WATCH: Vladislav Grinev’s Russian Record in 100 Free (47.43)


Watch the full video replay of day 2 at the Russian Swimming Championships, bookmarked at 1:45 for the start of the men’s 100 free final, below.

As previously reported:

After swimming a 47.56 anchor split on Moscow’s 400 free relay on Monday, Vladislav Grinev went even faster – on a flat start – during Tuesday’s individual 100 free semi-final.

The 22-year old posted the top qualifying time in 47.43, which broke the old Russian Record of 47.59 done in 2009 by Andrey Grechin when he was only 21. That reduces Russia to 19 remaining national senior records from the polyurethane suit eras of 2008 and 2009, which is still more than most nations.

Grechin’s old record-breaking swim was done in the same pool in Moscow also at a semi-final at the Russian Championships. He was slower, but still won, the final in 47.98.

Comparative Splits:

  • Grechin ’09 = 23.14/24.45 = 47.59
  • Grinev ’19 = 22.76/24.67 = 47.43

Grinev was out much faster than Grechin’s record-breaking swim was, though Grechin closed very well – as was a trademark during the supersuit era. Outside of that era, he wasn’t generally as good of a closer.

Grinev’s previous best time was a 48.36 from last summer’s European Championships where he placed 4th. Before the 2018 season, he had only been 49.55.

He now ranks 11th all-time in the event (performers), and bumps Kyle Chalmers’ 47.48 from Aussie Nationals earlier this week as the world’s best time so far this season.

Evgeny Rylov was the 2nd qualifier in 48.56 and Vlad Morozov was 3rd in 48.58. Kliment Kolesnikov qualified 4th in 48.64.

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Just a small remark: it would be more correct to transcribe his last name as Griniov (or Grinyov) since he is Гринёв in Russian

Curious Swimma

Grinev has a very “slow” stroke. At least it looks that way from the video, so he is definitely catching water and using those legs properly. Kudos to the new record, always fun with fast swimming.

noticed that also, looked incredibly controlled on that last 50 for splitting 24.6… and he wore swedes

Curious Swimma

Exactly, controlled is the word I was looking for.


Yeah I’d really like to see some underwater footage of his race. The changing camera angles make it hard to get a great stroke count, but to go 24.6 with that stroke rate is crazy. There is definitely something to be learned from his stroke.


Popov style in terms of kick. Slow tempo, crazy speed generated by legs.


Knew this was coming. Didnt wanna be the one to announce the elephant in the room. It is actually sad though that a swimmer cant have a breakout swim in Russia or China without everyone raising their eyebrows. But at the same time the skepticism is at least somewhat deserved.


I’d say that “somewhat deserved” is still a pretty generous description tbh.

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