Who’s on Twitter on the Australian World Championship Team?

The Australians have a very young team this year featuring 12 teenagers on their World Champs Roster. The youngest: Chelsea Gubecka, is only 14.

Unfortunately the Australians don’t seem to tweet as much as the Canadians and Americans (probably given some of their unfortunate runins with social media last year) but when they do, it’s some good info from down under.

Below is the feed, click here to follow it:


Matthew Abood (@MattAbood)
Ashley Delaney (@ash_delaney)
Tommaso D’Orsogna (@tommasodor)
Thomas Fraser-Holmes (@tomfraserholmes)
Alexander Graham (@Alex_graham1)
Jordan Harrison (@jordy_Harrison)
Simon Huitenga (#SimonDoesntSayOnTwitter)
Grant Irvine (#NotGRANTedATwitterAccount)
Jarrod Killey (@Jarrodkilley)
Mitchell Larkin (@Larkin_Mitch)
Matson Lawson (@MatsonLawson)
James Magnussen (#TooFastForTwitter)
Rhys Mainstone (@RhysMainstone)
Cameron McEvoy (@CameronMcEvoy)
Ned McKendry (@neddymckendry)
David McKeon (@DavoMcKeon)
Jarrod Poort (#PoorPoortWithoutTwitter)
Brenton Rickard (#BrentonNeedsTwitter)
James Roberts (@James_Roberts)
Christian Sprenger (@C_Sprenger)
Matthew Targett (@MatthewTargett)
Kenneth To (@KennethTo)
Daniel Tranter (@DanielTranter)
Chris Wright (@wrighty_c88)


Jessica Ashwood (#TwitterlessJess)
Bronte Barratt (@BronteBarratt)
Cate Campbell (@Catecamp)
Bronte Campbell (@Bronte_Campbell)
Alicia Coutts (@Alicia_Coutts)
Danielle DeFrancesco (@danidefrancesco)
Brittany Elmslie (@brittanyelmslie)
Sally Foster (#GetSallyTwitter)
Melissa Gorman (@Mel_Gorman)
Chelsea Gubecka (#ShesOnly14SheDoesntNeedTwitter)
Belinda Hocking (#NoTwitterForBelinda)
Bonnie MacDonald (@bonbon_mac)
Samantha Marshall (@Sam_i_Marshall)
Ami Matsuo (#PoorTwitterlessAmi)
Emma McKeon (@emma_mckeon)
Meagan Nay (@meagan_nay)
Kylie Palmer (@KyliePalmer90)
Emily Seebohm (@emcbomb)

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Liking how tweets from OZ squad are full of useful info that’s actually related to the competition.

No images of them bogging in gelatos, sunbaking & monkeying each other…

The boys & girls mean serious business. They are there to swim & win, too right!


It’s probably because they did drugs and bullied each other at the olympics so now they’re not allowed to act like adults and post what they want.


What is an adult post?

Like what Antony Weiner is up to – again?

I am avoiding everything twitter – just in case .


What is wrong with you, Food?


Belinda Hockings is @BindyHocking. She doesnt tweet though.

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