2017 U.S. Open: Michael Andrew, Sharli Brady Scratch A Finals on Day 5


There was quite a bit of shuffling in both the women’s and men’s 200 IMs. Sharli Brady, from the University of Missouri, declined her spot in the women’s A final after she finished sixth in prelims with a 2:16.05 (PBx0.32). That means #9 Mia Nonnenberg of Alabama, with 2:17.30, will move into the A final tonight.

Kristin Malone of Texas A&M, whose 2:17.82 was the 10th-fastest swim of the morning, scratched the B final to concentrate on her 50 free final, where she qualified sixth. Likewise, Madison Homovich of Marlins of Raleigh opted to forego her B-final spot in the 200 IM to concentrate on the 1500 free, where she is seeded fifth. Homovich dropped 1.02 in prelims of the 200 IM with 2:18.35 and finished 14th.

The three empty spots in the B final will be taken by #17 Savanna Faulconer of Y-Spartaquatics/University of Florida (2:18.84 in prelims), #18 Beata Nelson from Wisconsin Aquatics (2:19.05), and #19 Christie Jenson of Indiana University (2:19.05).

On the men’s side, Race Pace Club’s Michael Andrew, third this morning with 2:02.35, bowed out of the A final of the 200 IM to concentrate on the 50 free, where he is seeded sixth going into tonight’s final. That moves Gator Swim Club’s Alexander Lebed, ninth out of heats with 2:03.54, into the A final.

In the B final, University of Missouri’s Nick Alexander, 14th with 2:04.08, and Jarrett Jones, 16th with 2:04.43, both scratched. #17 Phillip Willett of Missouri State, whose 2:04.91 was a PBx0.96, #18 Adam Noens of Boilermaker Aquatics/Purdue University (2:05.32, PBx0.09), and #19 Brennan Balogh of Lincoln Select (2:05.34) all move into the B final.

Nary an athlete scratched the A or the B finals of the women’s and men’s 50 freestyles. There were two swim-offs among four women: Alyssa Marsh and Wisconsin Aquatics’ Marissa Berg, tied for 16th with 26.21, competed to see who would swim in tonight’s B final. Berg earned that right with a 25.99-26.09 win. The other swim-off was for 26th. Clare Lawlor of Princeton Piranhas and Jess Unicomb of Wisconsin both went 26.42 in prelims, so in the event there would be enough scratches to move one of them into the C final, they raced again. Lawlor went 25.95 to Unicomb’s 26.73. With no one dropping out of any of the three finals, Lawlor sits alone as the second alternate. However, she leaves East Meadow with a PBx0.50; seeded with 26.45, she went 26.42 in prelims, then 25.95 in the swim-off. Had she done that in prelims she would have qualified 10th overall.

Prelims results:

Women 200 LC Meter IM

  • American: 2:06.15 7/27/2009 Ariana Kukors
  • S. Open: 2:08.66 5/17/2015 Katinka Hosszu
  • US Open Meet: 2:11.06 8/3/2013 Justine Mueller
  1. Margaret Aroesty, LIAC 2:15.11
  2. Nora McCullagh, TXLA 2:15.66
  3. Fantine Lesaffre, FRA 2:15.71
  4. Lisa Bratton, TAMU 2:15.87
  5. Vanessa Pearl, MTRO 2:15.97
  6. Sharli Brady, UMIZ 2:16.05
  7. Meaghan Raab, NAC/UGA 2:16.69
  8. Kelly Fertel, GRSC 2:16.85

Men 200 LC Meter IM

  • American: 1:54.00 7/28/2011 Ryan Lochte
  • S. Open: 1:54.56 7/10/2009 Ryan Lochte
  • US Open Meet: 1:59.26 11/30/2006 Michael F Phelps
  1. Ryan Lochte, TROJ 1:59.82
  2. Sam Stewart, TXLA 2:01.88
  3. Michael Andrew, RPC 2:02.35
  4. Xavier Mohammed, SW 2:02.45
  5. Kyle Maas, MLA 2:03.19
  6. Ross Palazzo, HEAT 2:03.29
  7. Kieran Smith, RAC 2:03.39
  8. Brock Bonetti, TAMU 2:03.40

Women 50 LC Meter Freestyle

  • American: 23.97 7/30/2017 Simone Manuel
  • S. Open: 24.13 5/18/2008 Cate Campbell
  • US Open Meet: 24.90 8/8/2009 Jessica Hardy
  1. Madison Kennedy, MAC 25.42
  2. Marie Wattel, FRA 25.55
  3. Gretchen Walsh, NAC 25.73
  4. Margo Geer, FORD 25.77
  5. Amanda Kendall, UN-IN 25.77
  6. Kristin Mallone, TAMU 25.80
  7. Rebecca Millard, TXLA 25.81
  8. Courtney Caldwell, WOLF 25.88

Men 50 LC Meter Freestyle

  • American: 21.15 7/29/2017 Caeleb Dressel
  • S. Open: 21.14 7/9/2009 Cesar Cielo
  • US Open Meet: 21.73 8/8/2009 Nicholas Brunelli
  1. Brad Tandy, UN-AZ 21.95
  2. Cullen Jones, WOLF 22.17
  3. Tate Jackson, TXLA 22.66
  4. Robert Howard, BAMA 22.67
  5. Brett Ringgold, NTN 22.69
  6. Michael Andrew, RPC 22.70
  7. Kyle Robrock, UN-CO 22.87
  8. BJ Hornikel, UN-SE 22.88



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expert coach

Why no mention in any articles of how MA is the ONLY swimmer to make the A final in TWO events? Quite the accomplishment. Congrats!

samuel huntington





5 Star sarcasm here


Bowed out of A final…. or was scared of a guy almost twice his age whooping him.

E Gamble

I didn’t expect Michael Andrew to beat Ryan Lochte in a 200 IM. Ryan could beat most with very little practice.

E Gamble

I just don’t get this. Why would you scratch a 200 IM to focus on a 50 free. Why wouldn’t you do both? It’s practice for Junior Worlds. ?

Speed Racer

I believe it was to try and maintain a spot on the National Team. Currently he has a spot in the 50free but is the 5th person. Apple is above him but is also going to WUGs so anything he does at WUGs will not matter really in terms of making the National Team or not. Chadwick is the second spot in the 50 at WUGs and currently NOT on the 50list for the National Team so he could bump MA down to the 6spot with a great WUGs swim. 50Free is such a tight race at any meet. Anyone finishing above him at US Open this evening could have passed him and pushed him off the National Team since… Read more »

Speed Racer

Sorry I had the wrong roster. Held and Virva are going to WUGs. Which really does put him on the bubble since both could best his time and push him off the roster.


Great post and valid explanation. Thank you.


Yes, looks like your were spot on. It looks very tight, but he should manage to stay on the roster. Good management from is coach/father.

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