Race Video: #KingKyle Puts Up 100 Free PB Of 47.48


Kyle Chalmers remains the only man under 48 seconds so far this season in the men’s 100m freestyle, hitting his 2nd sub-48 mark tonight while competing on day 2 of the 2019 Australian Championships. Although this meet is not the World Championships qualification meet, the warning shot still puts his competitor around the world on notice that #KingKyle is laser-focused on superior swimming towards Tokyo.

As originally reported:

On the heels of Matthew Wilson’s monster 2:07.16 swim in the men’s 200m breaststroke to become the 4th fastest performer of all-time, 2016 Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers produced something special in the men’s 100m freestyle tonight.

Competing at his home pool on night 2 of the Australian National Championships, 20-year-old Chalmers cranked out an unbelievable 100m freestyle time of 47.48, beating his gold medal-winning time from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Chalmers’ time from Rio was 47.58, so he was faster by a tenth this evening.

Tonight the Marion swimmer split 23.08/24.40 to crush the field, with Cameron McEvoy hitting the wall well over half a second later in 49.07.

For Chalmers, his time represents the fastest in the world by a long shot, maintaining his post as the top dog in the world with his 2nd sub-48 second time of the year. His previous top mark of the season was the 47.89 produced at the NSW Championships.

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Chalmers’ 47.48 outing this evening in South Australia now checks the lizard king and aspiring AFL player in as the 11th fastest performer of all-time, relegating American icon Michael Phelps to slot #12.

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Pretty decent underwaters there. He’s never going to beat Dressel off the wall, but increases his chances if he can limit losses where Dressel is so strong.

I’m making a bold call now, men’s 100 free at World Champs is won in a World Record.

Gold Medal Mel

Yes! We need a big record to fall. I’d love to see that. It’s realistic…if Dressel and Chalmers hit their tapers perfectly.


I don’t think Dressel will have a full taper and keeping his eyes on Olympics. Thoughts?


He’s going to be fully tapered, it’s World Champs.

In the overall four year cycle, he will probably have done more work this year on building a base and less fine tuning than he will next year, but he will still rest and shave for Worlds.

Remember, he’s been used to tapering for NCAAs and the big international meet, he can handle one taper between Pan Pacs and summer 2020.


I felt that he swam through last summer but either way I am keen on some fast swimming


I think his sponsors may have something to say about that strategy… expect they’re expecting a certain performance level this summer.


Not tapering a year out from the Olympics would do more harm than good. It’s far enough away that the extra 15,000 meters of training won’t make an appreciable difference, and training your body to respond to a taper is FAR more valuable than training through.

If we were talking about a meet that’s 4-6 months before the Olympics, you’d have an argument. But 12 months out it’d be pointless not to try to go as fast as possible.


If only Phelps hadn’t tapered for all those WRs at 2007 Worlds, maybe he would have had a decent 2008 Olympics. :-/

E Gamble

Dressel has already said that Troy and he are treating Worlds like the Olympics. Dressel said both are equally important.


My bold prediction: Two men’s free will fall this summer, 50 free and 1500.

Swim Addict

I’m not sure why, but I just dislike Kyle Chalmers

bear drinks beer

Because he beat Dressel twice?


Because he is the only real threat to American gold? Only reason I can think of because he is a measured, humble lad.

Swim Addict

I still have fun watching him but I think he just doesn’t have much of a personality


Don’t think he’s got significantly less than other top swimmers. There are exceptions like Miller, King and Ervin, but most elite swimmers are fairly quiet nice, normal people, just with unusual drive and natural physical ability. They’re not Mick Jagger, but nor are most people.


You’d be incorrect


He is the face of Australian Swimming and the titles here, and he is seems like the most likeable guy on the planet- considering he is Olympic Champion in a Blue Riband Event…shame we live in a world where being really nice means no personality 🙁


I know too little about Australian swimmers but I think he is quite interesting that he wants to play Australian Football but he also has top level talent in swimming. In a way, he won’t throw the usual “swimmer can’t (do land exercise) joke and that makes him a little more interesting.


You dislike him, because you have been watching too much WWE…..C’mon all you little Phelpamaniacs out there…..let’s go and beat on the Aussie. Please….just grow up.


Stoked to see this race at worlds!! I don’t care who wins between Dressel or Chalmers, just looking forward to a great race.

Ol’ Longhorn

As it often happens at big meets (see, most recently, Seliskar vs Haas), I bet one of them (likely Dressel) falls out of top 2.

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