TopTenTweets: It’s Officially Olympic Trials Season

Hello everyone and welcome back in for another round of TopTenTweets. With Australian Olympic Trials in full swing, U.S. Olympic Trials starting tomorrow, and the French Championships kicking off next week, we are officially in one of the busiest Olympic Trials seasons. So, it’s been another busy week on swimming social media/

10. Unveiling The U.S. Trials Pool

Look, I don’t love mascots but even I can admit this is pretty fun.

9. Indianapolis or Paris?

It’s hard to tell the difference now…


8. Meanwhile, in Paris…

It’s beginning to look a lot like the Olympics

7. What A Pool In an NFL Stadium Really Looks Like

Plus there’s a warm up pool not even in the picture! 

6. Meet Fashion Is Peak Fashion

Look good, swim good.

5. Trials Gear

What’s more important: the big meet nails or the big meet gear? 

4. Renaming ‘Under Paris’

Personally, I’m partial to Shark de Triomphe. But mostly, I’m just enjoying the layer this adds to the Games’ effort to clean up the Seine. 


3. Mission Accomplished

This is what Trials is all about–dreams coming true. 

2. Summer Plans

This is the exact energy we need from everybody this summer

1. Catching up to Mark Spitz

Just a cool bit of swimming history for your day! 

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1 month ago

Sorry to be off topic, but NYT just published some new info on the Chinese swimmers: Wang Shun, Qin Haiyang, and Yang Junxuan all tested positive for clenbuterol around 2016/2017. CHINADA/WADA called it food contamination and the athletes did not serve bans nor were the positive tests publicly disclosed. (sound familiar?)

Reply to  chickenlamp
1 month ago

there is a paywall – can you tell us more about it?

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