2017 Men’s Pac-12 Championships: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


The 2017 Men’s Pac-12 Championships in Federal Way, Washington continue this morning with the preliminary heats of the 400 IM, 100 fly, 200 free, 100 breast, and 100 back. Cal’s Andrew Seliskar will look to set up a sweep of the IM events, while teammates Ryan Murphy (100 back) and Justin Lynch (100 fly) seek their first individual titles of the meet. The Stanford freestyle group, which includes last night’s 500 free champ Grant Shoults, will look to rack up big points for their team in the 200 free.

MEN’S 400 IM

  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 3:40.76
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 3:54.49
  • Conference Record: Josh Prenot, 2016, 3:35.82
  • Championship Record: Josh Prenot, 2015, 3:38.83
  1. Abrahm DeVine, Stanford, 3:44.49
  2. Nick Thorne, Arizona, 3:44.56
  3. Ken Takahashi, Cal, 3:44.92
  4. Patrick Mulcare, USC, 3:45.54
  5. Andrew Seliskar, Cal, 3:46.34
  6. Justin Buck, Stanford, 3:47.02
  7. Curtis Ogren, Stanford, 3:47.34
  8. Max Williamson, Stanford, 3:48.93

Cal’s Andrew Seliskar and Stanford’s Abrahm DeVine, who went 1-2 in this race last season, will meet again in tonight’s final. DeVine led the way through prelims, qualifying narrowly ahead of Arizona’s Nick Thorne. Seliskar, on the other hand, picked up the 5th seed for finals.

Cal’s Ken Takahashi dropped a second from his personal best to take 3rd in 3:44.92 ahead of USC’s Patrick Mulcare. A trio of Stanford men rounded out the top 8 to give the Cardinal 4 men in tonight’s final.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 45.73
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 48.29
  • Conference Record: Austin Staab, 2009, 44.18
  • Championship Record: Austin Staab, 2011, 44.66
  1. Justin Lynch, Cal, 45.51
  2. Matt Josa, Cal, 45.68
  3. Andrew Porter, ASU, 45.75
  4. Alex Valente, USC, 46.02
  5. Andrew Liang, Stanford, 46.03
  6. Chatham Dobbs, Arizona, 46.18
  7. Santo Condorelli, USC, 46.20
  8. Tadas Duskinas, ASU, 46.36

Cal’s Justin Lynch and Matt Josa qualified 1-2 for the Bears this morning, with Arizona State’s Andrew Porter joining them in the 45-range to round ut the top 3. Arizona State will have 2 in tonight’s final, with Tadas Duskinas taking 8th, as will USC, who got Santo Condorelli in at 7th.

Narrowly missing out on the final were Arizona’s Chad Idensohn (46.49) and Stanford’s Sam Perry (46.57) in 9th and 10th respectively. Other big names in the B-final include USC’s Michael Domagala (46.66) and Cal’s Pawel Sendyk (46.79).


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 1:32.97
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 1:37.99
  • Conference Record: Simon Burnett, 2006, 1:31.20
  • Championship Record: Cristian Quintero, 2015, 1:32.40
  1. Cameron Craig, ASU, 1:33.34
  2. Austin Phillips, Utah, 1:34.20
  3. Long Gutierrez, Cal, 1:34.22
  4. Michael Jensen, Cal, 1:34.31
  5. Reed Malone, USC, 1:34.37
  6. Grant Shoults, Stanford, 1:34.46
  7. Dylan Carter, USC, 1:34.53
  8. Kyle Coan, Cal, 1:34.94

Arizona State freshman Cameron Craig was the only man to break 1:34 this morning, setting himself up in lane 4 ahead of Utah’s Austin Phillips and Cal teammates Long Gutierrez and Michael Jensen. Phillips had a huge swim this morning, knocking over 3 seconds off his previous best time of 1:37.24 from the 2016 Ohio State Invite.

Craig is looking good to compete for the title after his 1:32.16 leadoff split on the 800 free relay, but USC’s Dylan Carter will also be in the mix to challenge him after qualifying 7th. Carter was a hundredth faster than Craig on the 800 free relay leadoff, splitting a 1:32.15. Stanford’s Grant Shoults, the 500 free champ, will also be a threat as the 6th seed for finals.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 51.93
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 55.39
  • Conference Record: Kevin Cordes, 2014, 50.04
  • Championship Record: Kevin Cordes, 2014, 51.23
  1. Carsten Vissering, USC, 51.82
  2. Connor Hoppe, Cal, 52.29
  3. Christian Lorenz, ASU, 52.32
  4. Blair Bish, Arizona, 52.61
  5. Matt Anderson, Stanford, 52.69
  6. Carson Sand, Cal, 52.72
  7. Steven Stumph, USC, 53.00
  8. Matt Whittle, Cal, 53.05

USC’s Carsten Vissering smashed the 52-barrier for the first time this morning, taking top seed with his 51.82. Cal’s Connor Hoppe and ASU’s Christian Lorenz put up a pair of 52-low behind him. The Bears will look to make a move in the points race in this event, as they got 3 in the final. In addition to Hoppe, teammate Carson Sand took 6th seed and Matt Whittle took 8th seed.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 45.37
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 48.49
  • Conference Record: Ryan Murphy, 2016, 43.49
  • Championship Record: Ralf Tribuntsov, 2015, 44.95
  1. Ralf Tribuntsov, USC, 45.74
  2. Ryan Dudzinski, Stanford, 45.84
  3. Richard Bohus, ASU, 45.91
  4. Ryan Murphy, Cal, 45.94
  5. Paul Ungur, Utah, 46.31
  6. Thomas Anderson, Arizona, 46.41
  7. Andrew Liang, Stanford, 46.54
  8. Justin McArthur,Utah, 46. 60

Cal’s Ryan Murphy cruised through the morning to take 4th seed with a 45.94. A handful of men came in ahead of him in the 45-high range, including USC’s Ralf Tribuntsov, the Meet Record holder. Stanford’s Ryan Dudzinski and Andrew Liang turned in 2nd and 7th place finishes respectively to give the Cardinal 2 up.

Arizona’s Chatham Dobbs, the defending sivler medalist, just missed out on the final with a 46.63 for 10th behind ASU’s Reid Elliott (46.60). His teammate, Thomas Anderson, secured a finals spot for the Wildcats with a 6th place finish in prelims.

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myrna Lewis
5 years ago

I can’t understand the scoring of this meet. On the first day Cal won both relays but had less points than Stanford? Is it all about diving even though there is no diving on the first day?

Reply to  myrna Lewis
5 years ago

myrna – the diving was all done last week. So the first day of swimming was not the first day of scoring.

5 years ago

Nice Matt breaking the 53 barrier. He’s gonna kill it in finals

Reply to  Uberfan
5 years ago

My boy matt Anderson!!!!

5 years ago

Why do these conferences with so few participants in most events continue to score all the way through a “C” final? There are events where literally everyone who swims in the morning makes it back – seems pretty ridiculous.

Reply to  Why?
5 years ago

Why? – the Pac-12 only scores through the B Final. They just swim a B final to get more guys an opportunity for a second swim.

Reply to  Why?
5 years ago

The meet is taking an hour at most in the morning and an hour and half at night… it’s not like having a C final is adding extra time

5 years ago

Murphy can’t be rested at all based on the 200 IM yesterday, if this is him broken down then rested he’ll be 1:39 200 IM, 1:34 200 back and 43 flat 100 back. Hope he leads off the 800 relay at NC to see that sub 1:30

Reply to  Ragnar
5 years ago

I can see 1:34 200 back and 43low 100 back, but I can’t see sub 1:30.

Reply to  Ragnar
5 years ago

Now I am not doubting Ryan and his capabilities, but i highly doubt a primary backstroker will be the first man under 1:30… 1:30 is not an easy time I don’t know why people think he could do that, 1:31 definitely but under 1:30 for someone who doesnt train 200 free is a huge reach…

5 years ago

Cameron Craig has inhuman last 50 speed

bobo gigi
Reply to  Tomato
5 years ago

He was one of the 2 biggest revelations with Robert Finke of last junior pacs on the US men’s side.
With Mr Bowman and MP at ASU he’s in good hands to go the next level.
Big motor. And as you mentioned, a big finish.
The battle against Carter tonight should be great to watch.

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