Kylie Palmer

Kylie Palmer
Kylie Palmer is a member of the Australia’s swimming team, and is a two-time Olympian. Born Feb. 25, 1990 Palmer specializes in mid-distance freestyle. Standing about 5’8″ Palmer started swimming at just two and a half years old – she was taught to swim at such a young age for water safety, considering that her family had a pool in their backyard. Palmer is from Brisbane, Queensland and she currently trains under Vince Raleigh at Chandler.

Early career
Palmer’s first major international competition was in 2006, when she swam the the 400m and 800m freestyles at the Pan Pacific Championships. In the same year she picked up her first top-eight finish, finishing fifth in the 400m freestyle at the Commonwealth Games. From there she finished eighth in the 800m freestyle at the 2007 World Championships in Melbourne.

2008’s golden girl
2008 marked her first year as an Olympian. Palmer qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, winning gold on the 800m freestyle relay and taking sixth in the 800m freestyle. Her Olympic gold was won alongside Australian standouts: Bronte Barratt, Stephanie Rice and Linda Mackenzie. The squad broke the World Record, which was held through 2009 until the Chinese broke the mark. She won gold again when she won the 200m freestyle at the World 2008 Short Course Championships in England.

Fun facts
Palmer is also studying to be a beauty therapist, and and she’s a skilled chef, with her speciality dish being roast beef. Known for being a bit on the wild side, Palmer once dyed her hair bright red and she even owns a motorcycle. She uses those long motorcycle rides alone to clear her mind and get away from the pool.

Australia swimming
By 2015 Palmer is now a “veteran” on Australia’s National Team, being on the roster for her eighth year – even though she’s training for her third Olympic Games, it could also be her last before retiring.

Palmer’s rise to the top in 2010
In 2010 Palmer won gold in the 200m freestyle  and silver in the 400m freestyle at the Commonwealth Games. She also competed at the 2010 Pan Pacific Games, finishing second on Australia’s 800m freestyle relay, fourth in the 200m freestyle and 10th in the 400m freestyle. Her next big competition of the year was the 2010 World Short Course Championships in Dubai – she won silver in the 400m freestyle and bronze in the 200m freestyle.

2011 World Championships
The year before her second Olympics Palmer focused on the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai. To give her an extra boost of confidence before London, she won silver in the 200m freestyle and the 800m freestyle relay.

Second Olympic Games
Palmer qualified for her second Olympic Games in London, winning a silver medal in the 800m freestyle relay.

2013 World Championships 
At the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona, she made three finals, bring home silver in the 800m freestyle, a sixth-place finish in the 200m freestyle and eighth in the 400m freestyle.

In 2015 she’s currently one of the year’s top-10 fastest swimmers in the 200m freestyle.

Best Times

Course Event Time Date Meet
lcm 200 Free 1:55.73 04/01/11 2011 Australian Championships
Sydney, Australia
lcm 400 Free 4:03.40 03/15/12 2012 Australian Championships
Adelaide, Australia
lcm 800 Free 8:22.81 08/09/08 2008 Olympic Games
Beijing, China