Swimming’s TopTenTweets: Which Swimmer Is Going to Wear the Shrek Crocs on the Podium?

Welcome back to another edition of Swimming’s TopTenTweets! Maybe because something’s in the air since it’s New York Fashion Week, a majority of the content is fashion-related. From swimming caps to accessories to shoes, if you care about swimming style, this is the week for you.

10. GRWM, Artistic Swimming Style

The perfect video to start our own fashion week with. 

9. Youssef Ramadan Recognized for NCAA Title

The weather decided to respond appropriately. 

8. Nike Christmas

Speaking of fashion, we’ve seen a lot of NCAA gear hauls over the last couple weeks. BC was one of the first, which is why they’re on the list, but which team has your favorite gear this season? 


7. Auburn Basketball x Swimming

First Leon Marchand raced ASU lacrosse player Bella Gaspar, now Dylan Cardwell‘s in the water. Who’s next? 

6. Gamecock Swim & Dive Does Media Day

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. 

5. UVA Heats Up

This is less about the specific post, and more a shout out to whoever’s running the UVA instagram this season. You’re doing truly excellent work. 

4. The Request

No shame in asking; the worst they could say is “no”.

3. …And The Response

Looks great, would wear.



2. A Very Important Question

Who’ve you got?

1. We’re So Excited You’re Finally Here!

10/10, no notes.

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