2017 College Challenge: Sunday Live Recap

2017 College Challenge

  • Saturday, October 21-Sunday, October 22
  • Uytengsu Aquatics Center, Los Angeles, CA
  • 25 yards
  • USA Roster
  • Pac-12 Roster
  • Live Results
  • Results on Meet Mobile as “2017 College Challange”

Day 2 of the 2017 College Challenge kicks off this morning at 10:30 a.m., with Pac-12 in the lead 155-141.

The men’s 1000 free will feature a rematch of yesterday’s tight 500 filed, with Zane Grothe, Sean Grieshop, Mitch D’Arrigo, True Sweetser, Clark Smith, and Grant Shoults duking it out. Amongst many highlights, we’ll see Tom Shields try his hand at a 200 free out of lane 1, and the surging Maggie Aroesty in lane 4 for the 100 breast.

Lia Neal and Abbey Weitzeil will vie for the 50 free win on the women’s side, while the men’s race is wide open with 32-year-old Matt Grevers in lane 3 — with nine years on the next oldest swimmer in the race. The USA’s Murphy-Miller-Moffitt-Neal 200 mixed medley relay team will go head-to-head with Pac-12’s Ungur-Hoppe-Hu-Weitzeil team in what’s sure to be a fun race.

1000 Freestyle – Women

No surprise here: Katie Ledecky took this one out smooth and was nearly a full 25 ahead by the 500 mark (which she hit in 4:37.88). She finished in 9:11.68, a 50 ahead of the field. Arizona’s Hannah Cox finished second on 9:32.24, followed by USA’s Madison Homovich in 9:37.78, UCLA’s Sandra Soe in 9:53.85, Washington’s Jasmine Margetts in 10:06.55, and USA’s Ruby Martin in 10:11.65.

Score: Pac-12 170, USA 145

1000 Freestyle – Men

Yesterday’s 500 champ Zane Grothe led the entire way, contested only by USA teammate Clark Smith. Grothe was 4:22.59 at the 500 followed  closely by Smith, but pulled away in the final 300 for a final time of 8:45.71, with Smith at 8:46.34. In third was the USA’s Mitch D’Arrigo in 8:55.18, then True Sweetser in 8:59.78, followed by Sean Greishop in 9:06.35, and Grant Shoults in 9:11.62 for sixth.

Pac-12 leads 173-161.

200 Mixed Medley Relay

Michael Andrew threw down an 18.83 and nearly came back on Abbey Weitzeil to steal the win, but she prevailed with a 21.26 anchor leg. Pac-12’s A-team finished in 1:28.87, followed by USA’s B-team in 1:28.99, USA’s A-team in 1:30.21, and the Pac-12 B-team in 1:32.15.

Score: Pac-12 184, USA 167

200 Freestyle – Women

Katie Ledecky took it out in 49.96, finishing first in 1:41.60. For the first 125, she was trailed closely by Louise Hansson, but USA’s Melanie Margalis made her move at the 150 mark, closing on Hansson to tie for second place in 1:43.19. Katie Drabot took 4th in 1:45.44, 5th went to Madisyn Cox in 1:45.68, Katie Grover was 6th in 1:46.88, and Dakota Luther was 7th in 1:47.09.

Score: Pac-12 198.5-USA 171.5

200 Freestyle – Men

Out of lane 1 for the third time this weekend, Tom Shields led this race the entire way. He finished in 1:33.70, followed by USC’s Dylan Carter un 1:34.16, Cameron Craig in 1:35.13, Michael Jensen in 1:35.80, Kieran Smith in 1:36.04, Zane Grothe in 1:37.07, Jack Conger in 1:37.27, and Austin Phillips in 1:39.64.

Pac-12 207.5- USA 181.5

100 Backstroke – Women

Pac-12’s Kathleen Baker edged out USA’s Regan Smith, going 50.62 and 51.30, respectively. In 3rd was Janet Hu with a 51.61, 4th went to Lucie Nordmann in 52.64, 5th to Hellen Moffitt in 52.81, and 6th to Jasmine Margetts in 55.40. Smith’s swim is a new 15-16 National Age Group Record.

Score: Pac-12 219.5, USA 188.5

100 Backstroke – Men

In a race featuring the past two Olympic champions, it was USC freshman Robert Glinta who prevailed in 45.97. 2nd place went to Matt Grevers in 46.10, 3rd to Ryan Murphy in 46.15, 4th to Paul Ungur in 46.24, 5th to Patrick Mulcare in 46.29, and 6th to Jacob Pebley in 46.50. Glinta finaled in the event at the 2016 Olympics.

Pac-12 leads 231.5-195.5

100 Breaststroke – Women

Molly Hannis took the first 50 out in 26.91, pulling well ahead of the field for the final time of 57.69. She was followed by Andrea Cotrell in 59.33 and Melanie Margalis in 59.37. 4th place went to Maggie Aroesty in 59.98, 5th to Riley Scott in 1:00.16, 6th to Silja Kansakoski in 1:00.43, and 7th to Genny Robertson in 1:01.97. Hannis’ swim was announced as the fourth fastest in history.

Score: Pac -12 234.5, USA 211.5

100 Breaststroke – Men

Team USA’s Nic Fink edged out Cody Miller, going 52.10 and 52.79 respectively. In 3rd was Josh Prenot in 52.87, 4th went to Connor Hoppe in 53.34, 5th to Matthew Anderson in 53.42, 6th to Christian Lorenz in 54.09, and 7th to Jack Burton in 55.24. “We all know that breaststroke is definitely the best stroke,” Fink told the crowd.

Pac-12 leads 237.5-227.5

200 Butterfly – Women

Pac-12’s Ella Eastin smoked the field in 1:52.83, followed by USA’s Regan Smith in 1:55.02. In 3rd was USC’s Maddie Wright in 1:55.09, 4th was Cal’s Katie McLaughlin in 1:55.94, 5th went to USA’s Dakota Luther in 1:56.85, 6th was USA’s Ruby Martin in 1:57.32, and 7th was Oregon’s Arianna Letrari in 1:59.16.

Score: Pac-12 251.5, USA 232.5

200 Butterfly – Men

Tom Shields took his fourth win of the meet — all out of lane 1 — in 1:41.59. Second went to Cal’s Zheng Quah in 1:42.08, 3rd to Cal’s Justin Lynch in 1:43.28, 4th to Pace Clark in 1:44.00, 5th Justin Wright in 1:44.86, and 6th to Nick Thorne in 1:45.65. Imagine that Berkeley training group with Shields, Quah and Lynch…

Pac-12 leads 259.5-243.5

50 Freestyle – Women

Abbey Weitzeil grabbed an impressive win in 21.63, followed by Katrina Konopka in 22.34. Amanda Kendall was 3rd in 22.41, 4th went to Lia Neal in 22.43, 5th to Lucie Nordmann in 22.44, 6th to Hellen Moffitt in 22.45, and 7th to Maddie Murphy in 22.57. Weitzeil was only .05 off her NCAA time from last year.

Pac-12 still leads 272.5-249.5

50 Freestyle – Men

In the second dual meet of his life, Michael Andrew dominated the race from the get-go, going 19.23. In 2nd was Michael Jensen in 19.83, 3rd went to Samuel Perry in 19.89, 4th to Daniel Krueger in 20.00, 5th to Ralf Tribuntsov, 6th to Matt Grevers, and 7th to Dylan Carter in 20.16.

Score: 280.5-260.5

200 IM – Women

Pac-12 teammates Ella Eastin and Kathleen Baker tied for first in 1:53.24 — a poetic moment in their ongoing rivalry. Melanie Margalis took 3rd in 1:53.89, Madisyn Cox took 4th in 1:56.00, Brooke Forde went 1:56.26 for 5th, 6th went to Kenisha Liu in 2:00.54, 7th to Andrea Cotrell in 2:01.07, and 8th to Madison Homovich in 2:20.79.

Score: Pac -12 294.5, USA 265.5.

200 IM – Men

For the last individual event of the meet, Josh Prenot took the win in 1:42.78. Second place went to Abrahm DeVine in 1:44.02, 3rd to Matthew Josa in 1:44.51, 4th to Michael Andrew in 1:44.83, 5th to Andrew Seliskar in 1:44.88, 6th to Patrick Mulcare in 1:46.57, 7th to Kieran Smith in 1:46.58, and 8th to Nic Fink in 1:46.62.

Score: Pac-12 302.5, USA 276.5

400 Freestyle Relay – Women

Louise Hansson gave the Pac-12 a huge lead after the first 100, and Janet Hu held on held on to hand of nearly a 2-second lead to Katie Ledecky. Lia Neal gained major ground for Team USA, but Abbey Weitzeil gained a body-length on Melanie Margalis for the win in 3:11.28. Team USA was 2nd in 3:12.75, followed by the Pac-12 B-team in 3:16.08 and the Pac-12 C-team in 3:22.12.

Pac-12 secured the meet win with this race.

Score: Pac-12 315.5, USA 280.5

400 Freestyle Relay – Men

With a stellar back half, Cameron Craig (41.9) edged out the USA’s Daniel Kreuger for the win. Pac-12’s final time was 2:51.58, followed by the USA B-team in 2:51.77, then USA A-team in 2:54.09, and Pac-12 B-team in 2:55.18.

Final Score: Pac-12 326.5, 286.5

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Gator fan
3 years ago

Danny krueger 17 year old wins the 50

Gator fan
Reply to  Gator fan
3 years ago

Bold prediction that i already regret commenting

Reply to  Gator fan
3 years ago

*18 year old

3 years ago

I would check the splits reported in the article. If Grothe was 449 at the 500, he came back in 3:56 for the second 500, which would be awesome!

On the women’s side, Ledecky was pretty great, 437, 433. Those splits I do believe.

Reply to  teamwiess
3 years ago

he was out in 4:22

3 years ago

Speaking of checking the splits, live results is not working for me.

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