Team USA 2016 Olympic Opening Ceremony Outfits Revealed

So far we knew what Team USA athletes would be wearing at the 2016 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony, as well as on the podium, but this morning the final piece of the stars n’ stripes Olympic fashion puzzle is complete.

Just 7 days out from the start of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Ralph Lauren Corporation and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) jointly revealed the Team USA attire for the Opening Ceremony slated for August 5th in Maracanã stadium.

Polo Ralph Lauren describes the parade uniform as ‘fresh and sporty, with classic elements, and features an all-American palette of red, white and blue.’ The outfit design includes a deep navy blazer adorned with gold buttons and repp-stripe trim while also bearing the company’s signature Polo Pony embroidered on the front.

Members of the Today Show staff model Team USA's Opening Ceremony attire (courtesy of @TodayShow)

Members of the Today Show staff model Team USA’s Opening Ceremony attire (courtesy of @TodayShow)

Underneath the jacket, athletes will wear a classic striped T-shirt paired with white jeans, topped off with classic boat shoes.

The outfits were modeled by The Today Show hosts this morning and received rave reviews.

As for the Team USA flag bearer for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the designated athlete will wear an exclusive jacket representing the ‘ultimate integration of innovation, fashion and technology.’ Embedded in the jacket are electroluminescent panels, which brightly illuminate individual elements of the fashion piece.

rio-flagbearer-inset“The Flag Bearer Jacket will literally light the way for Team USA as they represent our country in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. This groundbreaking jacket exemplifies Ralph Lauren’s continued exploration of the intersection of fashion and technology. For an athlete, being chosen as the flag bearer for Team USA is an extraordinary honor, and we wanted to pay tribute to that position.” says David Lauren, Executive Vice President, Global Advertising, Marketing & Communications. “Ralph Lauren is incredibly proud to dress America’s best and brightest athletes at the world’s premier sporting event.”

As a refresher, the flag bearer is ultimately selected by his/her fellow Team USA teammates through a voting process. The USOC is expected to announce the designated individual by August 4th.


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Army Swim Family

Does anyone else think this outfit is nothing more than a walking advertisement for Ralph Lauren? Shouldn’t the athletes’ outfits be more about the United States of America and less about who made the clothes? Having the polo pony branding so prominently displayed says more about Ralph Lauren’s ego and less about our unity as a nation and team.


couldn’t agree with you more

the boy

True, the horsie is getting a little too big

Steve Nolan

Schmitty is going to wear that if ever she has to be one of those d*mned bridesmaids again.


You know what guys? I think these OUTFITS WERE MADE BY RALPH LAUREN POLO ™!!

Pathetic. The logo is triple the already obscene size it was on the 2012 outfits. The USOC shouldn’t have allowed it.


the RL branding is gaudish, I agree. But it IS about WHO made the clothes. American manufacturing is a huge part of our heritage. These clothes were made by American craftsmen and manufacturers, what we make and how we make it is essential. The fact that RL did source and produce these designs domestically is a big deal. I really wish the press was more interested in expressing details of the craft because all I can find online are lame regurgitation of the same press release. Where is the red and blue selvage white denim made? Greensboro, NC is my guess, but come ON, the media is SO lazy! Dig a little, do some research! This could be a really… Read more »

naturally curious

Shirts look like Russian flags and swimmers white hoodies (when worn) look like they have half red/half blue union jacks on them. Why? Surely someone should have thought of this?
Apart from that there are a lot worse and they look stylish and smart in a Ralph Lauren nautical style. It could be a lot worse.


Better than the PJs they wore at trials. Neither outfit something you would ever want to wear again.

Lane Four

I remember when the men wore suit and tie and looked great. The women have always had a tough time with some pretty hideous skirt and jacket combinations. This time around it looks like they are heading off to a preppy party on the Cape to visit Muffy and Binky. The only things missing are the preppy glasses and loafers without socks.

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