Thorpe were olympians/world champions/world record holders before turning 18

Attila the Runt
5 years ago

His 200 breast was fine. It’s just Cordes and Fink swam particularly lights out.

E Gamble
5 years ago

I bet the foreign swim coaches will be forming lines to get a peak at the Caeleb practicing his starts at Worlds. That 50 free start was insane. ? ?

Reply to  E Gamble
5 years ago

Totally agree. He made Earvin’s start look like age grouper.

Joel Lin
5 years ago

Michael Andrew is an immense talent. To go much, or any further, he’s got to join with a professional group. Go to San Diego w/ Marsh, LA w/ Salo, Berkeley, Austin w/ Eddie. Something. Something where he is in an environment where he can train alongside other world class swimmers.

Attila the Runt
Reply to  Joel Lin
5 years ago

I’m thinking Wolfpack as another option. He’s basically a sprinter. Go train with Cullen, Held, Ress and learn with a pro like Cullen, without the distractions of multiple world class talents in multiple events. Eddie will retire soon, so I don’t think that’s a good landing spot. Wherever he goes, he needs to start weight training, swim racks, etc. He’s never going to be able to compete with the rest if he continues the nonsense that it’s not race-specific. It’ll be a helluva lot cheaper to live as a pro athlete with a minimal sponsorship deal in Raleigh than in LA, San Diego, or even Austin.

Joel Lin
Reply to  Attila the Runt
5 years ago

By way of Adidas alone I don’t think Andrew is in ‘minimal sponsorship’ land. I’m not qualified or interested in taking any pop shots at his race pace training program or his dad’s coaching. I can only think of 1 male US swimmer well served training on his own island: Lezak. MA ain’t Lezak. He isn’t a one-and-done sprint freestyler, his range is broader. It’s real simple…MA needs to train with other guys who can push him in a system that puts different training duress on him. There’s no Olympic gold for the most Grand Prix meet top 8s. Soon or late there’s no seven figure possibles with Adidas or other either if no major long course meet bling. Get… Read more »

Reply to  Joel Lin
5 years ago

And Lezak did that later in his career, after going to college.

E Gamble
Reply to  Attila the Runt
5 years ago

The cheapest city as a Pro swimmer is Gainesville Flordia…..U of F.

E Gamble
Reply to  Joel Lin
5 years ago

I bet coach Bowman would love to have him. He might be better for his 200 IM.

Reply to  E Gamble
5 years ago

No, that would never work.

Bowman gives sets like 10,000 straight for time, and sadistic stuff like that.

Michael has a Helicopter Father, so that complicates things.

E Gamble
Reply to  marklewis
5 years ago

Ok…… how about U of Florida? He can train with Caeleb, Troy and Steve. Also, Gainesville is a cheap city and he could train IM and sprint. The best of both worlds. ?

5 years ago

Conger time trialed a 1:47.5 2Free. Not great, but right around what Dressel did and significantly better than individual.

5 years ago

Don’t think it would happen but I’d love to see Weitzeil and two of Prenot/Licon/Bentz make it tonight. They’ve all had rough meets and I would like to see them end with something good

About Karl Ortegon

Karl Ortegon

Karl Ortegon studied sociology at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, graduating in May of 2018. He began swimming on a club team in first grade and swam four years for Wesleyan.

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