TopTenTweets: Regan Smith Called Her Shot in the 100 Back

The 2024 U.S. Olympic Trials was one of the biggest meets on the calendar this year so it’s no wonder it brought out the best of swimming social media.


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TopTenTweets: It’s Officially Olympic Trials Season

We’re back with another edition of TopTenTweets and this week, we’re talking all things Olympic Trials–U.S, Australian, and more!


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TopTenTweets: On The Road To Paris

Welcome back for another edition of TopTenTweets, which focuses heavily on the build up to the 2024 Olympic Games later this summer.


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TopTenTweets: It’s The Week For Crossover Content

It was another busy week on the internet for swimming fans. Multiple meets are happening around the world and the run up to the Olympics is truly underway.

TopTenTweets: More Conference Champs and the Truth About Masters’ Swimming

Record breaking swims, last conference championship titles, the truth about what masters’ swimming is like, and more all feature in this week’s Top 10 Tweets.

TopTenTweets From The First Week of NCAA Conference Championships

From dance parties and podium sweeps to trying to watch three meets at once there was plenty of chatter about the first week of NCAA conference meets.

TopTenTweets: What’s Your Version of the Roman Empire?

The South Carolina Gamecocks asked the team what their Roman Empire is. Find out our answer and see all the other posts that made this week’s TopTenTweets.

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Swimming’s TopTenTweets: The Ultimate Punishment for Losing Fantasy Football

In this week’s edition of TopTenTweets, Zach Harting takes the top spot with a truly epic swim he did as a result of losing his fantasy football league.

Swimming’s TopTenTweets: Cowbells and Conference Realignment

Back with another edition of TopTenTweets.

Swimming’s TopTenTweets: Which Pregnancy Announcement Did It Best?

Federica Pellegrini treated us to the the first of two great pregnancy announcements from swimming stars this week. See where they check in on our list.

Swimming’s TopTenTweets: Top Knots, Wikipedia Articles, and More

Check out swimming’s TopTenTweets of the past week. Pool swimming at Worlds kicked off, so there’s lots of ground to cover.

Swimming’s TopTenTweets: The 2023 World Championships Are Underway

The video of Katie Grimes’ spin move during the Women’s 10K final at Worlds is just one of our top ten tweets of the past week.

Swimming’s TopTenTweets: Ideas To Grow The Sport

We’re back with your weekly dose of TopTenTweets, rounding up the best of this week’s swimming Twitterverse, including ideas for how to grow the sport.

Swimming’s TopTenTweets: 2022 World Championships Day 3 Digest

We are back with your weekly dose of swimming’s TopTenTweets, where we round up the best of this week’s swimming Twitterverse.